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Much Better

Feeling better! Maybe I should complain here more when I have a bad run because my “issues” have improved greatly.

Finally this week, we had Max’s important meeting about his services.  It was a long meeting and it went well. I think my years of advocating for Max and my sister Kathy has helped me to be bold and not bowled over by the ones making decisions.  Glad that is out-of-the-way.

The rest of the week was routine but I could do what I needed to do. Well with the exception of my niece having surgery.  So I have spent a lot of time at the hospital.  Had problems last night but so happy that I am back to “normal”. Well, normal for me.  Picked up Mom this morning at salon and we went shopping like normal.  Although I needed to get some ‘smores makings and other camping type food and supplies.  We stopped at a local nursery to get some geraniums for mom and I got a basil plant.  Love basil and it is ridiculous buying just the leaves this time of year.

The rest of the afternoon I need to get ready for camping.  Just mainly packing things up, making sure the house is presentable for those here while we are gone and make a steak marinade and cucumber salad dressing for dinner tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.



Debby Downer’s Digestion

It’s going to be one of those posts.  You know the type I am talking about. The type that I sound very ungrateful and whiny. So before the whining begins, let me first say that I am very grateful for my life. In fact, I am very, very grateful I am alive at all.  With that said, I must say the last couple weeks have been more than a little difficult. My health “issues” are the reason I consider myself a resistant hermit. But I do enjoy some good weeks, even an occasional great week, then eventually the rough, bad, painful days come back.

Even at the best of times, I need to plan everything. What I am doing for the day, when I am doing it, where I am going…..then I plan my eating accordingly.  And because what goes in, must come out….I will have an hour or two of problems.  Again, that is on my best days.

I won’t describe my last couple weeks in detail. Really, I will spare you. But I will say I have a choice of eating one large meal and having humdinger of “issues” for a few hours, or I can eat small meals throughout my day and have moderate “issues” all day long.  Yep, those are my two choices.  Doesn’t matter what I eat.  Well maybe a little.  If I have too much gluten, too much meat, wine, soda, etc…..Well, I might as well not move for the rest of the day.  Doctors say this is probably as good as it will ever get for me.  What I eat, when I eat, medications, etc. will only made a small difference.

I could go back to an ostomy, but as Doctor L said, because of my very damaged intestines, and my skin sensitivities, there is no guarantee that I will enjoy more freedom.  And once I get an ostomy, there is no going back.  I do not have enough intestines to have a reversal.

I do apologize for this post. Really sounds depressing and I sound like a Debby Downer.  I really try not to write about my colorectal syndrome issues very often.  And I will try not to post another for as long as I can.  It’s just that my “issues” the last couple weeks have been overwhelming and it does affect how much I can and can not do, where I go, etc.  And as I don’t see any relief anytime soon, thought I should just put it all out there.

Today, I am planning on visiting my sister Kathy, picking up dog food for my mom’s dog, and dropping some things off at my mom’s house.  I have been up since 3:00 this morning, so I will be dragging by this afternoon. But by then I should be home, unless “issues” prevent me from going at all.

A Better Week I hope

The pool is filling.  LL started filling it Saturday and it should be full sometime today.  It usually takes a week or so with solar blanket on, to warm it up enough to swim.  I always wonder who will be the first every year to jump in.  I think I have been that person only once.  This year, I did not have long to wonder.  My nephews Gaij and Sam stopped by.  They disappeared while we were visiting with their dad, Josh.  When I went out to see what they were doing, this is what I found.

007Boy, I bet it was cold for them but they stayed in for a long time.

006Yesterday was a bust for me.  It was such a beautiful day and I could name a half-dozen things I wish I could have done.  Almost every evening last week, I have had major “issues.”  To the point of missing my nephews grade school graduation. 😦  So Saturday evening, I decided not to eat dinner.  Bailey made some home-made pizza roll ups.  I did taste but skipped the meal.  And it helped.  I did not have a problem all night.  But as soon as I got up Sunday, I had nothing but trouble.  It was horrible.  I am glad we have left-overs for tonight so I don’t have to cook.  Because it is basic water and white rice for me today and maybe tomorrow.

