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Thankful catchup

I haven’t forgotten about my daily thankfulness.  So I will catch them up today.

Day 12-I am thankful for Onions and Garlic.  Such a frivolous thing to be grateful for……Not so.  Most all my dishes would be so ho-hum without the delicious goodness of onions and garlic.

Day 13-I am thankful for my friends.  My FB friends, my girlfriends that I meet with (not often enough) my book club friends……so on, and so on.  Thank you for loving me, warts and all, and thank you for giving me years of support and laughter.

Day 14-I am thankful for my nieces and nephews.  I have such love for these people who I have known since they were babies. I even still love the ones that lived with me for a while. (You know who you are 🙂 ) Big families can be such a wonderful thing because of many children.  So Thank you Staab, Miller, McCoy, Buchheit, Palmer families.

Day 15-This is a little weird one to be thankful for.  I have had a very rough couple days physically.  Pain and digestion.  Both are caused by the fall out from multiple surgeries, radiation damage, and chemo……But this also serves as a reminder that these very damaging treatments saved my life.  So Thank you God for lifesaving treatments for Cancer.  I will put up with my bad days and look at it as evidence of the miracle that is life.

Day 16-I am thankful for my sisters Kathy, Karen, and Kris.  They are my very best friends.  I am especially thankful for them today.  I never make a hair appointment and always wait till the point that my sisters can’t stand to look at me. 🙂  So thank you Kris for fitting me in this morning and Karen for finishing up.  The best tag team hair stylists around.

Day 17-I am thankful for my parents.  Growing up, my parents provided for us kids, gave us a secure and happy childhood.  My mom, Evelyn and I are close and I still learn from her all the time.  My dad was a dear, good man.  Loved his family, worked hard and loved life.  Today is the 9 anniversary of his passing.  I still miss him.

Today Day 18-I am so very thankful for the people who have worked with Max.  His assistants when in school, and his staff now.  With their hearts, knowledge and patience, they have helped him become the great young man he is today.



Veterans Day

Day 11 I am so thankful for our men and women serving in the military.  And for our wonderful Veterans.  I am especially thankful to my Godson/nephew, John McCoy, who has done multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Has a purple heart, married to Nicole and has three beautiful girls, one born just two days ago.  And today is Johnny’s Birthday!

Brantley Joy!

Day 10, I am so thankful for my grandson, Brantley.

It is pretty easy to be thankful for such a bundle of joy!


Weekend for Max

O0ps!  I forgot to post my Day 8 thankfulness and it was probably the most important.  I am thankful today and everyday for Gods love, forgiveness, and guidance.

Day 9-I am Thankful for Rett and Lisa.  They both are a blessing to Bailey and Kane, and are a blessing to the rest of the family.

Brrr…Sure is cold out there.  I went to Woodburn to pick up Mom, stop at her doctor’s office, and take her to Walmart.

LL is out-of-town today, tonight and tomorrow for work.  So I hope to catch up on my book club book, treat Max to a dinner out.  Pizza at Homeplace.  David might join us.

For the weekend, nothing much planned.  I am going to make a big pot of chili that will be hot and bubbling whenever LL gets home tomorrow.  Along with cornbread.  And spend as much time with Max as possible, except when he works tomorrow afternoon.  For some reason, he is feeling a little low so it is a good time for him to have some Mom time.

I am Thankful for my love of history

Day 6-Yesterday’s thankfulness was and is my husband…LL!

Today, Day 7-I am thankful that the elections are over.

Not wanting to be political here, but I love this picture that has a couple of my very favorite Presidents in history.  And since I am a Democrat, and this is my blog……Well, I decided to post the picture. 🙂

Hopefully the ugliness will end.  And the last few days…….It was very ugly.

Ok, that is as political as I am going to get.

One Lovely Walk

One bloom holding on….

One shriveled berry….

One nestled rock….

One of glowing color…..

One amazing walk….

One relaxing day….

Well it was a relaxing walk for a relaxing hour, ending with a relaxing cup of joe, in front of the coffee shop in our beautiful little town.  But the rest of the day was anything but relaxing.  LL was on the roof taking care of moss, fixing a faucet in Max’s house, fixing a faucet in my kitchen, unclogging the laundry room sink, raking leaves, delivering a couch to Kane, etc.  I on the other hand, stayed inside except for the walk.  Got a lot done too.

Today’s Thankfulness day 5-Another dry day here in Oregon.  I posted that earlier on Facebook, but sheesh, the weather looks like it is changing.  May have to pick something else out. 😦

What a surprise

I Slept in!  I was not up at two, in fact, I slept till 6:00.  I am not totally sure if that really is 6:00 or if my husband already turned the clocks after I went to bed.  Oh well, what a nice surprise.  I slept half the night in the recliner and that helped my back.

On Facebook, many are writing 30 days of Thankfulness.  I am on day 4 and thought I should be writing on here what I am thankful for everyday.  So I have a few days to catch you up on.

Day 1-I am Thankful for my health.  This was posted on the day of my good news from the oncologist, so it was a no-brainer.

Day 2-Thankful for my 3 kids.  They are my three masterpieces and a source of great joy.  They cheer me on in life, give me unconditional love, and are the targets of my unconditional love.

Day 3-Thankful for where I live.  I have a great house, on a nice street, with fabulous neighbors, in a town I hope to always live.  I so love Silverton.

Day 4-This is today’s post and I will just cut and paste what I wrote on Facebook.  Day 4-Today is my Grandma Agnes’s birthday. She passed far too young 36 years ago. So today and everyday I am thankful for the strong women that came before me. My mom, my aunts, my grandmothers……Having these role models of hard work, sharp minds, fierce love is something that is timeless and carries on long after a loved one is gone from this earth. Their influence touches even the generation of lovely ladies after me… own girl and nieces. So Thank You God for the matriarchs of my family

On a very sad note.  Yesterday, we here in Silverton lost a hometown girl.  A young lady that went to school with Bailey and was going to college in Corvallis, lost control of her bike and was hit by a car.  I went to school with her step-dad.  She and her parents are very active in our community.  My prayers go out to Carin’s family.

With news like this, I just want to sit and hug my kids all day long and tell them how much they are loved and cherished.