A Better Week I hope

The pool is filling.  LL started filling it Saturday and it should be full sometime today.  It usually takes a week or so with solar blanket on, to warm it up enough to swim.  I always wonder who will be the first every year to jump in.  I think I have been that person only once.  This year, I did not have long to wonder.  My nephews Gaij and Sam stopped by.  They disappeared while we were visiting with their dad, Josh.  When I went out to see what they were doing, this is what I found.

007Boy, I bet it was cold for them but they stayed in for a long time.

006Yesterday was a bust for me.  It was such a beautiful day and I could name a half-dozen things I wish I could have done.  Almost every evening last week, I have had major “issues.”  To the point of missing my nephews grade school graduation. 😦  So Saturday evening, I decided not to eat dinner.  Bailey made some home-made pizza roll ups.  I did taste but skipped the meal.  And it helped.  I did not have a problem all night.  But as soon as I got up Sunday, I had nothing but trouble.  It was horrible.  I am glad we have left-overs for tonight so I don’t have to cook.  Because it is basic water and white rice for me today and maybe tomorrow.

Today, I need to get outside and take care of chickens and watering.  Then go pick up Toby at mom’s to take him to his appointment to be groomed.  Then I hope to go to Salem to visit my sister Kathy.  After that, not sure what is happening.  I haven’t seen my Uncle Marcel for quite a while and would like to go to Portland for a visit.  If not today, sometime this week. So, here is hoping, praying, and planning on a better week.


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