Deerly, Depart!

I have always loved the neighborhood family of deer that roams all around.  Well I did.  I have never been sympathetic of neighbors that put wire and jugs of something all over their yard to prevent the family of deer from eating their plants.  We just stopped putting petunias, etc., in front.  Our fence is high in back where our garden and berries are at.  Never had a problem before.  But, SOMEONE, left the gate open last night.  So I know where the family spent the night.  Apparently they thought our yard was an open all night buffet  restaurant.  Funny, well not so funny,….interesting that yesterday I took pictures of some of our plants.  So now I can show you what those dear deer left for us.

001My Strawberries for the year are toast.  But at least I can now easily weed.  No, of course they could not be kind and help me out by eating the weeds.

002They did a number on my roses too.

003And look at my petunias.  Oh the HUMANITY!

LL says it serves me right.  I should never have posted pictures yesterday.  Well, using his logic.  I should never post period if I was going to Jinx myself.  Well I am not superstitious, but I sure am disappointed.

Karma’s a B!t(#!  I will never make fun of my neighbors jugs and wire in the front yard again. 😦


Missed the gardening Gene Pool

LL is still working on the pool this morning, after his doctor appointment.  It is emptied, sides are pretty clean, but the rest needs to be scrubbed and dumped out.  Hopefully no painting will be needed this year.

006I am not much of a gardener.  I do not have the green thumb my mother and father had.  Except for remember stupid trivia,….mainly music, I do not have any of the natural talents that I should have got from my family’s gene pool.

I went light on flowers this year.  Just some on the wall next to the pool.  A couple on the deck and some wave petunias by the chicken coop.


I even skipped most the vegetable gardening this year.  We camp too much to expect someone to come and take care of a full garden.  So we only have a couple of tomatoes, a couple of jalepeneos, (for salsa), and a couple of cucumber plants.  I am sure I am going to miss having a big harvest of tomatoes, but I think I really should have at least planted some basil.  Most my summer cooking includes basil.

008A few years ago, we planted strawberry plants my aunt gave us.  Boy, it took awhile, but this year, ever few days we are getting enough for our cereal bowls and strawberry shortcake.  Excuse the weeds in this picture.  I’ll get right on that after I am done writing….really I will. 🙂


I am most happy about the up coming summer harvest of our ever bearing raspberry bushes.  Like the strawberries, it took a few years, but they are loaded.  Can’t wait till they are ready.  They never make it into the house.  We just eat them right off the bushes.

011But what I am most proud of this year is my rose bushes.  I never seem to know what to do with them.  So this spring, when my mom pruned, we pruned, when my mom fertilized, we fertilized. LOL  So my roses are looking very nice.  Thank you Mom.


Brooding Lucy

brooding lucyWell apparently I have a brooder.  Before we left for camp last week, I noticed Lucy was not leaving the nest.  Yesterday, with LL’s help, I decided to make sure she was not egg bound.  She is not, I am hoping she is not sick and just broody.  I have never had a brooder before.  I did a little research and I guess Buffs, her breed do tend to brood.  Great! I have two Buffs. 😦  Oh well, I hope she is done soon.  I don’t think she is eating much.

LL’s vacation has been going well.  So far we camped a couple of days.  He worked a day at Kane’s, putting posts up for a fence.  We had lunch with our friend Lynda yesterday, then LL, Mom and Dave went to Spirit Mountain Casino.  I did not go.  Unless there is a hotel room for me to go if I have problems, (issues), I don’t enjoy gambling enough to spend hours doing it.  LL has also drained the pool.

So today is our one full, stay at home and get work done day.  Hopefully by the end of day, the pool area will be clean, the pool will be filling, I have things to do for the garden, coop, etc.

Not sure exactly what is planned after that.  A couple more days of camping would be nice, but really am leaving it up to LL.

Miller’s Crossing Officially Open

LL and I took Marlin, our R.V. to our campsite a month ago.  We did not camp then.  Have not been back up until this weekend.  But we had a wonderful time.  Once we got up there and unloaded, LL needed to take the weed whacker to our campfire area and a few paths.  Then we both did a few other things.  Other than that, it was all about relaxing, taking a couple walks, and enjoying the quietness.

002It is kind of funny.  When ever I go to take a picture of Max, he raises his hand and waves.  He always does this, and I notice Kane does too.  But I think I know why…..

003Here is LL when I took a picture of him.  To be fair, I think I said, “wave like Max.”  But when I look back at other pictures, he does it too. LOL

On Sunday, June 1st, my sister Karen came up to spend the day.  She arrived with donuts and this beautiful gift..004Flowers from her garden.  My dad’s favorite roses, with a balloon that said Congratulations, you did it! Yes!  She brought that because yesterday was my big 5 year in remission anniversary.  I am considered Cured of Colon Cancer.!!  Yesterday was also my sister Kris’s birthday.  She too was out-of-town for a long weekend, so I didn’t see her.

