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“Here Froggie, Froggie, Froggie”

Well this week so far have been full of surprises.  Monday, Kris and I visited my sister Kathy. She is such a joy to all my family and we had a nice visit.  My mom has had some health issues so I spent the night Monday with her.  Tuesday, after making sure she was doing fine and picking up medicine for her, I went to Salem to take my baby girl, Bailey out to lunch for her birthday.  She turned 22. Then back to mom’s for a few hours.

This morning, got to Mom’s around 8:30 and she seems a bit better.  But right after I got there, my brother Dave drove in (he is off work all week) and said Sammy, his basset hound got out of the yard. So I get in my car and search half the town for Sammy, my sister Kris too.  I guess Sammy was waiting for him back at his house. Glad she didn’t take yet another drive around with the town police like she usually does. LOL  So I get back to my mom’s and help her fertilize, change sheets, etc.  Go home around 11:00, change clothes and then the phone rings.  David again. (how long is this week going to last with him off work? LOL) Get this, he calls me on my home phone and asks if I left Mt. Angel.  Well I could not quite keep the sarcasm from my voice when I said, “If you called me at home, chances are I am no longer in Mt. Angel”. Then of course he tells me his dilemma.  He sprayed the sides of his pool with a cleaner, but he sees two good size frogs in the little bit of water at the bottom.  And he doesn’t know what to do.  I am thinking *o.k. 1. why is this my problem and 2. what am I supposed to do about it.  Then after further conversation, I find he has tried to net them, make them jump out, etc. I then ask why he doesn’t just catch them and throw them out….and then it dawned on me.  My big brother won’t touch anything that is snake, lizard, frog etc.  REALLY?  So I get in the car and drive back to Mt. Angel.  After about 15 minutes, me laughing so hard I peed my pants, (sorry, but tis true). I caught not two, but three nice size frogs, put it in a bucket and hopefully he can manage to take it to a pond.

I feel St. Francis is looking down at me very pleased right now.  I don’t think he is pleased with David at all. LOL

Oh, lord… I am finishing up writing this, David called to let me know…and I quote. “One of the little bast@&$s escaped”.  Well he is own his own.  I told him I will include this on my blog.  I warned him that he doesn’t come out looking to good in this post.  He then asked, “Well did you at least included you peeing your pants?”  Of course I did.


Brantley and Great-Grandma

Busy few days.  The weekend began with Bailey, LL and I meeting up with Kane and Lisa to see the venue for their wedding.  Lovely place.  Then LL and I got to have Brantley over night for the first time.  He did great and was so much fun.  We then decided to take him to his Great grandma’s house.030And he pretty much wanted only my mom after that.  Kept insisting she hold him. 🙂

045Later in the day, we went back to Mom’s for our opening of Peach Drink season.  Kyle, my nephew was visiting from L.A.  so it was fun to see him.

Sunday, LL and I went to our camping site and got a little work done.  I don’t anticipate many camping weekends for the majority of the summer.  We are hoping to camp in a couple of weeks for a weekend, but most weekends in May, June and July are booked up with preparations for 2 weddings, family picnics, and bridal showers.

Which brings me to this week.  The next couple of days, I need to shop and get my house ready for a shower Bailey and I are giving for Lisa on Saturday.  I need to be ready early because Thursday I need to fast and prep for Friday.  Friday I am having a colonoscopy. 😦  I, of course, have to have this done more often than most people.  It is due in August, but I told my doctor that having it done the week before my daughter’s wedding was not going to happen.  He would rather I have it earlier than later.  So Friday it is.

Book Club is scheduled for tonight. 🙂  Looking forward to it.  We started The Great Gatsby.  I have a bit of it to read today and a salad to shop for and make to take tonight.

Since the weather is again beautiful, I better get my reading done so I can go outside.  Have a great day.

A Splint here, A Splint There

Well it has been an eventful few days.  New Year’s Eve ended up very different then we planned.  Around 1:30 in the afternoon, my mom called wanting to know if I was busy.  Well I could hear something in her voice and I said ” No, what’s wrong”.  Well she fell again.  Tripped on a box.  LL and I got to her house right away, the doctor’s office had not called back yet but I knew we couldn’t wait.  So off to the hospital we went.  And this is how she ended up looking.

momA splint on her leg and a splint on her wrist.

