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Deerly, Depart!

I have always loved the neighborhood family of deer that roams all around.  Well I did.  I have never been sympathetic of neighbors that put wire and jugs of something all over their yard to prevent the family of deer from eating their plants.  We just stopped putting petunias, etc., in front.  Our fence is high in back where our garden and berries are at.  Never had a problem before.  But, SOMEONE, left the gate open last night.  So I know where the family spent the night.  Apparently they thought our yard was an open all night buffet  restaurant.  Funny, well not so funny,….interesting that yesterday I took pictures of some of our plants.  So now I can show you what those dear deer left for us.

001My Strawberries for the year are toast.  But at least I can now easily weed.  No, of course they could not be kind and help me out by eating the weeds.

002They did a number on my roses too.

003And look at my petunias.  Oh the HUMANITY!

LL says it serves me right.  I should never have posted pictures yesterday.  Well, using his logic.  I should never post period if I was going to Jinx myself.  Well I am not superstitious, but I sure am disappointed.

Karma’s a B!t(#!  I will never make fun of my neighbors jugs and wire in the front yard again. 😦


Missed the gardening Gene Pool

LL is still working on the pool this morning, after his doctor appointment.  It is emptied, sides are pretty clean, but the rest needs to be scrubbed and dumped out.  Hopefully no painting will be needed this year.

006I am not much of a gardener.  I do not have the green thumb my mother and father had.  Except for remember stupid trivia,….mainly music, I do not have any of the natural talents that I should have got from my family’s gene pool.

I went light on flowers this year.  Just some on the wall next to the pool.  A couple on the deck and some wave petunias by the chicken coop.


I even skipped most the vegetable gardening this year.  We camp too much to expect someone to come and take care of a full garden.  So we only have a couple of tomatoes, a couple of jalepeneos, (for salsa), and a couple of cucumber plants.  I am sure I am going to miss having a big harvest of tomatoes, but I think I really should have at least planted some basil.  Most my summer cooking includes basil.

008A few years ago, we planted strawberry plants my aunt gave us.  Boy, it took awhile, but this year, ever few days we are getting enough for our cereal bowls and strawberry shortcake.  Excuse the weeds in this picture.  I’ll get right on that after I am done writing….really I will. 🙂


I am most happy about the up coming summer harvest of our ever bearing raspberry bushes.  Like the strawberries, it took a few years, but they are loaded.  Can’t wait till they are ready.  They never make it into the house.  We just eat them right off the bushes.

011But what I am most proud of this year is my rose bushes.  I never seem to know what to do with them.  So this spring, when my mom pruned, we pruned, when my mom fertilized, we fertilized. LOL  So my roses are looking very nice.  Thank you Mom.


Spring Fever

Chicken coop update…..It is going to be great!  LL got home Friday night after a long week out-of-town for work.  In the back of the pick-up, he had all the materials needed for the coop.  Some of the coop is made of recycled wood, etc. But we did need to use quite a bit of new wood and paint.  Saturday, he spent most the day building it.  Then he was back on the road Sunday for work.  He will be back Wednesday night.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Willamette Valley.  Dry,  sunny, and warm.  My mom, Kris, Toby and I went to Portland to visit my Uncle Marcel in his new home….foster care. It is a lovely home.  We then made a quick stop in Woodburn, then off to visit Kathy in Salem.  By the time we were done visiting her, we were hungry.  We had a nice lunch at Applebee’s.  I got home around 2:30.  I am glad I did because I knew the weather was changing and I needed to get a bit done before the rain came.  So I mowed the lawn, fertilized the roses, painted the chicken coop, cleaned the front balcony.  I wanted the balcony cleaned so LL and I can start having our morning coffee time out there when the weather is dry.

But it is not dry now… siree.  This morning is the big Wilco sale the comes 2 or 3 times a year.  Could not come at a better time, because I am low an animal food.  I was there when they opened at 7:00.  Bought sacks of potting soil, dog food, chicken scratch, and layer pellets.  Loaded up and was home by 7:10.  🙂  I impressed myself. LOL  If you go even 20 minutes later, you can plan on standing in line for a half hour or so.  At least that is my experience.  Luckily, I have my strong son Max home till 9:30. so before he goes to work, I will have him unload the very heavy sacks.

