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Who’s My Baby?

Had a nice weekend.  Babysat Saturday, Kane’s new house on Sunday. The kids came over Sunday night for our annual Oscar viewing party.  Every year we eat, watch the Oscars and compete on who picks the most winners.  Bailey won second year in a row.  The prize was three packages of Uncle Leo’s Hamburger. 🙂

Yesterday, Kris and I did our annual Guardian Report for Kathy.  Then Mom, Kris and I went to visit Kathy.  She was in a great mood.  Afterwards, we ran an errand and then stopped for lunch.  So the rest of my afternoon was me running with “issues”.  But it was a good day.

Matthias had a doctor appointment, that boy is growing fast. 🙂  Lisa took this picture of the boys at the appointment.

Brantley and Mathias at doctorLook at those rolls. LOL

I love my two baby boys, they are so sweet.  But I have another baby who is somewhat jealous of these two boys.  Rufus is very patient with Brantley and Matthias, but he thinks he is my one and only baby.  When Bailey and I were going home from Kane’s on Sunday, Rufus got into the car and sat in Brantley’s car seat.  He would not move.  So he rode in it half-way back to Silverton.  Then I guess he decided he was not comfortable and moved.  Rufus should know I have more than enough love to go around. 🙂

rufas in carseat


Ahhh much better

This is Brantley, Reggie and I last week.  Brantley and Reggie seemed to get along well, except Reggie kept trying to steal Brantley’s toys.

I need to go to Salem to pick LL up at work this afternoon.  I hope to stop by Kane and Lisa’s before.  If I go too many days without seeing Brantley, he changes so much and is doing something new.  What a sweetie he is.

Today was Reggie’s first visit to Rover’s Makeover.  The first two pictures are ones that Vicky took for a before and after. 🙂

Pretty scruffy looking

Ta Da!  He is so clean and soft.

When I got home, I took some pictures.  But the only way I find I can get one of Reggie, is to tether him. 😦

Oh my gosh, isn’t he cute?!

Even Rufus was excited to see Reggie in his new hair do.  They actually ran around and wrestled like Rufus used to do with Beau.  Then Rufus just looked at Reggie with what I can only describe as a combo of envy and sympathy.




Reggie Update

LL and I took Rufus and Reggie to the park the other day.  As you know, Rufus is a handsome fellow, but Reggie is a cute little guy too.  Although, I can’t wait till his hair grows a bit around his eyes and the rest of him gets trimmed.  Vicky the groomer will be taking care of that on Wednesday.

I am not sure what they were looking out for, but what ever it was, LL and Reggie would see it coming and going. 🙂

Things are going well with Reggie.  He does indeed seem to be house broken.  But I am taking him out often cuz I just am not totally sure how he would do for a long period of time.  I have been putting him in the kennel when I am gone longer than a few minutes.

He seems to be a smart boy.  The shelter said he was.  His breed is known to be one of the smartest.  I have seen signs of his brilliance…..but either he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, or I need to have his eye sight checked when I take him to the Vet in a couple of weeks.  Why?

Well it all started last weekend when he walked into the pool after we put the tarp on.  Rufus and Beau both did this once.  So I cleaned him up thinking, “well that’s a lesson learned, bet he won’t do that again”.  Then on Monday, while on the remote landline phone with Silverton Hospital, trying to straighten out Max’s ER bill.  And simultaneously on my cell phone with LL, Reggie wanted out to go to the bathroom.  So I let him out while on the phones, walk out a little behind him, and to my horror, he walks right into the pool without hesitation.  Before I could explain to the lady from the hospital and LL on the cell that I had to go because my Brilliant Pup is drowning…..Reggie rescued himself and climbed out of the pool.  He was really shaken up.

He hasn’t done it a third time yet.  But I wouldn’t put it past him. 🙂  LOL!  Besides his obvious issue with the pool, he is doing great.  He loves walks, loves to play with toys and teases and dares people to take the toys away from him because he likes the tug of war.  He also loves to snuggle.  He becomes a rag doll.  Where ever he lands on you, that is where he stays….dead weight.  Reggie seems to really like LL too and I think the feeling is mutual.

