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Willing Myself To Stay Well

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Silverton Oregon.  The older I get, the more I appreciate a dry, sunny day.  But as beautiful as the day is, my plans for it have already changed.

LL is on the upswing with his cold, virus,…..what ever it is.  I hate to jinx myself, although I am not superstitious, but my frequent hand washing, cleaning surfaces, no kissing :(, seems to be paying off.  I don’t seem to be coming down with it.  But this morning, Max calls from his house and says he is sick.  A different kind of illness.  I was planning on going with my mom to take her dog, (Uncle Marcel’s dog,) to the vet.  I was also hoping to stop in to see my grandsons.  But leaving Max alone when he has a stomach bug is not a good idea.  Max loves food and eating and when sick, doesn’t make the best choices.  I.e……burritos, frozen pizza, etc.  And then the fall out ain’t pretty. LOL  So I have called and cancelled his staff and work, I have called mom to tell her I will not be going with her, I went to the store to get some 7-up and I am going to stay home all day.

Doesn’t mean I can not get things done though.  I am not doing much in the way of gardening this year, but I do have two or three pots to fill with flowers.  I am going to clean the chicken coop which is really not the horrible chore it once was.  The old coop required me to put my head into the small space, face practically in the poop.  LL built my coop for easy clean up.  Probably will take me all of ten minutes to clean nests, roosting area, etc. and replace the bedding in the nests.  Thank you again LL!  If I feel very industrious, I will clean and organize my closet and the spare room closet, (if Max leaves the room.)  I am missing a couple summer dresses that I love to wear.  They have to be in one of those two closets, so I might as well clean and organize while looking.

Well, send me good thoughts that I avoid Max’s sickness.  Saturday is my sister Kathy’s birthday party and later that day, family photos being taken.  Can’t miss either one.


Easter 2014

127Hope you had a happy Easter.

Our holiday started on Saturday night.  We had a nice dinner at Kane and Lisa’s home.  Then, for the first time, Brantley colored eggs.

Brantley was more than enthused.  I think all the brown eggs ended up just darker brown eggs. LOL

Brantley was more than enthused. I think all the brown eggs ended up just darker brown eggs. LOL

Mom, Kris, Doug, David, and I visited Kathy on Easter morning.

Mom, Kris, Doug, David, and I visited Kathy on Easter morning.


David made her a princess build a bear

David made her a princess build a bear

We had a nice dinner at Karen's home, then the kids hunted for eggs

We had a nice dinner at Karen’s home, then the kids hunted for eggs

The it was the grown-ups turn for our hunt

The it was the grown-ups turn for our hunt

Max sure enjoyed it

Max sure enjoyed it

Karen rested a few minutes with my grandson Matthias

Karen rested a few minutes with my grandson Matthias

One Of Those Days

It’s going to be just one of those days.  I don’t blog much about my son’s day-to-day life.  He has more good days than bad…by far.  But once in a while, life takes a little nose dive.  Out of respect for Max, I will not give details, but yesterday was rough.  Today, his regular staff is sick with a bad cold, (hope I did not give it to her), so instead of having a substitute staff, which is always stressful at the best of times for Max, I have decided to give him a mental health day off.  A day off from staff, a day off from work.

When he has a really bad day like yesterday, one of two things are usually the cause.  Either he is starting a bad cycle or he is coming down with an illness.  I feel I need to spend the whole day with him and get a grasp on what is going on.  Which means my plans for the day might change.

Bailey and I were going to Salem later this morning to have our rings cleaned and inspected.  It is needed to maintain our insurance on them.  I also need to pick up barium for scans I am having next week.  Not sure if we will still go today.  It depends on whether Max and I feel it is o.k. for him to go with us.  I also would like to do something fun with Max.  Nothing big, just go to the park, or go to a couple antique shops…….something he enjoys and low-key.

I guess it is fitting today that I spend time with Max anyway.  It is World Autism Awareness Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I am not able to spend today with my valentine.  He has been out-of-town the last couple days.  He might, a very slight chance, be able to make it to Max’s meeting in Mt. Angel today at 1:00.  But then he will have to go right back to work and then he will be going to Portland for his second job this evening.  LL should make it home tonight around 9:30 or 10:00.

