“Here Froggie, Froggie, Froggie”

Well this week so far have been full of surprises.  Monday, Kris and I visited my sister Kathy. She is such a joy to all my family and we had a nice visit.  My mom has had some health issues so I spent the night Monday with her.  Tuesday, after making sure she was doing fine and picking up medicine for her, I went to Salem to take my baby girl, Bailey out to lunch for her birthday.  She turned 22. Then back to mom’s for a few hours.

This morning, got to Mom’s around 8:30 and she seems a bit better.  But right after I got there, my brother Dave drove in (he is off work all week) and said Sammy, his basset hound got out of the yard. So I get in my car and search half the town for Sammy, my sister Kris too.  I guess Sammy was waiting for him back at his house. Glad she didn’t take yet another drive around with the town police like she usually does. LOL  So I get back to my mom’s and help her fertilize, change sheets, etc.  Go home around 11:00, change clothes and then the phone rings.  David again. (how long is this week going to last with him off work? LOL) Get this, he calls me on my home phone and asks if I left Mt. Angel.  Well I could not quite keep the sarcasm from my voice when I said, “If you called me at home, chances are I am no longer in Mt. Angel”. Then of course he tells me his dilemma.  He sprayed the sides of his pool with a cleaner, but he sees two good size frogs in the little bit of water at the bottom.  And he doesn’t know what to do.  I am thinking *o.k. 1. why is this my problem and 2. what am I supposed to do about it.  Then after further conversation, I find he has tried to net them, make them jump out, etc. I then ask why he doesn’t just catch them and throw them out….and then it dawned on me.  My big brother won’t touch anything that is snake, lizard, frog etc.  REALLY?  So I get in the car and drive back to Mt. Angel.  After about 15 minutes, me laughing so hard I peed my pants, (sorry, but tis true). I caught not two, but three nice size frogs, put it in a bucket and hopefully he can manage to take it to a pond.

I feel St. Francis is looking down at me very pleased right now.  I don’t think he is pleased with David at all. LOL

Oh, lord…..as I am finishing up writing this, David called to let me know…and I quote. “One of the little bast@&$s escaped”.  Well he is own his own.  I told him I will include this on my blog.  I warned him that he doesn’t come out looking to good in this post.  He then asked, “Well did you at least included you peeing your pants?”  Of course I did.


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