Today, I need to get outside and take care of chickens and watering.  Then go pick up Toby at mom’s to take him to his appointment to be groomed.  Then I hope to go to Salem to visit my sister Kathy.  After that, not sure what is happening.  I haven’t seen my Uncle Marcel for quite a while and would like to go to Portland for a visit.  If not today, sometime this week. So, here is hoping, praying, and planning on a better week.

Willing Myself To Stay Well

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Silverton Oregon.  The older I get, the more I appreciate a dry, sunny day.  But as beautiful as the day is, my plans for it have already changed.

LL is on the upswing with his cold, virus,…..what ever it is.  I hate to jinx myself, although I am not superstitious, but my frequent hand washing, cleaning surfaces, no kissing :(, seems to be paying off.  I don’t seem to be coming down with it.  But this morning, Max calls from his house and says he is sick.  A different kind of illness.  I was planning on going with my mom to take her dog, (Uncle Marcel’s dog,) to the vet.  I was also hoping to stop in to see my grandsons.  But leaving Max alone when he has a stomach bug is not a good idea.  Max loves food and eating and when sick, doesn’t make the best choices.  I.e……burritos, frozen pizza, etc.  And then the fall out ain’t pretty. LOL  So I have called and cancelled his staff and work, I have called mom to tell her I will not be going with her, I went to the store to get some 7-up and I am going to stay home all day.

Doesn’t mean I can not get things done though.  I am not doing much in the way of gardening this year, but I do have two or three pots to fill with flowers.  I am going to clean the chicken coop which is really not the horrible chore it once was.  The old coop required me to put my head into the small space, face practically in the poop.  LL built my coop for easy clean up.  Probably will take me all of ten minutes to clean nests, roosting area, etc. and replace the bedding in the nests.  Thank you again LL!  If I feel very industrious, I will clean and organize my closet and the spare room closet, (if Max leaves the room.)  I am missing a couple summer dresses that I love to wear.  They have to be in one of those two closets, so I might as well clean and organize while looking.

Well, send me good thoughts that I avoid Max’s sickness.  Saturday is my sister Kathy’s birthday party and later that day, family photos being taken.  Can’t miss either one.

Killing With Kindness

Oh poor LL.  He is sicker than a dog.  Never understood that saying.  As far as I can tell, a dog does not get sick often or too bad unless ……well enough of that.  Saturday evening, LL was hit like a ton of bricks.  O.k…..I get that saying. 🙂  Coughing, sneezing, acheness, fever.  Typical LL thought it was wise to go to work on Monday.  He did say he would only do a half day and probably be home by 1:00.  I left home a little before 10:00 to pick up Kris and Mom.  We had a very nice visit with my sister Kathy.  🙂  We then went to the Mall to take advantage of a sale and coupons my mom had at a store.  Kris got a few things, mom did too, and I bought another sundress.  Same style as the one I bought last week, just different fabric.  Here is the thing.  Two reasons I am a sundress girl over the summer instead of shorts.  First off….and I am being honest here.  I have put on most, not all, but most my precancer weight. (my doctors seem pleased…but I hate it.)  I am not built like most women.  When I am skinny, I am shaped like a boy, when I am fat, I am like I have a built-in inner-tube around my middle.  It is a fact, so although shorts show off my still slim legs, finding ones that fit right with my middle is a challenge.  But I could find some, I have in the past.  But here is the second factor.  Diapers!.  Shorts and wearing adult “undergarnments” AKA diapers don’t mix.  Diapers, even when clean, start to sag.  It ain’t pretty.  So my hot days of summer choice of attire is a flowy sundress.

