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I was hoping to blog yesterday, but internet was down all day.  All no clue why. 

The weekend was busy at Oktoberfest.  And fun.  I looked at lots of arts and crafts, I ate a little, had fun at wine and beer garten, danced a little and had “issues” off and on.  I found two things I could eat.  Fondue with no bread and baked potato.  So that was a happy surprise, but by Saturday afternoon, my body was rebelling a bit, and by Sunday morning I was officially done with the festival.  I did not take my camera around to take pictures except for a couple of shots on Thursday.

Thursday afternoon and evening is the time set aside to meet up with aunts and cousins.  Always a good time.  LL was able to spend a bit of time with us also.  He took the picture.

I did not see LL as much as I would have liked to.  On Thursday night he had a meeting, he worked on Max’s house on Friday.  Friday night his crew worked at the Beer garten, Saturday, he worked in security until closing time.  Sunday, I had hoped we could walk around together.  We ended up spending the day home since my body was not cooperating.  Still, it was a fun weekend.


Oktoberfest Food….BooHoo

Thinking about this weekend and what I need to prepare to have in Marlin, I started going through all the food I love to have at Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel.  Sausage, Uhh…No, Reuben sandwich..nope, fish taco…not a bite, chicken teriaki…naha.  But maybe my favorite, cheese fondue….not likely.  The St. Mary’s recipe calls for either flour or cornstarch and Kris is working there and will check on it for me, but I am pretty sure they make it with flour for the O’fest.  But if they don’t, I might be able to order it and ask for them to omit the bread.  But I am not thinking it is going to happen.  Nothing….There is not a gluten-free, nut free, casing free food that I can think of…….Shoot.

So I guess I need to plan for more than one or two meals to eat in Marlin. 

I decided I would make sloppy joes with uncle Leo’s ground beef.  Have buns on hand for others, but I will make some rice noodles to put with it.  Then there is a couple of chicken thighs I had left over from the other night.  I can make a little rice to go with it.  Then there is some apples I can turn into apple crumble made with oat flour, and some of my girls eggs and gluten-free toast.  Well that sounds ok, boring, but ok.  So today, I will be browning ground beef, making the apple crumble and packing the food up to take to Marlin. 

Weekends like Oktoberfest weekend is  really kind of depressing……But at least wine is gluten-free:)  The Silver Lining.

Sunday and Monday

This is Max’s house.  Sure needs painting.  Well that is the plan. 

LL worked in the heat, getting much of the prep done so it can be painted soon.

Like a lot of Sunday’s, we ended up going to Mom’s home and visiting with other family who stopped by.  It was a good break for LL and it got Kane out of our house.  He is going a bit stir-crazy.

Today, Bailey starts her internship at Silverton Hospital.  Very exciting. 

Yesterday morning, LL and I drove to Miller’s crossing to break down our camp.  We might go again in October if time and weather permits.  We brought Marlin home so that we can park it behind Kris’s house for the Oktoberfest. 

Today, I have a lot to do.  I hope “issues” don’t get in the way.  Although every thing I need to do is at home.  Clean Marlin so I can get the rest of the lingering campfire smell out of him.  Buzz Kane’s hair.  Maybe the clippers will slip and I will actually get his beard trimmed up.  Yea, like that’s going to happen:(  I am also scrubbing both bathrooms.  I already decluttered and cleaned out drawers, so it really is a scrub job.  I think both bathrooms need painting but Kris and LL both never let me get close to a paint bucket.  Catastrophy always happens when you mix Konnie and paint. 

This is a short week to get things done because Oktoberfest starts Thursday in Mt. Angel and I will be spending most my time at the festival or in Marlin.

Art Festival

Well, it is that time of year again.  I love Silverton.  We have the Pet Parade, Wine festival, Strawberry festival, Homer days, and the Art Festival.  The art festival is set up a lot like Homer days but much lower keyed, fewer people, great music, and the booths have no arts and crafts but higher end Art.  I love looking at the beautiful art but I can not afford any item there.  Still, it is a great way to spend the afternoon.  And it is free.  LL and I brought a couple of chairs, planted ourselves at the stage and listened for a couple of hours.  But it was HOT!  About 96 degrees.  Low humidity though, so it was bearable.

The festival is still going on today.  But not sure if we will go because although it is going to be about 6 degrees cooler, the humidity is supposed to be higher than yesterday and much more uncomfortable.  Have a great Sunday.