LL is off this week.  Using up a lot of comp time from work.  So it is Monday.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, he is planning on working at my son’s house, starting on a fence.  I will visit my sis, Kathy, then meet up with him and see our grandsons. Wednesday night, we are hoping to have dinner with Lynda, LL’s friend from work and she is my friend too.  Beyond that, maybe he will get the pool washed and filled, maybe yard work, maybe another two-day camping trip.  I am letting him decide.  Really I am, I am not that controlling…..I am serious!  Don’t laugh if you know me.  But if you know me, you are laughing cuz I always have a Honey Do list. 🙂



The taste of summer.


Oh, I am so cute on my last post saying LL was on the upswing of his sickness.  He came home that evening much worse.  The next morning I told him he needs to see the doctor.  Well, I guess he thought I was stupid.  After all, it was a work day, so he went to work.  On Saturday, he got up to help my aunt set up her stand for the farmers market.  I left shortly after that to shop with Kris, then go to my sister Kathy’s birthday party.  It was a rough day for her.  After that, I took mom to Costco and then we went to St. Louis to Kane’s home.  They wanted to have a friend take professional pictures of 4 generations of family.  It ended up a nice day.  But a long one for my mom.  Even longer for LL.  I kept telling him we after the pictures were taken, we can go home.  But he wanted to stay for the barbecue and play with the boys.  Again, I said, “lets call the doctor.”  Oh no, again, I guess I am stupid. 🙂  Sunday morning, I go help with putting flowers on my family’s graves.  I get home and LL says “I called urgent care, their open, I need to go.”  Well why didn’t I think of that?!  MEN!  Anyway, got him there and he had bad sinus infection and bronchitis.  I am thinking it was headed to pneumonia.  He sounded that bad.  So our Memorial Day weekend was not spectacular.

Tuesday, I took lunch to my sister Kathy because I wanted to see if she was doing better….she was.

Wednesday, I went to mom’s and had a great surprise.  I got to see my great-nephew Jackson.  David, Mom and Jackson were in front of Mom’s house, playing ball.  David and Jackson left for a while and came back…Grandpa wanting to spoil his grandboy.  They went and bought a bike and helmet.

david and jacksonI am not sure which one was happier. LOL

This morning, I picked up mom and we ran a few errands.  Then hung out at my house.  We then decided to go see my Aunt Leone.  To take back containers, but I really think mom just likes to see her every few days.  Me too actually.  Anyway.  We get there.  Mom tells Leone that we brought back containers and her bucket.  Aunt Leone says to me, “well take that bucket and go pick yourself some strawberries.”  Well I think that is what she said, because somewhere between pick and strawberries, I said “heck yes” and went running.

002So, I did not plan it this way, but LL and I are having a very unhealthy dinner tonight.  And He is going to be so happy.  Homemade baked macaroni and cheese.  Then Strawberry shortcake for dinner.  Again, Oh Heck Yes!

Willing Myself To Stay Well

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Silverton Oregon.  The older I get, the more I appreciate a dry, sunny day.  But as beautiful as the day is, my plans for it have already changed.

LL is on the upswing with his cold, virus,…..what ever it is.  I hate to jinx myself, although I am not superstitious, but my frequent hand washing, cleaning surfaces, no kissing :(, seems to be paying off.  I don’t seem to be coming down with it.  But this morning, Max calls from his house and says he is sick.  A different kind of illness.  I was planning on going with my mom to take her dog, (Uncle Marcel’s dog,) to the vet.  I was also hoping to stop in to see my grandsons.  But leaving Max alone when he has a stomach bug is not a good idea.  Max loves food and eating and when sick, doesn’t make the best choices.  I.e……burritos, frozen pizza, etc.  And then the fall out ain’t pretty. LOL  So I have called and cancelled his staff and work, I have called mom to tell her I will not be going with her, I went to the store to get some 7-up and I am going to stay home all day.

Doesn’t mean I can not get things done though.  I am not doing much in the way of gardening this year, but I do have two or three pots to fill with flowers.  I am going to clean the chicken coop which is really not the horrible chore it once was.  The old coop required me to put my head into the small space, face practically in the poop.  LL built my coop for easy clean up.  Probably will take me all of ten minutes to clean nests, roosting area, etc. and replace the bedding in the nests.  Thank you again LL!  If I feel very industrious, I will clean and organize my closet and the spare room closet, (if Max leaves the room.)  I am missing a couple summer dresses that I love to wear.  They have to be in one of those two closets, so I might as well clean and organize while looking.

Well, send me good thoughts that I avoid Max’s sickness.  Saturday is my sister Kathy’s birthday party and later that day, family photos being taken.  Can’t miss either one.

