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Oh, I am so cute on my last post saying LL was on the upswing of his sickness.  He came home that evening much worse.  The next morning I told him he needs to see the doctor.  Well, I guess he thought I was stupid.  After all, it was a work day, so he went to work.  On Saturday, he got up to help my aunt set up her stand for the farmers market.  I left shortly after that to shop with Kris, then go to my sister Kathy’s birthday party.  It was a rough day for her.  After that, I took mom to Costco and then we went to St. Louis to Kane’s home.  They wanted to have a friend take professional pictures of 4 generations of family.  It ended up a nice day.  But a long one for my mom.  Even longer for LL.  I kept telling him we after the pictures were taken, we can go home.  But he wanted to stay for the barbecue and play with the boys.  Again, I said, “lets call the doctor.”  Oh no, again, I guess I am stupid. 🙂  Sunday morning, I go help with putting flowers on my family’s graves.  I get home and LL says “I called urgent care, their open, I need to go.”  Well why didn’t I think of that?!  MEN!  Anyway, got him there and he had bad sinus infection and bronchitis.  I am thinking it was headed to pneumonia.  He sounded that bad.  So our Memorial Day weekend was not spectacular.

Tuesday, I took lunch to my sister Kathy because I wanted to see if she was doing better….she was.

Wednesday, I went to mom’s and had a great surprise.  I got to see my great-nephew Jackson.  David, Mom and Jackson were in front of Mom’s house, playing ball.  David and Jackson left for a while and came back…Grandpa wanting to spoil his grandboy.  They went and bought a bike and helmet.

david and jacksonI am not sure which one was happier. LOL

This morning, I picked up mom and we ran a few errands.  Then hung out at my house.  We then decided to go see my Aunt Leone.  To take back containers, but I really think mom just likes to see her every few days.  Me too actually.  Anyway.  We get there.  Mom tells Leone that we brought back containers and her bucket.  Aunt Leone says to me, “well take that bucket and go pick yourself some strawberries.”  Well I think that is what she said, because somewhere between pick and strawberries, I said “heck yes” and went running.

002So, I did not plan it this way, but LL and I are having a very unhealthy dinner tonight.  And He is going to be so happy.  Homemade baked macaroni and cheese.  Then Strawberry shortcake for dinner.  Again, Oh Heck Yes!


This and That

My goodness, I haven’t blogged again for a while.  No particular reason, time just got away from me.  So to catch up.  About a week ago, I went for my check up with my oncologist.  All tests were good.  And she doesn’t determine cure date the same as previous doctor who told me my five year date would be on the anniversary of my last chemo.  This doctor goes by the date the cancer was cut out of me.  So, on my sister Kris’s birthday, June 1st, I am officially cured.  No more scans unless a problem is suspected.  I don’t see my oncologist but once a year.  And after my next appointment with my hero, the man I attribute to saving my life, Dr. L.  my surgeon, I probably won’t see him often either.   Feels good.

This last week, LL was out-of-town all five days.  This made the week long even though I kept busy.  Monday, Mom, Kris and I went shopping at Winco, then went to visit my sister Kathy.  She was too tired for a visit. 😦   Tuesday I polished my wood floors.  I need to rethink doing this when LL is out-of-town because moving some furniture on my own causes more scratches when I am trying to cover and fill in old scratches.  That afternoon, I had lots of “issues”, but I recovered long enough to meet my nieces, my sister Karen and Bailey at a local bar for trivia night.  We named our team Artie’s Girls.  I don’t know how pleased my dad would be, because we did not do well.  Except for the category of Nobel Prize winners.  We won that round!  Wednesday, I took my mom to doctor and we went shopping at the mall.  I don’t normally go to the mall but it was kind of fun.  I had a meeting scheduled in the afternoon for Max, but….AGAIN…it was postponed.  Thursday, I worked around my place and my mom unexpectantly needed to see the dentist, so I took her. Friday I picked up mom at hair salon and did some shopping.  The week was busy, but almost every day, after I did my running around and ate lunch, my “issues” were so bad that the rest of the day was wasted.

So here I am on Saturday.  Today has been a pleasure.  It is our towns annual Pet Parade.  I only watched it for a while and then helped my aunt at the farmers market.  I enjoyed sitting and visiting with her and all my friends and neighbors that stopped by.  LL came at the end to help my aunt Leone break down her stand.  That is a lot of work for her.  We hope when we are not away camping on the weekends this summer, LL can help her set up and break down and I can help with the stand….a little. (she probably doesn’t need my help but suffers my “assistance”.) LOL 🙂

This week

Good Morning.  Well today should be tricky.  Expecting a little digestion payback from all the good food I ate yesterday.  Today would not be good for bad “issues”.  Kris and I have a very long meeting in Salem for Kathy.  We are driving separately, so if I do have to leave, at least Kris will be there to advocate for Kathy.