I stayed the night on New year’s eve, along with Kris.  The last time we spend New Year’s eve together was at the hospital when my cousin passed away.  So this was a much nicer night.

Since then, I was away at the beach over night, and last night, I stayed with mom again.  I took her to the doctor today and I am happy to say she now has the leg splint off, but we are waiting for confirmation from a follow-up x-ray that her wrist is fine too.  The doctor said she can be left alone now that her leg splint is off.  So after a few hours of seeing that she was steady on her feet, I am home and blogging once again.

I am looking forward to seeing what pictures are in my camera.  When I was gone overnight, I took some photos that I hope turn out nice.

Talk to you tomorrow.  It’s a big day for me!


Just one of those days

Yesterday, David had surgery on his other hand.  Kris and I took him and everything went well.  Except that the doctor, when looking at the first hand he did surgery on 10 days ago, was not happy.  David is kind of hyper and did too much, too soon.  It didn’t help that Kris threw David under the bus and made David tell the doctor just how much he was doing.  Then the doctor looked at me like I had some responsibility to make David behave.  I straightened out the doctor and let him know that I absolutely take no responsibility for David’s actions and then I basically threw Mom under the bus. 🙂  But she was not there so I decided she was the safest choice.

Mom and I are picking berries and making jam today.  When gleaning the field after the picker has gone through, it takes longer than normal because you are picking the berries that the picker missed, which is usually at the bottom.  But I particularly feel sorry for Mom this morning, because of all her children, I am the second slowest picker.  Doug is even worse but I think that is because he always ate half what he picked.  I don’t eat them, I am just slow.

Before we go out and pick and then make jam, Mom and David are going to Wilco for the sale, and I will probably be there too.  It starts at 7:00 and you really have to be there then, because things run out quickly.  I need chicken feed and scratch.  I also need to run to the store to pick up sugar and MCP for the jam.   At some point this morning, I need to make a couple of burocrasy calls.  One for Kathy and one for Max.  I hope I don’t get the run around.

Here is the tricky part of my day.  My book club meets tonight.  We are starting  a new book and I don’t have it yet.  Was going to borrow it from someone, but I have not been able to get it from them and time has run out.  The library doesn’t open till 10:00 and I will be making jam at that point.  So when I am done, I will go to the library and hope they have it.  If they don’t, I will not have time to find it elsewhere.  I might need to download it on my eReader.  Really hate buying a book when I can borrow from someone or the library, but that’s what I might have to do.

Now, even though my day doesn’t look too bad, I have been up for two hours already and it is only 4:30 now.  So again, I will be dragging by this afternoon.  Sometimes I think I should just face that I am no longer much of a night sleeper and figure out away to darken the house and routinely take a nap around 2:00 every day.  Like that’s going to happen. 😦  Well I better get going.  I decided to fit in a walk this morning and even though it will still be dark at 5:00, I am thinking it will be my only chance.  Have a great day.


Rufus, LL and I

Another beautiful morning here.  Yesterday, after Kris and I walked, I was at the hospital while Mom has having some tests done.  She did really well. 🙂  I spent the afternoon at her house.  We watched a good movie. Then Karen came and spent the evening with Mom.

Today I am going to Mt. Angel early.  I want to go to David’s house to help him with a few things.  The Purdy picnic is at his house on Sunday.  LL and I will probably not show up until it starts so I wanted to help David in some way.  A little cleaning might help him.  Especially when he is having surgery on his hand, Friday.

Rufus is starting to eat more.  I am hoping I can take him with me and he can play with David’s dog, Sammie.  I still have not made it through a day without bawling.  Things just trigger it all the sudden.  LL is sadder than I think he thought he would be.  He had his own routines with Beau.  Usually, during coffee time, Beau would sit next to LL and either get his morning scratch, or LL, when he thought I wasn’t looking, would share his toast with Beau.  I think LL thought I was hard of hearing too because I would also hear on most mornings, ” You’re a good little dog”.  Anyway, even though this will take a while, slowly we are finding a new normal.  Rufus, LL and I.

