This week

Good Morning.  Well today should be tricky.  Expecting a little digestion payback from all the good food I ate yesterday.  Today would not be good for bad “issues”.  Kris and I have a very long meeting in Salem for Kathy.  We are driving separately, so if I do have to leave, at least Kris will be there to advocate for Kathy.

The rest of the week, I must have my blood drawn for an appointment next week.  Bailey and I will shop for more clothes for her, I hope to stop off and visit my niece Katie.  An old friend of mine is visiting her on Thursday.  They are making jewelry together.

Rain is in the forecast all week.  :(  Really wish it would be dry and sunny.  Getting summer fever I guess.

Easter 2014

127Hope you had a happy Easter.

Our holiday started on Saturday night.  We had a nice dinner at Kane and Lisa’s home.  Then, for the first time, Brantley colored eggs.

Brantley was more than enthused.  I think all the brown eggs ended up just darker brown eggs. LOL

Brantley was more than enthused. I think all the brown eggs ended up just darker brown eggs. LOL

Mom, Kris, Doug, David, and I visited Kathy on Easter morning.

Mom, Kris, Doug, David, and I visited Kathy on Easter morning.


David made her a princess build a bear

David made her a princess build a bear

We had a nice dinner at Karen's home, then the kids hunted for eggs

We had a nice dinner at Karen’s home, then the kids hunted for eggs

The it was the grown-ups turn for our hunt

The it was the grown-ups turn for our hunt

Max sure enjoyed it

Max sure enjoyed it

Karen rested a few minutes with my grandson Matthias

Karen rested a few minutes with my grandson Matthias

Long weekends would be nice


Found this on internet last week and thought it was cool.  Sorry if my pictures are too big on my posts lately, I can’t edit size from my kindle. LL and I are giving rett time to see if he Can salvage our computer before we purchase a new one.

Raining here today.  I am not sure if I am done with the effects of yesterday’s barium, but I am hoping to visit Lisa and my grandsons a bit this morning.  LL has not  traveled this week but has been working late. After getting home last night, he needed to rescue Kane because his car broke down.  I was in bed when he got home. Not sure if he even ate dinner.  Luckily, he is building up a lot of comp time and he hopes work will slow down enough this summer to take many three and four day weekends. Well we can hope. :)

Just The Thought


My girls are doing well.  Egg production is in full swing.  I made two breakfast casseroles for dinner last night. One for us and one for my brother.  So I used over a dozen eggs.

I need to get moving this morning if there is any hope of getting something done.  I did not get last night’s dishes done because of “issues”.  I am leaving before 10:00 this morning to have scans done. I have had this done so many times, I have lost count. But I hate it.  Just the thought of drinking tons of thick chalky barium again turns my stomach.  Then, at least one, possibly two days of issues………well, I have my diapers, ointment, a couple books to read, a couple shows to watch on t.v..  At least it is rainy today so I am not missing a beautiful day.  Bailey is driving me this morning.  It takes about 35 minutes to get home after scans and that drive can be dramatic…….for me and for Bailey. Lol. Actually, traumatic is more accurate. :(

Beautiful day

This year is becoming expensive.  We have had to replace our refrigerator, our lawn mower, and it looks like we need a new computer. My son in law is looking at it. If it can’t be fixed, maybe he will at least get the pictures and documents off it. We really need to do a better job backing up our files.  So I have not blogged for awhile.  I am writing this on my kindle right now and will attempt blogging from my phone too.

Here in Oregon, we have had fabulous weather the last few days.  This weekend, we moved my old chicken coop over to Kane’s and Lisa’s. Yesterday, we went to aunt Leone’s to pick up the hens.  LL also made a nice gravel path so when the rain returns, I don’t need to wear rubber boots when walking out to our coop.

This week, I seem to have something most days. I am going to have to not eat for the first half of each day. Today, I am picking my mom up and going to Salem to visit Kathy. Tomorrow, I have an appointment for Max. Wednesday, I am having scans done. Thursday, if I am not having bad issues from drinking barium the day before, I am clothes shopping with Bailey. She got a new job. Her current job requires her to wear scrubs all the time, so she is needing a lot of regular clothes. Friday is my regular woodburn routine with mom.

Well that’s the lay out of my week. I do plan on spending time outside this afternoon. I am sure this beautiful weather will be gone soon.

One Of Those Days

It’s going to be just one of those days.  I don’t blog much about my son’s day-to-day life.  He has more good days than bad…by far.  But once in a while, life takes a little nose dive.  Out of respect for Max, I will not give details, but yesterday was rough.  Today, his regular staff is sick with a bad cold, (hope I did not give it to her), so instead of having a substitute staff, which is always stressful at the best of times for Max, I have decided to give him a mental health day off.  A day off from staff, a day off from work.

When he has a really bad day like yesterday, one of two things are usually the cause.  Either he is starting a bad cycle or he is coming down with an illness.  I feel I need to spend the whole day with him and get a grasp on what is going on.  Which means my plans for the day might change.

Bailey and I were going to Salem later this morning to have our rings cleaned and inspected.  It is needed to maintain our insurance on them.  I also need to pick up barium for scans I am having next week.  Not sure if we will still go today.  It depends on whether Max and I feel it is o.k. for him to go with us.  I also would like to do something fun with Max.  Nothing big, just go to the park, or go to a couple antique shops…….something he enjoys and low-key.