I have been busy the last couple days making meals for both my brothers-in-law families.  I have been praying constantly but it feels good to keep my hands busy helping them in some way.  I am hoping that both brothers will be out of the hospital today.

There is a benefit breakfast on March 3 for David.  It is at the Eagles in Woodburn and starts at 9:00 if anyone is in the area and wants a good breakfast.

This morning I am just planning on doing a few things around the house.  Then go to Max’s meeting.  The store he works at is closing.  Or maybe moving.  So we are getting together to discuss the options.  Have a great Valentine’s day.

Monday Blues

Monday, Monday….Mondays seem to be a crap shoot.  Monday plans more often than not, end up scrapped.  Today, I was planning on spending the morning at my mom’s.  Processing Marion Berry Vodka.  Then helping Kris clean and organize Mom’s laundry room.  We can’t have her tripping over things again. 😦  But alas it was not to be.

Max is sick.  I know he is a grown man but when he is sick he does not make the best choices for his health.  I.E. keeping hydrated, resting, etc.  He also has asthma and when he is sick, he tends to have attacks.  I also have always been a firm believer that when sick, a person should try not to infect others.  So I have canceled his staff for today.

It will just be me and my boy home all day.  I am hoping to avoid having to take him to the doctor.  More times than not, he ends up with bronchitis with an occasional pneumonia.  But I also know the doctor will not put him on anything till it starts heading that direction.  Maybe this time it wont be like that.  One can hope and pray.

Christmas Tree Decorating Night

We had a fun day Sunday.  Kane helped LL put a few lights up on the house and we all spent time decorating the livingroom and tree.  I made from scratch, gluten-free marinated chicken wings, potato skins, and LL made his delicious homemade fries and onion rings.


Of course, the star of the show was my grandson Brantley.  He is starting to strike a pose when he sees a camera….be still my heart! ❤



Brantley with his Uncle Max


I should be so proud of my goof ball sons, Max and Kane……I should be. 🙂



But then I have my even goofier ball daughter, Bailey.



Brantley having cuddle up time with his mom, Lisa



The girls finished up my tree and made it beautiful.  Last year I went with the Jewell colored tree.  This year I decided to go with the blue and silver tree.


42Kane helped his dad put some lights on the tree.  I always love the garland hanging on the balcony.


Stupid Mom, Smart Max

I hope you are having a good morning.  I am getting a slow start this morning.  Here in Oregon, yesterday around 3:30 in the afternoon, a gunman opened fire in a mall filled with holiday shoppers and employees.  3 dead, including the shooter.  Bailey and I were glued to the news, waiting for updates.  What does it say about our society, when you finally hear that 2 are murdered and you think, oh good, it could have been so much worse?…… 😦

Max had a hard evening and couldn’t sleep last night because of it.  He always gets upset when he hears about these shootings, but I usually can calm him because I tell him that it happened a long ways away.  I tried that this time.  Thinking he was hearing Clackamas mall and would not know it was in Oregon.  Stupid Mom, Smart Max.  He looked at me like I was crazy when I said it was far away and he said, “Mom, I have been there, it is right here in Oregon.”  Well it was worth a try because I knew how upset he would be.

The plan today is for me to see how Max is doing and not leave him till his staff arrives and I update them on how he is doing.  Then if Bailey is up for it, we might go to Woodburn Outlet Mall and buy a couple of gifts that I want her opinion on.  But she was up and moving far too much yesterday afternoon and paid for it last night, so she might opt to just stay home.

Heard from LL this morning.  He will be in Pendleton for a few hours today and then make his way to Enterprise, Oregon.  I am finally getting used to him being gone for multiple nights.

Weekend for Max

O0ps!  I forgot to post my Day 8 thankfulness and it was probably the most important.  I am thankful today and everyday for Gods love, forgiveness, and guidance.

Day 9-I am Thankful for Rett and Lisa.  They both are a blessing to Bailey and Kane, and are a blessing to the rest of the family.