Congrats to the Grad

Saturday was such a lovely day for a graduation party.  My nephew Michael graduated from Silverton High School.  Doug and Carolyn had a party at the home they are renting while their new house is being built.  Michael is the youngest of our kids generation.  I thought this was a lovely picture of Michael and my mom, Evelyn.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Looks like the weather is still supposed to be nice this weekend.  The weather predictions here in the Northwest can change on a dime, so I still don’t fully trust the weatherman.  But I will play along as if it will be a dry and in the 70’s Saturday and Sunday.  This means preparing for Miller’s Crossing.  There was so many things I forgot or thought I had plenty of, so I hope to be better organized this time around.

Today, Max doesn’t have staff this morning, so I am in charge of his morning routine and getting him to work at 11:00.  He does have a new, but temporary staff this afternoon.  So I need to be available when they get home in case there is questions or Max has problems.  LL is working late in Portland this evening, so that means he has the car and I have the pick-up.  I am not a pick-up type girl.  Oh I can drive it fine, it is parking that becomes an issue.  So I will be home most the day, walking Max to work and if it is not raining when I do that, I plan on taking Baby with me and going for a long walk to take pictures.

Before I get Max up and going though, I will try to get the bulk of chores done around here.  Rain or shine, my girls nests need emptying and new bedding put in.  I really need to clip their wings but that is a two-man job so maybe when we get back on Sunday, I can make LL help me with that.  Then I will make a detailed list of things for Marlin and our food for the weekend.  I probably won’t go to the store till tomorrow because as I say, I am not a pick-up girl.

I haven’t called Mom yet to see how she is doing and find out if she will try to bowl today.  It is still too early to call her.  Mom hates missing bowling but yesterday, her finger felt pretty sore from the fall and she wasn’t sure she will make it.  If she does go, I wouldn’t mind walking over, (bowling alley is practically across the street from me) and watching her bowl.  She is still a very good bowler and I know a few of the other seniors that play.  It’s a good way to spend an hour or so.

If I do indeed take pictures and find one or two that is interesting, I will post them here later.  Have a great day.

Grandma got ran over by a reindeer…..

OK, I am going to say this from the beginning.  It was NOT my fault.  It wasn’t!  Repeat after me.  “It wasn’t Konnie’s fault!”  I can’t hear you.  Say it louder and like you mean it.

Well it all started yesterday morning after I blogged.  I got a few things done around here.  Then I called Mom for my 9:00 check in.  I call her every morning at 9:00.  This gives her time to sleep in if she has trouble sleeping but is early enough that if I can’t get hold of her and know of nothing she has planned, I call my siblings to see if they are with her or knows where she is and if I get a no from all of them, I go to her house to see if she “has fallen and can’t get up”.  So I call her and say I want to go to Doug’s to see the construction and would she like to go with me.  She did.  So I pick her up and we head to North Howell to check on the new house.

As you can see, the house is coming right along.

After walking around the outside and inside, I go to put my camera away and can’t find my lens cap.  Normally I put it in my pocket but I had no pockets, so I put it where every gal does, my bra.  Well it wasn’t there.  I tell Doug that I lost the cap and will go into the office bathroom to see if it was somewhere it shouldn’t be.  He says he will retrace our steps and look.  So I leave Mom standing in the driveway.  Safe and sound.  I go into the bathroom.  Check my boob.  nope not there.  Well with my body, it could be hidden anywhere, so I look lower.  My abdomen is a laberath of rolls and scars so I felt that would be a good place to start.  Not there.  Well you all know I wear a diaper so I had to check out that situation.  Not there either.  So I decide to check where I should have checked to begin with.  My other boob.  Yep, found it!

So I go out, don’t see Mom but decide to find Doug to let him know.  Found him in front and we go through the inside of the house.  Luckily I am not hard of hearing because if it was up to Doug, Mom would still be laying there.  I hear a scream.  I start running and I find Mom laying on the ground in one of the green houses.  (she was snooping).  I find her glasses and do a quick check over.  Noticed a bump on her head.  Her glass lens popped out and her glasses were bent.  Oh well, we’ll take care of that later.  Doug helps her up.  Well I knew she would be bruised but thought we got off lucky.  As we made our way up to the car, Mom noticed she was bleeding through her sweat shirt.  She had a bad cut on her arm.  So I took her to where Doug is living to clean and patch her up.  After a better look, I decided to call the doctor and they said bring her in now.