ANYWAY……. back to LL.  He did not make it till 1:00.  I guess I barely left the house and he got home.  He said he was home by 10:00.  When I got home, I made home-made chicken soup and waited on him.  But I think I know why did not call me when he got home so I could take care of him.  After a couple of hours of my tender loving care of asking him, “can I refill your drink, do you want more soup, you feel hot, take your temperature, you’re not drinking enough fluids, what’s your blood sugar, here, let me help you take your blood sugar.”  I think he wished he was back to work. Which is where he is today, even though he is still feeling lousy. 😦

Feel Lousy, but it’s worth it….

Well it is my own darn fault.  Tuesday evening I knew I was coming down with a cold.  Wednesday, I woke up with a very painful sore throat.  Today, my throat feels better but the rest of the cold is worse.  Almost 10:00 and I am still in my jammies.  But I knew it was going to happen.  I babysat my two grandboys Sunday.  They were both recovering from bad colds.  But I could not resist getting and giving kisses to both Brantley and Matthias.Really, how can a grandma resist kissing these cheeks and dimples. LOL  🙂matthias 2 months


Nice Visit, Big Issue

Glad to have a day home today.  My house looks like a bomb went off.  In each and every room.  Mounds of laundry to fold, some to wash.  Kitchen that really needs a scrubbing, and I don’t even want to describe my bathrooms.  Rufus hair accumulating in the corners. So today is house cleaning day.  But this evening should be fun.  Max and I will head over to moms to rent a movie she and I both have been wanting to see…..Nebraska.  LL is out-of-town for three days.  When he is out-of-town, I usually spend one long day cleaning so I don’t feel guilty being lazy, reading, watching shows LL doesn’t like, and eating food that he wont touch.  Like sushi.

Yesterday was a long day for Mom and I.  I picked her up about 9:00.  We went to Portland to visit my Uncle Marcel who has been convalescing in a rehab facility.  Unfortunately I did not call before and when we arrived, he was at a doctor appointment.  So we went to a diner next door and ate breakfast.  BIG MISTAKE! I will tell you why in a minute.  Anyway, my uncle returned at about 11:45 and we had a nice visit with him.  We brought his dog for the visit. (Toby is staying at my mom’s).  So I think our visit brightened his day.  But remember I ate breakfast.  WHAT WAS I THINKING! I guess I wasn’t thinking.  All the way home I was in distress with impending “issues”.  Even stopped at a Starbucks to use the restroom and put on a diaper.  Well I got as far as Marcum and……lets just say it wasn’t pretty. While we were contained in the car, my mom took my accident in stride, but poor Toby, he may be scarred for life and perhaps he will never look at me so adoring in the future. LOL

Oh well, lesson learned. Never eat at a diner when I am over an hour away from home. 😦

Large Family Curse?……No, Blessings

I belong to a very large family.  Actually, more than one.  If you take in account my very large Purdy family, (Mom’s side).  Very large Staab family, (Dad’s side) and the LL’s family.  He does not have a huge extended multi-generational family like I do, but he has 4 brothers, all with spouses and many kids, their spouses, and children.

Often lately, I have been thinking about how rough this last year was and how rough this year is turning out to be. reminiscent of the 12 months a decade ago that I lost my dad, my mother-in-law, our house fire, losing our home and all our possessions, then Max’s additional life altering diagnosis.  That was a bad year.

Well last year, I had the blessing of two of my children’s weddings, but along with that, I lost 2 Aunts, 2 Uncles, my brother-in-law David, and my nephew Michael.  Pretty crappy year. 😦

So far this year, my mom was very sick, my sister Kathy is very ill, and my brother-in-law Monte,…..well things are very rough.  Kris picked me up this morning, I can’t get out of my driveway yet, so I slipped and slid walking down my driveway and met her down the road at a store parking lot.  We went for a meeting to address many issues for my sister Kathy.  Kris and I are her guardians.  The meeting went well, as many of us are putting plans in place for the next few months.  On the drive home, I had a mini-breakdown.  Cried and voiced my anger of the unfair situations hitting my loved ones.  Felt good, that cry.  I try never to cry in front of Max….very upsetting to him.  So I got it out of my system.  But it got me thinking.

