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Corny Weekend…I hope

Well the getting ready begins.  The one holiday I don’t want to not be prepared for is the fourth of July weekend.  So far, my week has been o.k.  Monday, my mom, my sis Kris and I went to visit my aunt Linda who retired that day.  Happy Retirement Day Linda!  She doesn’t like a lot of bells, whistles and focus on her, so we were lucky to get away with some flowers and champagne.  Visited Kathy. She was so happy to see my mom. It was really a fun visit.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor with my mom, babysat my grandson Matthias and got home just in time to get out of the heat.  Think it was close to 100 degrees.  Nasty. Then very bad “issues” all evening.

Today, Kris and I went to Winco and Costco.  We both needed to do some major shopping.  Still need to get a couple of things tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I am doing my normal Friday run. Picking up Mom at hair salon, take her grocery shopping.  The rest of the day is all about getting my house ready for people while we are gone. (swimmers). Making food for the 4th and the rest of the weekend. Packing up everything but the cold food.  Because the fourth will be busy.

July 4th, we are picking up my grandson Brantley and going to the Mt. Angel Parade.  Going to my son Kane’s house for a barbecue, then in the evening, we are headed up to camp.  Somewhere during the day, we will get my great-niece Addie who is spending the weekend with us.

Saturday, I hope the weather is great while camping.  I will probably get up and make a big breakfast, spend time at the river, then other family will be coming for Taco dinner.  The evening is the much looking forward to Bingo party that everyone goes to at our camping place.  They have great prizes which we never win.  Boxes of multiple great items, cash, and a raffle for a free year camping. Friday and Saturday night, I have plenty of hot chocolate and ‘smore makings so my great niece and nephews….and Max should enjoy that.

Sunday, I hope to come home a little later than usual and if the weather is great, sit by the pool watching Addie swim.  That’s about it.  Busy but fun.  This weekend is one of my favorite times of the year.  On the 4th weekend, it is o.k. to be old fashion, corny and just have fun.  Which I usual am corny and old fashion year round.  But I am “normal” this weekend. LOL


Grandma’s Pumpkin

I had so much fun yesterday afternoon.  My daughter-in-law, Lisa took Brantley to the library because the Reptile Man was there.  He adopted Yoda, our tortoise, from us a few months ago so it was nice for Brantley to visit his old buddy.  While they were gone, I got to babysit Matthias.  I had two glorious hours of playing, holding, feeding this little sweetie.

Matthias, my daddy rocksHe is growing so fast.  Brantley too.  I love being a grandma.  Lisa asked if I would like to babysit Matthias once a week for a little while so she can take Brantley for story time.  Oh Boy!  I will have to be careful with my eating the night before, but it will be worth it.

This morning, I picked up Mom at salon and took her to the grocery store for a few things.  I am kind of glad that the weather is yucky today, that way she is less likely to over do it and try to do yard work.  So I am back home now, needing to get a few things done.

Tomorrow, Bailey and I will be running to Salem to buy a baby shower gift.  In the afternoon, we will be going to my niece Renae’s baby shower. (if my “issues” behave).  I am so excited for Renae and her husband Chris.  They have been wanting a child for a long time and she is due at the end of summer.  A little girl. 🙂  Not a lot of girls in that generation of Millers, so the whole family is excited.

Easter 2014

127Hope you had a happy Easter.

Our holiday started on Saturday night.  We had a nice dinner at Kane and Lisa’s home.  Then, for the first time, Brantley colored eggs.

Brantley was more than enthused.  I think all the brown eggs ended up just darker brown eggs. LOL

Brantley was more than enthused. I think all the brown eggs ended up just darker brown eggs. LOL

Mom, Kris, Doug, David, and I visited Kathy on Easter morning.

Mom, Kris, Doug, David, and I visited Kathy on Easter morning.


David made her a princess build a bear

David made her a princess build a bear

We had a nice dinner at Karen's home, then the kids hunted for eggs

We had a nice dinner at Karen’s home, then the kids hunted for eggs

The it was the grown-ups turn for our hunt

The it was the grown-ups turn for our hunt

Max sure enjoyed it

Max sure enjoyed it

Karen rested a few minutes with my grandson Matthias

Karen rested a few minutes with my grandson Matthias

Feel Lousy, but it’s worth it….