We get there.  They decided with her delicate skin, they should not use stitches but taped the laceration up and checked her over to make sure she did not have a concussion.  She had quite the noggin on her head by her eye.  So after we leave, I take her to the eye doctor to fix her glasses.  We go home, I get her settled, picked up her house, call Karen to stop by later.  By the time I leave, the swelling on her head was going down.

A couple of hours later I call Karen to check on Mom.  She said her eye is black.  Well silly me.  I felt bad but was so glad nothing was broke.  It wasn’t till 2:30 this morning, I woke up with a start and remembered not only does she have a wedding to go to this weekend, but she has her grandson’s wedding next Friday that I am sure many pictures of her will be taken.  I feel sick.

It doesn’t help that this morning before I went over there, I call, Damn David is there.  My first words are “don’t say it, I feel terrible and lost sleep over it.”  He says, “I already am making her take you out of the will.”  I say, ” That is fine, don’t want anything anyway, but with all the benefits come all the responsiblity, so have fun with THAT!”  A$$ #ole! Anyway.  I did see her and she does have a Shiner.  But I am hoping in a week and a half it wont be so bad.

Another week

Boy, where did the weekend go?  I spent Saturday mostly in bed trying to stop having “issues”.  I did go to mom’s briefly to celebrate her birthday.  But the day was wasted.  I had three wonderful days before that so I guess I should be happy with only 1/4 of my days really bad.  Will see if this pattern continues.

Sunday I was feeling better and we went back to my mom’s around 4:30.  Karen BBQ pork and with it I had a little cucumber salad and potato salad.  Afterwards, Bailey and I went to the Palace theater here in Silverton and saw The Help.  Finally.  I liked the movie.  I went to it knowing it does not follow the book on key points, so I was there strictly to be entertained.  And I was.  Still love the book and feel the characters in the book are much more layered with different levels of…..I guess humanity.  For instance, I love Alison Janney who plays Skeeter’s mom, but in the book, the mom is much more complex and her treatment of Constantine and daughter was different.  I think the movie really could not capture that kind of richness, as it was already a couple of hours long.  Still, the movie is worth seeing.  Bailey and I got home just in time for my regular “issues”.  Boy that was cutting it too close.  But I did not embarrass myself.

Today, besides getting the place all around cleaned up.  I am going to start working on the basement family room.  LL luckily is insistent that the rest of the family will clean the basement, as I rarely am down there and don’t know what to do will all that cr@*.  Next Saturday is their day to get it done.  (the kids don’t know that yet:)  But their clean and organized is a much lower standard than mine, so I am going to do a bit every day this week.  Like going through the dvds, books, cleaning the blinds.  But when it comes to the music room, the spare basement bedroom, and a lot of the storage room, I am at a loss, because it all looks like junk to me.  Well, I will do what I can and then on Saturday, I will be down there making sure things get properly cleaned. 

Boy I hope I can talk the kids into giving up half their weekend.  Actually, with all of us cleaning, it should only take about three hours.  But you know how I am on estimating time.  Will see.

Wish I were a Peasant

After I left my mom’s house on Wednesday, I rode my scooter up to the Oregon Gardens and took a few shots.

I love these warm days that still have the feel of fall.  It is going to be in the mid 80’s again today.  Tomorrow, my mom’s birthday, it is supposed to still be warm.  And then the change.  Rain and cooler temperatures.  But I certainly will enjoy these two days.

Yesterday, I did get my bedroom cleaned but I need to still go through my hanging clothes.  I am not a clothes horse, so it shouldn’t take long.  I have been eating very cleanly the last couple days and I am feeling better.  I want a couple more days of freedom so I will not be adding anything into my diet beyond rice, safe veggies, and a little, very little protein.  I know I have said this before, but I am starting to resign myself to the fact that a Asian peasant diet is all my body can handle.  Certainly if that is all I eat, I would not have any extra weight on me.  I wish I could snap my fingers and make my taste buds forget about all the yummy foods I love to eat.  Well I guess I could pray for that.