I try not to compare him to Beau.  Beau was so spectacular that it would not be fair.  But Reggie’s personality is so different from Beau’s that it is easy not to compare.  But there is one thing I can honestly say Reggie comes up way short when compared to Beau.  When I would get my camera out, Beau would strike a pose.  He loved getting his picture taken.  Reggie is so darn inquisitive, that when I get the camera out, he comes running up and wants to see it, lick it, and figure out if it is some toy he can play with.  Photographing him will be a challenge.

Speaking of photography.  Reggie and I went for a walk yesterday, hard to find pretty landscapes and other things to shoot.  Everything is so dry.  I did find a couple of porches with pumpkins and other Halloween decorations, but the lighting was not good.  We went in the afternoon.  So this morning, after I get a little bit done here, Reggie and I will go for another walk and see if I can get a few decent pictures.

Rufus, LL and I

Another beautiful morning here.  Yesterday, after Kris and I walked, I was at the hospital while Mom has having some tests done.  She did really well. 🙂  I spent the afternoon at her house.  We watched a good movie. Then Karen came and spent the evening with Mom.

Today I am going to Mt. Angel early.  I want to go to David’s house to help him with a few things.  The Purdy picnic is at his house on Sunday.  LL and I will probably not show up until it starts so I wanted to help David in some way.  A little cleaning might help him.  Especially when he is having surgery on his hand, Friday.

Rufus is starting to eat more.  I am hoping I can take him with me and he can play with David’s dog, Sammie.  I still have not made it through a day without bawling.  Things just trigger it all the sudden.  LL is sadder than I think he thought he would be.  He had his own routines with Beau.  Usually, during coffee time, Beau would sit next to LL and either get his morning scratch, or LL, when he thought I wasn’t looking, would share his toast with Beau.  I think LL thought I was hard of hearing too because I would also hear on most mornings, ” You’re a good little dog”.  Anyway, even though this will take a while, slowly we are finding a new normal.  Rufus, LL and I.

Just getting through

It is so nice to have family to help get you through something.  Kane, Lisa and Brantley came over and LL, Bailey and I watched Brantley for a few hours.  What a sweetie.  After they got back, Kane took some time to play with Rufus and try to perk Rufus up a bit.

Brantley better watch out for that tongue.

Rufus was wise not to get involved in these two’s horse-play.

The kids all stayed for burgers and hot dogs.  It was a nice day between all the tears.

Today, LL, Max, Rufus and I spent the day around Mt. Angel.  But before that, LL and I took Rufus to the park.

We tried to shower Rufus with lots of attention.  But he was a sad boy all weekend.  It was rough for LL and I too. 😦

At times both Rufus and I perked up.

Tomorrow is just Rufus and I without our little Beau.  This is going to take a while.

Week end

After giving Beau a bath, I did not want him wet on the hard wood floor so I told him to get on his bed.  Rufus was having none of that and beat Beau to it.  I think Rufus is really Gumby.

So what is the plan this weekend?  Well I got some sad news yesterday.  An old friend’s daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was a child……Well her daughter passed away on Tuesday.  I think the rosary vigil is tonight, so I hope I will be able to go.  The funeral is Saturday.  It is at the same time as my nephew Michael’s graduation party, so I am not sure if I will try to attend both.  LL will not be attending, he is running counseling groups on Saturday so that a coworker can have some time off.

Sunday is Father’s day.  I am hoping the weather is nice enough for me to grill steaks and have dinner for LL and the kids out on the pool patio.  The pool will still be filling up and far too cold to swim.  But it will feel more like summer if we can just relax around it.  LL already received his gift from Max and I.  Actually, LL is the one who noticed an ad in the paper for a portable hammock that he can have up at Miller’s crossing.  I bought it that same day but it was really heavy and I needed him to unload it……Surprise! 🙂  Kane has been working a lot of hours so I have not seen him all week.  Not sure if he has to work Saturday and miss Michael’s party, but I am sure Kane will be here on Sunday.

