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Konnie’s Koop

Building a chicken coop seemed to take forever.  But in reality, actual building time was short.  It ended up taking a couple of weeks because LL works out-of-town so much.  I am thankful he took his precious little free time to build my small yet fine coop.

He first had to clear the area we wanted the new coop placed.

Chicken coop 013This tree needed to go a long time ago.  So I am glad we decided to put the coop there.

We used recycled wood and other materials when ever we could.  But we did have to use more new material than we hoped.  Makes the coop more costly.

013But I think we did o.k. staying with in budget.  I have looked at many chicken coop sites on the internet.  I know how expensive coops can be if you want it in your back yard and not be too ugly.  I actually cared less about how it looked and more about how it was build and set up.

017I needed the run/yard covered with chicken wire.  After losing a couple of chickens last year from a predator…..probably a hawk, I just could not risk losing the new girls like that again.  At least not if I could help it.  But we did not want the run very high.  So another demand of mine is that I could collect eggs and clean coop without actually having to go inside the run.

027LL did a nice job incorporating my “must haves” into a practical, waste little space, coop design.

028The feeder will actually be kept outside.  We need to rain proof a bit of the run before I put it outside.  LL is also going to add another perch.  I have a couple of ideas for signs on the coop and perhaps a flower box under the window.  Besides those few things, the coop is done, and I already have happy hens.

020I have not added up all the receipts for wood, hardware, Chicken wire, paint….etc. that was actually purchased.  But I am estimating that we spent a little over one hundred dollars.


I think we could have saved even more money by using some of the old coop and run for materials.  But we are giving the old coop and run to Kane and Lisa.  They want to try have 3 hens out at their little country home.  We didn’t want them investing in building a new coop until they try out having chickens for a while, to make sure they really want them.

018Now I am one very happy Coop Keeper.  🙂


Drives Me Crazy

LL was up and out of the house shortly after 5:00 this morning.  Most of the State employees are on furlough today.  But he will take his furlough in a few days.  Since he oversees facilities, these days without employees in the office is the best time to get contractors in the building to do what ever work needs to be done.  So he is on his way to the Oregon coast.  Just for the day.

Good thing LL started his day early.  It forces me to get moving earlier.  Bailey and I need to leave at 6:45 to make it to her eye appointment at 7:20.  She has a doctor appointment at 1:30.  So in-between we are shopping for wedding and shower items.  Things like plates, cups, etc. for both.  I need to buy a table-cloth.  I would like a pretty one to use for the shower.  Something that I can use for most occasions.  I think Bailey wants to buy some decorations for the shower.  We will be all over the place.  Most places will not be open when she is done with eye appointment.  This means we will go from the most southern part of town, to the only place we are going that will be open which is on the most northern part of town.  Then back to the most southern part of town and work our way north.  I really hate that.

I almost never waste gas and money like that.  I always consolidate trips anywhere.  I rarely go to Salem unless I have several errands I can do on the same trip.  Same goes for Portland.  When I go to my doctor’s appointments, I take that opportunity to stop at Whole Foods.  My mom is like this.  When I pick her up on Fridays in Woodburn, we go to the store, doctor’s office…….what ever we can think of in that town so that we don’t waste gas going  back.  I even do this in our small town of Silverton.  If I can walk it, I will.  But if I have the car out, I do all my errands so to avoid wastefulness.

This is foreign to younger people.  Well at least my kids.  Sometimes Bailey will run to Salem, do what ever she needs to do, comes home and turns around and goes right back.  I don’t think she is unique.  I guess I am too frugel sometimes, but it’s not just the money, I worry about the environment so am mindful not to waste resources.  I think I sometimes drive Bailey crazy because of it.  Thinking that is only fair.  After all, her driving all around drives me crazy.