So today is all about working inside.  To say my house is dirty would not be true.  But I am not sure what happens, there is stuff all over every flat surface.  Papers, tools, etc. etc.  The laundry room is the worse.  So I will take advantage of the rain today and stay inside.  I must admit, I am getting anxious to get flowers on the balcony.  I am going light on flowers this year, but really want to enjoy our balcony in the mornings and have a few flowers sitting around to enjoy.  Maybe I will pick up a few flowers and if there is a dry spell today or tomorrow, I might pretty up the balcony.


Lady Lilac

Upon a Lilac Sea
To toss incessantly
His Plush Alarm
Who fleeing from the Spring
The Spring avenging fling
To Dooms of Balm………Emily Dickinson

47I am so blessed.  I have three huge lilac bushes.  Or I should say trees because they are that big.  This is the one by Max’s house.  I say blessed because lilacs are my favorite flowers.

52This is another light purple tree and white tree that grow along our drive way.

49In the movie You’ve Got Mail, Meg Ryan calls Daisies the most friendly flower.  I think she is right.  I love daisies and they will always put a smile on my face.

48I also love roses.  I think roses can be described as lovely and romantic.

51So if Daisies are friendly and make me happy and  Roses are lovely and makes me think of old-fashion romance….

54What is the best description for Lilacs?

53Fragrant…..Love the smell.  Fleeting…..Only last a couple of weeks or so.  (Reggie in the background is not impressed.)

56I am sure you could come up with perfect descriptions for my favorite flower.

But the best I can come up with is Feminine.  It’s a lady’s flower.  At least that’s what I think.  Love my Lilacs.










Ship Shape

Last week was very busy.  LL took the week off.  We started his vacation time going to the beach.  Max, Karen, Mom, Kris and Steve were with us.  Such a great time.

View from our room patio.

I do believe the Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful places.  OK, I have not been everywhere, but I have been to the Mediterranean and although gorgeous, there is something very wild and stunning about our Oregon coastline.

After a lovely weekend.  LL and I got down to work.

This is how LL started his week.  Emptying the pool.  Grouting, scrubbing, etc……

But the week’s weather was not good.  So it wasn’t until yesterday, his last day of vacation, that he was able to paint.

Maintaining a pool is a lot of work.  Maybe if we ever get our place up for sale and actually sell it,…..LL will never have to paint the pool again. 🙂

While he worked on the pool.  I planted some of the garden.  This is just a bit.  I do have most planted but still have a few things in the green house needed to be taken care of.  The strawberry plants are loaded and ripening this year.  Yum.  The raspberry bushes are also loaded.  Can’t wait to eat those.  LL and I eat them off the bush as soon as they ripen.  In fact, it is kind of a race to see who will get to them first.  He often wins.

As I said before, the weather was not good.  Rained most of the week.  So LL got things fixed inside.  Did a bit of painting and worked in the garage and storage room.  I did what I seem to always do.  Cleaning and decluttering.

My kitchen and most the rest of the house is clean and clutter free.  Yipee.  Well, the middle bedroom needs some work and so does the family room in the basement.  But still, I kind of liked having a week that LL was stuck inside and had to help me fix things, lift things, paint things.  I know he would have rather been outside.  Yard work isn’t work to him, unclogging a sink and painting trim…..Now that is work he hates.  Oh well, his loss is my gain.  🙂

Keep on moving

Looks like a nice sunny morning here….again!  I am loving the nice weather.  I have been keeping myself busy so far this week.  A bit of work inside, some outside.  Planting, watering, cleaning up, mowing, etc..  I have walked some long uphill walks the last three days, plus walking to the store, and walking around town for other errands.  But today may be a down day.  I had a hard time sleeping Tuesday night but still got a lot done yesterday…. Repolished some of the floors, since I got Rufus cleaned up and nails clipped, mowed, and so on.  But last night, or I should say this morning because I have been up since 2:00 am, I started having “issues”.  I am better now but very tired.  Still, I will do what I can do.

