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Brooding Lucy

brooding lucyWell apparently I have a brooder.  Before we left for camp last week, I noticed Lucy was not leaving the nest.  Yesterday, with LL’s help, I decided to make sure she was not egg bound.  She is not, I am hoping she is not sick and just broody.  I have never had a brooder before.  I did a little research and I guess Buffs, her breed do tend to brood.  Great! I have two Buffs. 😦  Oh well, I hope she is done soon.  I don’t think she is eating much.

LL’s vacation has been going well.  So far we camped a couple of days.  He worked a day at Kane’s, putting posts up for a fence.  We had lunch with our friend Lynda yesterday, then LL, Mom and Dave went to Spirit Mountain Casino.  I did not go.  Unless there is a hotel room for me to go if I have problems, (issues), I don’t enjoy gambling enough to spend hours doing it.  LL has also drained the pool.

So today is our one full, stay at home and get work done day.  Hopefully by the end of day, the pool area will be clean, the pool will be filling, I have things to do for the garden, coop, etc.

Not sure exactly what is planned after that.  A couple more days of camping would be nice, but really am leaving it up to LL.


Willing Myself To Stay Well

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Silverton Oregon.  The older I get, the more I appreciate a dry, sunny day.  But as beautiful as the day is, my plans for it have already changed.

LL is on the upswing with his cold, virus,…..what ever it is.  I hate to jinx myself, although I am not superstitious, but my frequent hand washing, cleaning surfaces, no kissing :(, seems to be paying off.  I don’t seem to be coming down with it.  But this morning, Max calls from his house and says he is sick.  A different kind of illness.  I was planning on going with my mom to take her dog, (Uncle Marcel’s dog,) to the vet.  I was also hoping to stop in to see my grandsons.  But leaving Max alone when he has a stomach bug is not a good idea.  Max loves food and eating and when sick, doesn’t make the best choices.  I.e……burritos, frozen pizza, etc.  And then the fall out ain’t pretty. LOL  So I have called and cancelled his staff and work, I have called mom to tell her I will not be going with her, I went to the store to get some 7-up and I am going to stay home all day.

Doesn’t mean I can not get things done though.  I am not doing much in the way of gardening this year, but I do have two or three pots to fill with flowers.  I am going to clean the chicken coop which is really not the horrible chore it once was.  The old coop required me to put my head into the small space, face practically in the poop.  LL built my coop for easy clean up.  Probably will take me all of ten minutes to clean nests, roosting area, etc. and replace the bedding in the nests.  Thank you again LL!  If I feel very industrious, I will clean and organize my closet and the spare room closet, (if Max leaves the room.)  I am missing a couple summer dresses that I love to wear.  They have to be in one of those two closets, so I might as well clean and organize while looking.

Well, send me good thoughts that I avoid Max’s sickness.  Saturday is my sister Kathy’s birthday party and later that day, family photos being taken.  Can’t miss either one.

Konnie’s Koop

Building a chicken coop seemed to take forever.  But in reality, actual building time was short.  It ended up taking a couple of weeks because LL works out-of-town so much.  I am thankful he took his precious little free time to build my small yet fine coop.

He first had to clear the area we wanted the new coop placed.

Chicken coop 013This tree needed to go a long time ago.  So I am glad we decided to put the coop there.

We used recycled wood and other materials when ever we could.  But we did have to use more new material than we hoped.  Makes the coop more costly.

013But I think we did o.k. staying with in budget.  I have looked at many chicken coop sites on the internet.  I know how expensive coops can be if you want it in your back yard and not be too ugly.  I actually cared less about how it looked and more about how it was build and set up.

017I needed the run/yard covered with chicken wire.  After losing a couple of chickens last year from a predator…..probably a hawk, I just could not risk losing the new girls like that again.  At least not if I could help it.  But we did not want the run very high.  So another demand of mine is that I could collect eggs and clean coop without actually having to go inside the run.

027LL did a nice job incorporating my “must haves” into a practical, waste little space, coop design.