The rest of the week, I must have my blood drawn for an appointment next week.  Bailey and I will shop for more clothes for her, I hope to stop off and visit my niece Katie.  An old friend of mine is visiting her on Thursday.  They are making jewelry together.

Rain is in the forecast all week.  😦  Really wish it would be dry and sunny.  Getting summer fever I guess.

Shower with Love

Good Monday Morning!

This weekend, Bailey and I hosted a bridal shower for Lisa, Kane’s fiance.  It was well attended, I think 22 or so people and I think everything went well.

Mother’s Day was nice although I did not spend it with my mom.  Well this week I hope to be over at her house quite a bit.  LL works his two jobs today so he will not get home till around 9:30 or so, and he will be out-of-town the rest of the week, till Friday.

I have a phone Doctor’s appointment first thing this morning. Tuesday evening is book club.  Thursday, Bailey and I are meeting my niece about the flowers for the wedding.  Friday, I will get ready to spend part of the weekend at our campsite.  The rest of the time this week will be working on my To Do: list and spending a little time with Mom.

I hope you had a nice weekend and have a blessed week.

Bad Grandma

Good Morning.  This week is turning out to be just as busy as the last few weeks.  Which in some respects is very good for me.  Just very tricky when it comes to my eating.

I had such a nice morning yesterday.  Mom, Kris and I have not spent a Monday morning together in such a long time.  Normally, this is routine for us, so if felt good.  Kris and I went for our walk, then all three of us went to Winco to stock up on canned foods and some other things.  For some reason, everyone else in the valley seemed to have the same idea….boy was it crowded.  Then we went to McGrath’s and had lunch.  The rest of the day I spent a little time Brantleysizing my house.  My little grandson is turning one this weekend and I have never child-proofed my home. 😦  Bad Grandma!  Well he is getting into everything and likes to throw.  So first off I took care of my canned food shelves that is by my back door.  I then went to a thrift shop and bought 19 children’s books.  He loves books. 🙂  I really did not get any farther on my child-proofing.  So this is what today will look like.

I need to go to Salem this morning.  I have two birthday boys to buy for.  Brantley who turns 1 on Saturday, and LL who turns 51 tomorrow.  Then I want to remove my books from the 3 lowest book shelves and make that Brantley’s space.  I love that he loves books more than anything.  So I will put the children’s books on the shelves he can reach and I will continue to add to the collection.  He also likes to explore the six drawers in the hall way.  I wont change them completely, just go through them to make sure nothing is breakable or can hurt him.  Then it is just going through the main living area to make sure breakables are up higher.

I am a big believer that kids need to respect other’s homes and learn not to touch some things.  But he is just turning one and I have far too much around to entice and could be dangerous.  I want him and his parents to come and just relax when they visit.  This really should have been done 6 months ago, but better late than never.

Tomorrow I will be at the hospital.  My niece is having surgery.  This is David Miller’s daughter.  Her mom has had to take so much time off caring for David, that my niece asked if I would be her mom for the next few days so her mom could go to work.  It is my privilege.  So Janay is my first priority for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Her mom will be there in the evenings and this weekend.

I plan on blogging this week, but if you don’t hear from me, it will be because I am just a little busy.  Have a blessed day.

Taking Care Of Business

Well I think it is Monday morning.  Life is a bit of a fog right now.  I am not sure if it is our age, the stress, the sorrow, but after LL and I were up all night Friday night, we went to sleep at 7:00 Saturday evening and between a trip to Mt. Angel/Gervais and watching the Oscars with our kids (Our Tradition), LL and I kept napping.  And we could not wait to lay our heads down in bed last night.  I guess we are just wiped out.

LL is taking the day off today.  Not sure if he will work this evening in Portland.  We do have an appointment in Wilsonville this afternoon that can not be put off. 😦  LL needs to be out-of-town a couple of days this week, but he is hoping to take another bereavement day off on Friday to help prepare for his brother’s memorial service.  It will take place Saturday, 1:00 at Gervais High School which is what David wanted.

Wednesday, Kris and I have a meeting for Kathy.  Life goes on….. Between these taking care of business type activities, I am sure both LL and I will make ourselves available to help David’s family any way we can.

Have a blessed day.

Presidents Day

Good Monday Morning!  and Happy Presidents Day.  LL and I had a good mix of family time with both sides over the weekend.  Starting Saturday with a visit to his brother’s house, spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning with Staabs at Casino, then rushed back to his brother’s home.  LL wanted to get to David’s house because his Uncle Jim, who is about the same age as all the brothers, was visiting.  Which is a rarity.  We could not remember the last time LL, his four brothers and his uncle were all together.  I was having “issues” so I did not stay to visit 😦  but so glad they all had this time together.

LL has the day off today.  Well his day job off, he will be working this evening in Portland.  I have the makings for swedish meatballs, so I am going to get those made this morning and hopefully get it over to both families.  Along with some banana bread Karen has made for them.  Both families are holding up well.  They all have strong faith.  David’s son Calvin, who lives near Sisters, has been here along with his wife and five small kids, so there is a lot of mouths to feed.  I am trying to coordinate some meals for both families and people have been very generous and helpful.