We are hoping to go to Miller’s Crossing on Saturday.  Get work done on the new campsite, and  come back Sunday afternoon.  It will be just a short stay because the following weekend is Memorial Day weekend and we will be spending more time then.

I should get going.  I have been trying to walk from 8:00 to 9:00 so that I am back when Max needs to get up before staff arrives.  I won’t push myself today.  Just walk till I don’t feel like going further.  Even if it is just 20 minutes, I want to keep on the routine.  You KNOW how I love routines. 😉

Some days are diamonds…some made of stones

Hmmmm……. Oh I had plans for today that are not likely to happen.  Not really complaining because I haven’t had “issues” for quite a few days.  In fact, the last three days I have been so active that I go to sleep pretty tired.  I like that.  I like being dog tired at the end of the day because I have accomplished something rather than be exhausted from dealing with my digestion.

Monday, I walked with Kris, up and around the Abbey.  Then went with Mom and Kris to buy flowers.  Came home and spent the afternoon potting and planting annuals.  Tuesday I walked on my own and then spent the day inside cleaning, laundry, running errands, etc.  Wednesday, Kris and I walked up the Abbey again, then I cleaned the pool area, mowed the lawn, so on and so on.  So in my mind, I was planning on going for a long walk around town here this morning, enjoy the sun 🙂  then weed and clean up quite a few flower beds.  Not going to happen.  I wasn’t glutened but I ate a small bag of low calorie gluten-free snack last night.  Looking at the ingredients, I should have been fine.  I guess it still comes down to my low tolerance for processed food.  Oh well, it was worth a shot.

So I think today I will skip the walk, wait for “issues” to stop and since I will still have left over pain and not walking well, I will take the opportunity to drive over to Mom’s and spend a little time with her.  Haven’t seen her much over the last week.  So I guess I will just sit “tight” 🙂 until Max’s staff arrives, then head on over.  I also have to go light on the eating today, because I really need to be able to make my mammogram appointment tomorrow morning.

I really don’t feel too bad about having a “down” day today.  It just makes me appreciate how blessed I have been over the last few days.  Feeling bad for a few hours really helps me not to take the good days for granted.  No matter what, I will be enjoying the beauty that the weather holds for the day.  Blue cloudless sky.  LOVELY!!

Darn, no pictures

Well I had a pretty cute post planned here, but for some reason, the upload of pictures on to the blog is not working right now, thinking it is on their end.  Blog website I mean.  So  thought I should at least post something here today with just text and hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can post pictures from Easter.

We had a wonderful day on Sunday at Kris’s home.  Dinner was great, Katie’s boys hunted eggs.  We all had a good time.

I did not get glutened from dinner but did not adhere to the restrictive diet I have been on for my digestion.  And I paid dearly for it.  Yesterday, I had issues first thing in the morning.  Took imodium as I had a meeting for my sister Kathy at 11:00.  Kris picked my up and I made it through the meeting by sitting very still.  Came home and a couple of hours later, well all hell broke loose, so to speak.  The rest of the day and evening had me pretty much down for the count.   I KNOW !  I can hear what you are thinking.  “Why did you eat and drink things you knew was not going to be good?”   Well I do not know why,…..I just did!  So this morning I was drained but feeling better.

I got up and had to run to Salem for a blood draw.  I have an appointment with my Cancer doctor next week and so the days between the draw and the appointment always has me a little nervous.

I was back home by 8:00 this morning, took my scooter out to ride around and go to the grocery store for a couple of things.  Beautiful day.  I have wasted the rest of the morning trying to upload pictures for this blog but am going to leave it alone and try again tonight or tomorrow.

This afternoon, while the birds are singing and the weather is still holding up, I am going to the garden area and see what work I can do there.  I am hoping my compost has been brewing good enough that I can add it and turn the soil so that in a few weeks, with a little tilling, my garden beds will be good to go.  Have a great day.