Killing With Kindness

Oh poor LL.  He is sicker than a dog.  Never understood that saying.  As far as I can tell, a dog does not get sick often or too bad unless ……well enough of that.  Saturday evening, LL was hit like a ton of bricks.  O.k…..I get that saying. 🙂  Coughing, sneezing, acheness, fever.  Typical LL thought it was wise to go to work on Monday.  He did say he would only do a half day and probably be home by 1:00.  I left home a little before 10:00 to pick up Kris and Mom.  We had a very nice visit with my sister Kathy.  🙂  We then went to the Mall to take advantage of a sale and coupons my mom had at a store.  Kris got a few things, mom did too, and I bought another sundress.  Same style as the one I bought last week, just different fabric.  Here is the thing.  Two reasons I am a sundress girl over the summer instead of shorts.  First off….and I am being honest here.  I have put on most, not all, but most my precancer weight. (my doctors seem pleased…but I hate it.)  I am not built like most women.  When I am skinny, I am shaped like a boy, when I am fat, I am like I have a built-in inner-tube around my middle.  It is a fact, so although shorts show off my still slim legs, finding ones that fit right with my middle is a challenge.  But I could find some, I have in the past.  But here is the second factor.  Diapers!.  Shorts and wearing adult “undergarnments” AKA diapers don’t mix.  Diapers, even when clean, start to sag.  It ain’t pretty.  So my hot days of summer choice of attire is a flowy sundress.

ANYWAY……. back to LL.  He did not make it till 1:00.  I guess I barely left the house and he got home.  He said he was home by 10:00.  When I got home, I made home-made chicken soup and waited on him.  But I think I know why did not call me when he got home so I could take care of him.  After a couple of hours of my tender loving care of asking him, “can I refill your drink, do you want more soup, you feel hot, take your temperature, you’re not drinking enough fluids, what’s your blood sugar, here, let me help you take your blood sugar.”  I think he wished he was back to work. Which is where he is today, even though he is still feeling lousy. 😦

This and That

My goodness, I haven’t blogged again for a while.  No particular reason, time just got away from me.  So to catch up.  About a week ago, I went for my check up with my oncologist.  All tests were good.  And she doesn’t determine cure date the same as previous doctor who told me my five year date would be on the anniversary of my last chemo.  This doctor goes by the date the cancer was cut out of me.  So, on my sister Kris’s birthday, June 1st, I am officially cured.  No more scans unless a problem is suspected.  I don’t see my oncologist but once a year.  And after my next appointment with my hero, the man I attribute to saving my life, Dr. L.  my surgeon, I probably won’t see him often either.   Feels good.

This last week, LL was out-of-town all five days.  This made the week long even though I kept busy.  Monday, Mom, Kris and I went shopping at Winco, then went to visit my sister Kathy.  She was too tired for a visit. 😦   Tuesday I polished my wood floors.  I need to rethink doing this when LL is out-of-town because moving some furniture on my own causes more scratches when I am trying to cover and fill in old scratches.  That afternoon, I had lots of “issues”, but I recovered long enough to meet my nieces, my sister Karen and Bailey at a local bar for trivia night.  We named our team Artie’s Girls.  I don’t know how pleased my dad would be, because we did not do well.  Except for the category of Nobel Prize winners.  We won that round!  Wednesday, I took my mom to doctor and we went shopping at the mall.  I don’t normally go to the mall but it was kind of fun.  I had a meeting scheduled in the afternoon for Max, but….AGAIN…it was postponed.  Thursday, I worked around my place and my mom unexpectantly needed to see the dentist, so I took her. Friday I picked up mom at hair salon and did some shopping.  The week was busy, but almost every day, after I did my running around and ate lunch, my “issues” were so bad that the rest of the day was wasted.

So here I am on Saturday.  Today has been a pleasure.  It is our towns annual Pet Parade.  I only watched it for a while and then helped my aunt at the farmers market.  I enjoyed sitting and visiting with her and all my friends and neighbors that stopped by.  LL came at the end to help my aunt Leone break down her stand.  That is a lot of work for her.  We hope when we are not away camping on the weekends this summer, LL can help her set up and break down and I can help with the stand….a little. (she probably doesn’t need my help but suffers my “assistance”.) LOL 🙂

This week

Good Morning.  Well today should be tricky.  Expecting a little digestion payback from all the good food I ate yesterday.  Today would not be good for bad “issues”.  Kris and I have a very long meeting in Salem for Kathy.  We are driving separately, so if I do have to leave, at least Kris will be there to advocate for Kathy.

The rest of the week, I must have my blood drawn for an appointment next week.  Bailey and I will shop for more clothes for her, I hope to stop off and visit my niece Katie.  An old friend of mine is visiting her on Thursday.  They are making jewelry together.

Rain is in the forecast all week.  😦  Really wish it would be dry and sunny.  Getting summer fever I guess.