Couch Potato

I forgot to break the news to Rufus that LL is back from working out of town most the week.  Back to the big dog bed for you this weekend Rufus. 🙂

My Boys, My Friends

When I am having a good day, walking around, working here and there and getting lots done…..Beau and Rufus are with me every step. 

When I am having a bad day, sitting, not feeling well, or just plain sad…..Beau and Rufus are there quietly keeping me company.

Being alone a good part of every day, I could get lonely, and sometimes I do.  But I sometimes forget how important these two are to me.  LL calls them my boys.  Even on weekends when others are around, my boys follow me.  Where I am, they are.  LL also calls me “Dog whisper”.  I know them so well that when they want to get my attention by nudging me with their noses, I can tell right away if they are hungry, want petting, or want outside. 

I am very lucky that I have two devoted friends, and I think just maybe they think they are lucky to have me. 🙂


This Labor Day weekend is turning out to be nothing like I planned.  Actually, we made it to the wedding.  LL, Bailey and I, went to the ceremony and the bride was beautiful, groom was very handsome and Rett, the best man, was also a handsome devil.

After the ceremony, we go home to finish loading up.  But Max and Kane were talking and Max decided he wanted to stay with Kane and Bailey, then come up the next day, Sunday.  So LL and I make it to the campsite, just the two of us and unload every thing.  I decided I wanted to go down the creek before I eat something.  And while we were there, I hear “Aunt Konnie”, and see my two favorite boys riding their bikes towards me.  Gaij and Sam.  Katie and Josh were walking behind.  We invited them to our campsite for a visit.  Such a nice way to spend the evening.  They left and went to the campsite they were staying at around 8:00pm.  After LL and I ate a light dinner, normally we like to sit around the campfire till bed time.  But being the end of summer, the forest was too dry so campfires were not allowed.  So LL attached a battery to the t.v. and dvd player and we watched an old movie Crossroads.  Wonderful.

Next morning, we find out that Kane needs to get to the doctor.  He was in a lot of pain.  So Bailey took him to Salem, to urgent care and Steve, Kris and Karen picked up Max and came to Miller’s Crossing.  We all make our way to where Katie and Josh were camping, and then down to the river.  It was beautiful, warm and relaxing.  Eventually Bailey, Kara, and Kelli made it to camp.  Leaving Kane at home with lots of antibiotics and pain meds.  I was worried about him. 

We ended up having a nice meal together.  Brauts, Salads, chips and pie.  



After everyone left, I could not do it, I didn’t want to stay another night not knowing how Kane was.  So we came home last night around 8:00pm.  Kane is definitely in a lot of pain but is doing ok. 

So you might be wondering why I titled this post Skunked.  Well, LL and I went to bed and left the french doors open to cool the house down.  Around 1:00 am this morning.  I wake up with a start.  Is something burning?  Bailey runs out, “Mom, what’s that smell?”.  Rufus walks through the french doors and it hits us.  He’d been skunked.  OMG.  He was in the house for probably 45 seconds but that is all it took.  The whole house reeked.  Bailey and I could not take it, so she and I drove to Mt. Angel and snuck into Kris’s house  at 1:30.  Kelli was still awake and she said we didn’t smell bad.  So Bailey and I lay down in the guest room.  Well, not 10 minutes later, we realize that we do smell and we were stinking up Kris’s beautiful house.  So there we are, driving back home around 2:00 am, feeling like vagabonds. 

It’s 8:00 am right now.  The house has aired out.  LL just finished scrubbing Rufus with a peroxide, baking soda combo.  But I think Rufus is staying outside for a few days.  Not sure what today holds.  I am sure whatever I have in mind is not likely to happen, so why even plan.