028The feeder will actually be kept outside.  We need to rain proof a bit of the run before I put it outside.  LL is also going to add another perch.  I have a couple of ideas for signs on the coop and perhaps a flower box under the window.  Besides those few things, the coop is done, and I already have happy hens.

020I have not added up all the receipts for wood, hardware, Chicken wire, paint….etc. that was actually purchased.  But I am estimating that we spent a little over one hundred dollars.


I think we could have saved even more money by using some of the old coop and run for materials.  But we are giving the old coop and run to Kane and Lisa.  They want to try have 3 hens out at their little country home.  We didn’t want them investing in building a new coop until they try out having chickens for a while, to make sure they really want them.

018Now I am one very happy Coop Keeper.  🙂

BBBBBB….BENNIE AND THE JETS…. chicken style.

Love my Aunt Leone.  My mom called because Leone was wondering how my chickens were doing.  She gave me one Americana and she lost a couple of that breed last week.  She wanted to make sure they were all doing o.k. and laying.  So I called her and we talked for a while.  I told her that all four are doing great and are laying better than I could have hoped.  I then told her I have not named all four.  I have only named the Plymouth and it’s name is Bennie. (naming all with Elton John influence and Elton’s Bennie was indeed a girl).  🙂  She hesitated, so I said, “I know, I know,…naming a chicken Bennie is kind of strange”.  With out missing a beat, my aunt says, “It is not the name Bennie that is strange, it’s that you name them at all”.  Laughing my A$$ off!!.  Luckily, I know she loves me and my strangeness and I love her too.

Spring Fever

Chicken coop update…..It is going to be great!  LL got home Friday night after a long week out-of-town for work.  In the back of the pick-up, he had all the materials needed for the coop.  Some of the coop is made of recycled wood, etc. But we did need to use quite a bit of new wood and paint.  Saturday, he spent most the day building it.  Then he was back on the road Sunday for work.  He will be back Wednesday night.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Willamette Valley.  Dry,  sunny, and warm.  My mom, Kris, Toby and I went to Portland to visit my Uncle Marcel in his new home….foster care. It is a lovely home.  We then made a quick stop in Woodburn, then off to visit Kathy in Salem.  By the time we were done visiting her, we were hungry.  We had a nice lunch at Applebee’s.  I got home around 2:30.  I am glad I did because I knew the weather was changing and I needed to get a bit done before the rain came.  So I mowed the lawn, fertilized the roses, painted the chicken coop, cleaned the front balcony.  I wanted the balcony cleaned so LL and I can start having our morning coffee time out there when the weather is dry.

But it is not dry now… siree.  This morning is the big Wilco sale the comes 2 or 3 times a year.  Could not come at a better time, because I am low an animal food.  I was there when they opened at 7:00.  Bought sacks of potting soil, dog food, chicken scratch, and layer pellets.  Loaded up and was home by 7:10.  🙂  I impressed myself. LOL  If you go even 20 minutes later, you can plan on standing in line for a half hour or so.  At least that is my experience.  Luckily, I have my strong son Max home till 9:30. so before he goes to work, I will have him unload the very heavy sacks.

So today is all about working inside.  To say my house is dirty would not be true.  But I am not sure what happens, there is stuff all over every flat surface.  Papers, tools, etc. etc.  The laundry room is the worse.  So I will take advantage of the rain today and stay inside.  I must admit, I am getting anxious to get flowers on the balcony.  I am going light on flowers this year, but really want to enjoy our balcony in the mornings and have a few flowers sitting around to enjoy.  Maybe I will pick up a few flowers and if there is a dry spell today or tomorrow, I might pretty up the balcony.



Had a busy Monday.  Kris and I had a nice visit with Kathy in Salem.  I then drove to St. Louis to visit and help Lisa with my grandsons.  I came at a good time.  They had the septic tank emptied so I watched the boys inside while Lisa was outside.  I stopped at Mom’s in Mt. Angel on my way home.  By the time I got home, it was almost 3:00.  Boy was I hungry since I did not yet eat anything that day so I could be mobile.  But before I prepared my dinner, I had to check on the girls and see if any of them left me a gift.

004All four of them did. 🙂  What good girls they are.

