Fun In The Sun

The Fourth of July weekend was a very busy success.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures the whole weekend. 😦  We took my grandson Brantley to the parade. Came home to get ready for Kane’s barbecue.  My niece Janay arrived with her family to swim.  I loved that.  They brought food to put on our grill and swam all afternoon.  They were gone by the time we got back from Kane’s party.  Kane and Lisa’s first party was a huge success.  Their place looked great.  Very kid friendly.  Lots of food for lots of friends and family.

Then we were off to camp.  We had my great niece Addie with us for the weekend. We arrived around 8:00 that evening.  Saturday, Karen and I put on a taco dinner and I think we counted 22 people who ate with us.  Kris and Steve brought mom for the dinner but did not stay for bingo.  My sisters-in-law Dina, Jalen, and Debby had dinner with us and stayed for the game.  I was hoping they would be lucky but again, no winners in our group. 😦  It was fun all the same.

We got home Sunday, just in time to unload before our pool was filled with people again.  I counted 18 swimmers along with a few that did not swim.  I loved it.  We barbecued pork, brats, hamburgers and hot dogs.  I think the last of the guests left a little before 8:00.  I was very tired. And a bit overheated which made me pretty useless Monday.  I must have been on my feet too much too because I woke up with a swollen foot that kept getting worse throughout the day.

So today will be another hot day.  I hope to visit Kathy this morning and run a couple of errands before it gets too hot.  I want to replenish my freezer with treats for kids and a few more burgers because I think we will have a large crowd again on Saturday.

This is what LL and I hoped for this summer.  A well used pool.


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