Statistics wise, it make sense that with the amount of family I have, there will be bad years.  Not only does it hit my immediate family, but I have an uncle and cousin struggling too.  Is it worth it? All this worrying and pain, is it worth it because I have a big family?????

It is.  When we called hospice at the end of my dad’s life, my siblings and I never left his side for weeks.  Always at least one, usually two holding vigil, making sure of his comfort.  The pain of losing him was somehow more tolerable knowing you had five other siblings who were in just as much pain and were there to support you.  When I went through my cancer.  Many, many surgeries, chemo and radiation, lots of pain, I was rarely left alone.  My husbands brothers and wives were my prayer warriors, my siblings and mom assisted my kids and LL, taking me to appointments and taking care of me on my sickest days.  Small families don’t have that same support.

So I think the sorrow may come more often with a very large family, but the love just completely overwhelms all the pain.  The burden is somehow lifted.

I hope that things turn around for my sis and Monte.  I pray that they do, but I know no matter the outcome, there is a lot of love spread around me and again, we will all get through it.  God bless

Needing Some Heartlight

Blessings in life are so many.  I am proud to be a grandma for the second time.  Matthias Cole Allen Miller was born on January 29th.  I had the privilege of witnessing his birth.  What a miracle.  I will post a photo soon but want this post to be a catch-up on events post.

The fall went by pretty uneventful.  I did go to Reno with my family for a few days.  It was fun, but unfortunately my mom became ill and was in the hospital during that time.  Because of the altitude, it will likely be her last trip there.  Christmas came and went.  We kept the holidays very simple.  The New Year started out rough because my mom developed pneumonia and took a long time to recover.  I also spent most the month running to the phone every time it rang, hoping to hear that my grandson was on his way.  But right on time, his mom, Lisa, went into labor on the due date and had him at 1:01 am on the 29th.

I have been to a new specialist for my digestion.  I had great hopes of improvement, but so far, little progress has been made.  Max has been trying to be healthier and has lost 11 lbs so far as of last week.  Pretty proud of him.  We are now dealing with health issues for my sister Kathy.  Not ready to talk in detail about her but prayers are needed for her more than I can possibly say.  My brother-in-law cancer has spread and last week, he started radiation on his brain.  I guess my family needs prayers all around. 😦

Today, I am going to visit my sister Kathy, talk to her staff, and I hope to get copies of her labs and perhaps set up an appointment to talk to her doctor.  Then I hope to go visit Brantley and Matthias.  Matthias is being circumcised this morning, so he might not want grandma to hold him too much.  Then I will head over to my mom’s to see if she needs help with anything.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor appointment in Portland, my mom is having dental work, so when I am done with my appointment, I will spend the rest of day taking care of her.

I am hoping everyone’s health in the family improves in the next few weeks.  Especially Kathy’s and Monte’s.  I am looking forward to having a day soon that is filled with a lightness and joy of heart.

Oh What Fun

Oh what fun prepping for colonoscopy is.  NOT.  Been up most the night.  Finally got up for good at 3:30.  Getting a couple of cups of black coffee in before I have to drink another quart of crud.  Anyone that has had this procedure knows what I am talking about.  But for me, this also includes going through a dozen diapers. 😦  Not sure how I will make it all the way to Portland after this second phase of the prep.  I know I have done it before…..a couple times at least.  Either the trip was not so bad that I can’t remember, or it was so bad that I blocked it out. LOL

I could have had this done in Salem.  Much closer.  But my cancer surgeon and I felt it was better that he did it.  After all, he knows almost every inch of scar tissue.  So hopefully I will have no problems.

Bailey needs to take care of everything that needs to be done for the shower tomorrow.  With the exception of making the casseroles that need to soak overnight.  Hopefully I will be up to making those this evening.  That is pretty much what is going on here.  Hopefully you will have a better day than I will. 🙂