I guess it is fitting today that I spend time with Max anyway.  It is World Autism Awareness Day.

Konnie’s Koop

Building a chicken coop seemed to take forever.  But in reality, actual building time was short.  It ended up taking a couple of weeks because LL works out-of-town so much.  I am thankful he took his precious little free time to build my small yet fine coop.

He first had to clear the area we wanted the new coop placed.

Chicken coop 013This tree needed to go a long time ago.  So I am glad we decided to put the coop there.

We used recycled wood and other materials when ever we could.  But we did have to use more new material than we hoped.  Makes the coop more costly.

013But I think we did o.k. staying with in budget.  I have looked at many chicken coop sites on the internet.  I know how expensive coops can be if you want it in your back yard and not be too ugly.  I actually cared less about how it looked and more about how it was build and set up.

017I needed the run/yard covered with chicken wire.  After losing a couple of chickens last year from a predator…..probably a hawk, I just could not risk losing the new girls like that again.  At least not if I could help it.  But we did not want the run very high.  So another demand of mine is that I could collect eggs and clean coop without actually having to go inside the run.

027LL did a nice job incorporating my “must haves” into a practical, waste little space, coop design.

028The feeder will actually be kept outside.  We need to rain proof a bit of the run before I put it outside.  LL is also going to add another perch.  I have a couple of ideas for signs on the coop and perhaps a flower box under the window.  Besides those few things, the coop is done, and I already have happy hens.

020I have not added up all the receipts for wood, hardware, Chicken wire, paint….etc. that was actually purchased.  But I am estimating that we spent a little over one hundred dollars.


I think we could have saved even more money by using some of the old coop and run for materials.  But we are giving the old coop and run to Kane and Lisa.  They want to try have 3 hens out at their little country home.  We didn’t want them investing in building a new coop until they try out having chickens for a while, to make sure they really want them.

018Now I am one very happy Coop Keeper.  :)

BBBBBB….BENNIE AND THE JETS…. chicken style.

Love my Aunt Leone.  My mom called because Leone was wondering how my chickens were doing.  She gave me one Americana and she lost a couple of that breed last week.  She wanted to make sure they were all doing o.k. and laying.  So I called her and we talked for a while.  I told her that all four are doing great and are laying better than I could have hoped.  I then told her I have not named all four.  I have only named the Plymouth and it’s name is Bennie. (naming all with Elton John influence and Elton’s Bennie was indeed a girl).  :)  She hesitated, so I said, “I know, I know,…naming a chicken Bennie is kind of strange”.  With out missing a beat, my aunt says, “It is not the name Bennie that is strange, it’s that you name them at all”.  Laughing my A$$ off!!.  Luckily, I know she loves me and my strangeness and I love her too.

Feel Lousy, but it’s worth it….

Well it is my own darn fault.  Tuesday evening I knew I was coming down with a cold.  Wednesday, I woke up with a very painful sore throat.  Today, my throat feels better but the rest of the cold is worse.  Almost 10:00 and I am still in my jammies.  But I knew it was going to happen.  I babysat my two grandboys Sunday.  They were both recovering from bad colds.  But I could not resist getting and giving kisses to both Brantley and Matthias.Really, how can a grandma resist kissing these cheeks and dimples. LOL  :)matthias 2 months


Spring Fever

Chicken coop update…..It is going to be great!  LL got home Friday night after a long week out-of-town for work.  In the back of the pick-up, he had all the materials needed for the coop.  Some of the coop is made of recycled wood, etc. But we did need to use quite a bit of new wood and paint.  Saturday, he spent most the day building it.  Then he was back on the road Sunday for work.  He will be back Wednesday night.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Willamette Valley.  Dry,  sunny, and warm.  My mom, Kris, Toby and I went to Portland to visit my Uncle Marcel in his new home….foster care. It is a lovely home.  We then made a quick stop in Woodburn, then off to visit Kathy in Salem.  By the time we were done visiting her, we were hungry.  We had a nice lunch at Applebee’s.  I got home around 2:30.  I am glad I did because I knew the weather was changing and I needed to get a bit done before the rain came.  So I mowed the lawn, fertilized the roses, painted the chicken coop, cleaned the front balcony.  I wanted the balcony cleaned so LL and I can start having our morning coffee time out there when the weather is dry.

But it is not dry now… siree.  This morning is the big Wilco sale the comes 2 or 3 times a year.  Could not come at a better time, because I am low an animal food.  I was there when they opened at 7:00.  Bought sacks of potting soil, dog food, chicken scratch, and layer pellets.  Loaded up and was home by 7:10.  :)  I impressed myself. LOL  If you go even 20 minutes later, you can plan on standing in line for a half hour or so.  At least that is my experience.  Luckily, I have my strong son Max home till 9:30. so before he goes to work, I will have him unload the very heavy sacks.

So today is all about working inside.  To say my house is dirty would not be true.  But I am not sure what happens, there is stuff all over every flat surface.  Papers, tools, etc. etc.  The laundry room is the worse.  So I will take advantage of the rain today and stay inside.  I must admit, I am getting anxious to get flowers on the balcony.  I am going light on flowers this year, but really want to enjoy our balcony in the mornings and have a few flowers sitting around to enjoy.  Maybe I will pick up a few flowers and if there is a dry spell today or tomorrow, I might pretty up the balcony.



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