Well it is my own darn fault.  Tuesday evening I knew I was coming down with a cold.  Wednesday, I woke up with a very painful sore throat.  Today, my throat feels better but the rest of the cold is worse.  Almost 10:00 and I am still in my jammies.  But I knew it was going to happen.  I babysat my two grandboys Sunday.  They were both recovering from bad colds.  But I could not resist getting and giving kisses to both Brantley and Matthias.Really, how can a grandma resist kissing these cheeks and dimples. LOL  🙂matthias 2 months


My first Matthias babysitting…..I hope. :)

Yesterday, I attended my cousin Kathy’s funeral.  It was simple, beautiful and sad.  I think it reflected who she was.  I then went to Kane’s apartment to help Lisa and her mom clean.  I got home a little before 8:00.  Not sure why, but my back is aching this morning.  Guess I probably stretched more than usual.  A testament of how out of shape I am. 😦

I am a little excited about this afternoon.  I think for the first time, I get to watch both my grandsons.  So this morning, I need to do a bit of cleaning, but mostly I need to Brantley proof my house.  He is very active and if I am holding Matthias, (which I intend to do as much as possible), I need to make sure Brantley is as safe as possible.  Most the house is o.k. but Brantley loves the kitchen and loves playing with cooking utensils, maybe he will be a chef.  So I need to put my knives and a few other things away.  He is getting good at leaving grandma’s “pretties” alone, but when it comes to sharp things and toxic things, never good to take a chance.

I hope I have time for a little yard work before the boys come.  Looks like it will be a beautiful day and I have some winter clean-up to take care of before I can start getting my garden area ready for planting this spring.  Have a great day.

Moving Day For the Kane Miller Family

Busy day for us. But a good day.  Our day started out about 8:00 this morning, moving the first load of trucks filled with Kane and Lisa’s furniture and boxes.

Kane's moving dayLL and Jason, Lisa’s dad, along with Cody, Lisa’s brother and Vern, Lisa’s grand father.  Four pick-ups, two trips.  But as usual, the weather men were totally wrong about today’s weather.  Oh the trials of living in Oregon. LOL

Kane's front yardKane and Lisa’s place is really awesome no matter which way you look.  On a clear day, you can see four mountains.  We are told that on the fourth of July, from their side yard you can watch the fireworks from Mt. Angel, Woodburn and St. Paul….all at the same time.

Brantley’s birthday is tomorrow, but because today was a special day for him and we had to keep him occupied, LL and I gave him his gift a day early.  A trike. This is LL, my niece Kara and Brantley.

TrikeAll these pictures were taken by Brantley’s other grandma Brenda.

Tomorrow, LL, Max, Kris, Steve, and I have to make a trip up to Portland to pick up a few things at my Uncle Marcel’s house, then we are headed to my sweet grandboy’s birthday party in Salem at a pizza parlour.

Who’s My Baby?

Had a nice weekend.  Babysat Saturday, Kane’s new house on Sunday. The kids came over Sunday night for our annual Oscar viewing party.  Every year we eat, watch the Oscars and compete on who picks the most winners.  Bailey won second year in a row.  The prize was three packages of Uncle Leo’s Hamburger. 🙂

Yesterday, Kris and I did our annual Guardian Report for Kathy.  Then Mom, Kris and I went to visit Kathy.  She was in a great mood.  Afterwards, we ran an errand and then stopped for lunch.  So the rest of my afternoon was me running with “issues”.  But it was a good day.

Matthias had a doctor appointment, that boy is growing fast. 🙂  Lisa took this picture of the boys at the appointment.

Brantley and Mathias at doctorLook at those rolls. LOL

I love my two baby boys, they are so sweet.  But I have another baby who is somewhat jealous of these two boys.  Rufus is very patient with Brantley and Matthias, but he thinks he is my one and only baby.  When Bailey and I were going home from Kane’s on Sunday, Rufus got into the car and sat in Brantley’s car seat.  He would not move.  So he rode in it half-way back to Silverton.  Then I guess he decided he was not comfortable and moved.  Rufus should know I have more than enough love to go around. 🙂

rufas in carseat

Brantley, Movie, Chocolate….oh my

It has been a nice week.  Perfect mix of visiting family, getting things done around our home and splurging while LL is away.  Yesterday, I was fortunate to babysit my grandson Brantley for a little while.  Then Bailey and I ate dinner together while watching a chick flick favorite, Miss Congeniality. Bailey also made hand dipped strawberries and bananas in dark chocolate.  Brantley, movie, and chocolate……a day really can not get better. LOL

Today I will pick up my mom as usual at the hair salon in Woodburn, take her shopping.  I have some banking to do.  LL does not get home until around 7:00 this evening.  Mom and I have another movie we would like to watch before the Oscars on Sunday.  So maybe later today we will watch Dallas Buyers Club.