Since it is still very early here, I have been up since 2:30 and it is 4:30 now, my mind is a bit foggy on what is going on this week.  I am thinking right now, we are literally taking things one day at a time.  Not making many plans.  Bailey was planning a shower for my future daughter, Lisa in a couple of weeks, but I am thinking she is going to postpone it.  I have a meeting for my sister Kathy, but not sure if it is this Wednesday or next.  Where did I put my calendar book? 😦  Thinking I need to keep it close at hand.  Now that both families have meals in freezers, I need to actually coordinate when others are taking them meals so they are not too bombarded.  Or go from feast to famine. 🙂  But it’s a nice problem to have.  Having so many people wanting to help.  We had it when I was so sick during treatments and surgeries, so I know what a blessing it is to let others help your family out.  Enough rambling for one morning.  Have a great Prez. day.

So what is happening

Good Morning.  It has been a busy couple days.  Sunday was the annual Purdy Christmas.  I have many pictures to go through, so I won’t post them for a few days.  But it was fun.  A great turn out.

Sunday, Aunt Linda was not there.  She is recovering from surgery.  Hopefully she is doing well.   Kane and his family were not at the get-together.  He was getting on a bus that afternoon, heading for California.  Training for his new job.  He will be gone for 3 weeks.  If everything goes well, he should make it home on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday, I took Bailey to the doctor.  Not great news.  She has to have surgery.  It is scheduled on Monday.  Please pray that the best possible outcome comes out of this surgery.  Not sure if the Miller families can take one more serious illness.

Today I am hoping book club is still on.  Which means no eating today.  I have a list of errands and tasks to do today.  I was going to start my holiday baking this week, but since Bailey will be home recuperating for a few days next week, and LL is gone traveling for work all next week, I thought next week would be a good time for baking.

This Friday is Silverton’s tree lighting night.  It is also First Friday.  So Friday night, we will go to the lighting, walk around the town’s art galleries and antique shops, and then end the evening having dinner at one of the local restaurants.  Saturday will be the day we will get our tree, decorate the house, and end the day with me making appetizers and having who ever is home help me decorate the tree.  I love this particular Saturday of the year.  It really is when I get into the Christmas mood.

Sunday will be finishing up what ever did not get done and I need to cook and prepare many things for LL to take so he is not eating restaurant food for 5 days.

So now you are updated.  I know you were curious. 🙂 LOL

Sunday Bust, Monday Bustle

Sunday ended up a total bust for me.  LL got a lot done. 🙂  But I got up early as usual, ate breakfast, then off to the races I went.  “Issues” I mean. 😦  All DAY.  In fact, by about 12:00, I knew the day was bad and I was not going anywhere, so I put my most comfy flannel pajama bottoms on and did nothing but stay close to the bathroom all day.  I should have read my book club book, but I did not even feel like concentrating on that.

I feel so much better today.  In fact, I got up, walked with Kris, (we did not get too wet).  Came home, showered, took Max to get his stitches out, got the weeks grocery shopping done and now I am home, determined to get the sty of a house cleaned up and get some book club reading done.

We had a lot of the book to read this week and I have yet to read any of it, so any sit down time today and tomorrow will also be reading time.  Besides my book club tomorrow night.  I hope to go to weight watchers tonight.  LL works late tonight.  He is gone for Tuesday and Wednesday.  So I need to figure out where Max will be while I am at my book club.  Wednesday, expect some Reggie pictures, because he gets groomed that morning.

Have a great day.

Engaging Weekend

I hope you had a great Labor day weekend.  We sure did.  We camped for most of it.  Spent quite a bit of time at Karen’s campsite.  I need to take some time to look at the pictures and see if any are good.  Hopefully I will post some soon.

But the best part of the weekend is that my son Kane asked Lisa to marry him.  She said Yes!  We are so happy for both of them.  Not sure when the wedding will take place.  Along with gaining a daughter, I will also be gaining a grandson.  Our first one.  Brantley is a sweetheart and we all feel so blessed to have both Lisa and Brantley joining our family.

I have somewhere to be everyday this week.  Not going to lie to you……I am a bit nervous.  My “issues” have been bad for days and days now.  I am hoping to time my eating so that I won’t miss any of my plans.

Today I ran many errands, have some food to prepare for this evening, and I have my book club tonight.  Really looking forward to it.  We missed last week and I really enjoy this time with other ladies.

Tomorrow, my cousin is visiting from San Diego.  So I am meeting her, my mom, a couple of siblings for lunch.  Thursday, Lisa’s mom is treating her to an afternoon of pampering.  Nails and hair.  So I get to babysit Brantley.  I am planning on going to Keizer and watch him.  Friday, I hope to pick Mom up from Salon in Woodburn and take her grocery shopping.

Since my “issues” have been bad mostly at night, I am praying I will do well this week.  But I am going to eat very carefully to help the situation.