Lovely Weekend

We had such a nice weekend.  I hope you all did too.  Friday, as soon as LL came home from work, we left for camp.  Got there around 6:00. Little needed to be done to set up, so as soon as the fire was built, Max and LL had some roasted hot dogs for dinner.  My sister Karen arrived and we had a nice evening around the campfire.

Saturday morning, LL left early because he had to go to Salem and work for the morning.  I made breakfast for Karen and I. LL returned before Max even woke up. 🙂  Saturday was just relaxing. a nap for LL, book reading for me, and Max worked on his art and a little filming.  Sunday, we left camp around noon.

campThe nice thing about having a permanent campsite only 35 minutes away is that by the time we get home, most of the day is left to take care of things that would have been done on a Saturday morning.  I.E. mowing, watering, etc.  Karen came later in the afternoon with her two grandsons Gaij and Sam.  Those boys love to swim and even Max joined them for a while.

001Pretty much an ideal weekend.  Relaxing, beautiful weather, camping, and swimming at home.  I hope this is just a taste of more to come this summer.


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