Brrr…Sure is cold out there.  I went to Woodburn to pick up Mom, stop at her doctor’s office, and take her to Walmart.

LL is out-of-town today, tonight and tomorrow for work.  So I hope to catch up on my book club book, treat Max to a dinner out.  Pizza at Homeplace.  David might join us.

For the weekend, nothing much planned.  I am going to make a big pot of chili that will be hot and bubbling whenever LL gets home tomorrow.  Along with cornbread.  And spend as much time with Max as possible, except when he works tomorrow afternoon.  For some reason, he is feeling a little low so it is a good time for him to have some Mom time.

Why do I ever plan my weekends?

This is Reggie and I last night before things went south.  No, Reggie was fine.  In fact, things are going great.  But around 11:30 last night, while Max was at his house working on one of his creations, he cut himself really bad.  He wrapped it, called and his dad went running to his house and took him immediately to the E.R.  Lots of blood because it went into an artery.  They finally got the bleeding to stop.  Stitched him up, gave him shots and pain medicine.  He has to stay inactive for a few days because of the artery being cut, and he needs to keep his hand elevated.  Oh boy, that will be a trick.  An inactive Max does not happen.

I am starting to think that I should never blog about weekend plans……they never turn out.  So we did not go to campsite to close it.  I canceled Max’s staff for the day and call his work to say he will not be there till Tuesday.

As you can see, Reggie looks miserable with the dang cone on his head.  He is very scruffy looking.  After his surgery area heals and some hair on face and hind end grows out in a couple of weeks, I will take him to Beau’s groomer Vicky and have her work her magic on him.  He will be so cute.  He actually is happier than he looks in this picture.  He is figuring out how to play with his toys while the cone is on.  It is supposed to stay on for 3 to 5 days.  Tomorrow is the third day, so if LL and I think he is healing well, I will remove it.  Then more pictures.

So the rest of the weekend, I will be on Max and Reggie patrol.  Making sure they are both behaving.  I think Reggie will be the easier of the two.  I bought pine shavings today and will go out and completely clean out coop and replace bedding so that it will be easy cleaning for the winter.  Besides that, that is all that is planned for the weekend.  But you never know what will happen, the way my weekends never seem to go as planned.


Oh Homer, It’s Sure Hot!

Homer Davenport Days are underway here in Silverton.  LL started the weekend early on Friday.  Looking at Art, listening to music, then walking around downtown for First Friday with Kane, Lisa, and Brantley.  Saturday morning started out sunny and warm for the parade.

Bailey and Brantley watching the parade.

Practically every year for the last 15 years, we watch the parade with our friends, the Thomas’s.  They brought their two sweet dogs.  This is Otis and LL’s hand.  LL thinks he is so funny.

By the time the parade was underway, it was getting hot.  Luckily Michele brought water for Otis and Simon.

So hot, that this guy decided he was done.  He sat down and did not want to get back up……..”Honey, I want one.”

We spent most the afternoon in the pool.  LL, Kane and Lisa cooling off.

Brantley did well in the pool with Lisa.  It was stifling.  I think it got up to 103 degrees here in Silverton.  We all went back to the park for food and music for a little while.  Hardly anyone was at the park.  Too Hot!  Feel bad though.  Saturday afternoon and evening is usually Homer Days busiest time.  My friend Becky and her daughter Krista stopped by.  Krista and Kane have been friends since they were young kids and Krista wanted to meet Lisa and Brantley.

By 10:00 it was still hot.  LL took a dip in the pool before bed.  I should have set up my tripod.  The photo would have been great had I took the time.

As I am writing this, Sunday morning, doors and windows are flung open to try to get the house as cool as possible before it heats up.  Supposed to be around 97 degrees which is a tad cooler than yesterday, but the humidity is supposed to be worse.

I am not sure if we will go down to the park today.  Kane, Lisa, Brantley, Max, Bailey, and Rett will all be here for a BBQ and swimming this afternoon.  So much fun enjoying the weekend with LL and the kids.  Have a blessed Sunday.