Saturday, my daughter-in-law Lisa’s grandma’s service takes place.  Instead of LL and I attending the service, Lisa has asked us to watch the boys, well for sure Brantley, at their apartment and then bring the boys to the church for the reception.  That makes sense.  Frees up Kane and Lisa during the emotional time of the service.

Sunday, I hope to help Kane and Lisa at their new home.  Not sure doing what, there is cleaning, painting, and watching the boys.  It would be nice if we all can get a lot done. Lisa will be moving things over all next week and they are hoping to move the rest next Saturday.  What a wonderful birthday present for Brantley.  He turns 2 on Sunday.  So a spacious home to live in will be wonderful for him.

A Great Blessing For My Grandsons

As usual, many happenings within the Miller family.  Monte’s burial service and celebration of life service were both beautiful.  There were over 500 people at his service on Friday evening.  His church and family made sure he had a wonderful tribute.  Also last week, my daughter-in-law Lisa, lost her very beloved grandmother.  To say Lisa was close to her grandma would be an understatement.  So it is a sad time for her, but a little bit a good news for her, Kane and the boys.  In fact it is great news.

962Brantley and his new brother Matthias are getting a new home!  This is really an answer to my prayers.  Brantley is a very active boy.  Curious, creative, and too much energy to be contained in a small apartment without a yard.  But renting a house and moving is a very expensive undertaking.

Well LL’s cousin owns a house in the country about a mile from Kane’s Uncle Monte’s house and the St. Louis church and grange.  Any one that knows this area, knows it is beautiful and quiet and perfect to raise a family.  This used to be LL’s Uncle Clayton’s farm.  Linda, LL’s cousin has leased the farm land to a local farmer and rented the house along with 1 1/2 acres to a couple who recently moved out.  She offered it to Kane and Lisa.  She is making it very easy to afford and they can basically do what ever they want to the house and to the acre and a half.  Boy, I have had answers to prayers in the past, but this is one of the most spectacular. First things on the list is for LL and Kane to put up a fence in the back yard.  Beyond that, they can do house improvements, put in a garden, get chickens, etc. while living there and take their time.  I am beyond happy for them.  Especially those two little guys.  I can see them playing out side for many years to come.  Thank you God!

The house is on a long gravel road with little traffic. Kane has the use of the shop, riding lawn mower, and tractor.

947 940 941

Brantley and Great-Grandma

Busy few days.  The weekend began with Bailey, LL and I meeting up with Kane and Lisa to see the venue for their wedding.  Lovely place.  Then LL and I got to have Brantley over night for the first time.  He did great and was so much fun.  We then decided to take him to his Great grandma’s house.030And he pretty much wanted only my mom after that.  Kept insisting she hold him. 🙂

045Later in the day, we went back to Mom’s for our opening of Peach Drink season.  Kyle, my nephew was visiting from L.A.  so it was fun to see him.

Sunday, LL and I went to our camping site and got a little work done.  I don’t anticipate many camping weekends for the majority of the summer.  We are hoping to camp in a couple of weeks for a weekend, but most weekends in May, June and July are booked up with preparations for 2 weddings, family picnics, and bridal showers.

Which brings me to this week.  The next couple of days, I need to shop and get my house ready for a shower Bailey and I are giving for Lisa on Saturday.  I need to be ready early because Thursday I need to fast and prep for Friday.  Friday I am having a colonoscopy. 😦  I, of course, have to have this done more often than most people.  It is due in August, but I told my doctor that having it done the week before my daughter’s wedding was not going to happen.  He would rather I have it earlier than later.  So Friday it is.

Book Club is scheduled for tonight. 🙂  Looking forward to it.  We started The Great Gatsby.  I have a bit of it to read today and a salad to shop for and make to take tonight.

Since the weather is again beautiful, I better get my reading done so I can go outside.  Have a great day.