Today, I need to clean up the house, change bedding, etc. Make instruction lists for Rett and Bailey.  I will leave tomorrow morning pretty early, so I want to be packed up and ready to go today.

No Isabella in the bunch

Happy St. Paddy’s day.  At the moment, it is a beautiful morning but I do see clouds rolling in.  It was nice going out to check on my chickens.  Felt like a normal beginning to the day, one that I have not had since losing Harriet a few months ago.

Chicken coop 021This week, LL is on the road and will not be home until Friday or Saturday.  I too will be gone for a couple of days starting Wednesday.  So my house sitters……Bailey and Rett will not only be in charge of Max and Rufus, they will be in charge of these four beauties.  I have picked out names, but have not decided which one will have each name.  This is important and should not be rushed. 🙂  Unlike the names of my Aunt’s 150 hens.  Isabella, she says they are all Isabella. LOL

Old Hen, New Hens

Friday, I took Mom and Toby to Portland to visit Uncle Marcel.  We had a nice visit and he told us a couple of recipes. Uncle Marr was the cook in his house and he is old school when it comes to ingredients.  If I am to make his chicken and dumplings, I must find a very old, very fatty hen. We then went to the estate sale so mom could visit some of her nieces and nephews.  Afterwards, we stopped at Aunt Leone’s to see how she is doing.  It was good to see her.  I will see her later today again.  Then I met Kris at the vet office.  She and Uncle Marr decided it was time to put Tweety down.  Kris has been fostering Uncle’s cat.  Kris took him to the vet several times and we knew when she started to show she was in pain, it would be time to let her go.  I went with Kris to be support for her, she ended up consoling me.  Ironic.  We then went to my house and had a couple of glasses of wine.  We are both animal lovers.

Saturday, LL and I spent the day together working around our home.  LL is getting ready to build my new chicken coop.  Although we looked at a lot of pictures for ideas.  Some coops are very pretty and very expensive.  We are building it mostly from recycled materials. i.e. wood pallets.  We are putting it in a different location, so LL took a small tree down. I took pictures yesterday but will wait till we get further along on the project before I post them.  He says it will be finished in 2 weeks.  Not sure how he plans to manage that, because he is out-of-town for 11 out of those 14 days and working in Salem 2 of the 3 remaining.  But he will feel some pressure to get it done.  Why?  Well……

I am picking up my chickens today from Aunt Leone’s.  Yippee!!!!!  I have been without chickens all winter.  I hate it.  I miss the eggs and I miss just having them around.  We will put them in our old coop until LL is done with the new.  It might be cramped because I will only let them out in the uncovered run when I am home to keep an eye on things.  I don’t want a predator getting hold of one.  After we move them to their new digs, we plan on giving Kane our little coop so he can have two or three chickens.  His will be able to free range most days so my little coop will be plenty big.

It’s like Christmas for me today, getting the new hens.  I don’t want to get to Aunt Leone’s too early, so waiting a couple of hours will seem like days. LOL.  I know, I am weird. 🙂

What? You’ve Never Seen A Chicken Smile?

Good Morning!  Another sunny day is planned here in Silverton Oregon.  I am happy to say I got everything done on my To Do: list except I did not go to the Gardens.  Once I got started on my chores, I just kept going.  Must say, with the exception of the spare bedroom, the upstairs looks scrubbed clean.  Well that’s not really true.  My kitchen cupboard doors need a cleaning and then oiled.  But I like help with that one.  “OH Bailey…..” 🙂

When I took my camera outside yesterday to shoot the lilacs, I should have taken pictures of the ladies.  They were so happy that I cleaned their nests.  In fact, I could see smiles on their beaks.  No, really.  Fine, don’t believe me.

Bailey has today off.  I know she is planning to babysit Brantley in Salem later this morning.  Hopefully I can catch her before or after to help with the cupboards.  Then, she and I need to sit down, plan the menu for the bridal shower Bailey is giving for Lisa.  We need to get organized because I think there will be quite a few people here.  And we need to make a list of errands we want to do for her own wedding.  Tomorrow, Bailey has an early morning eye appointment, then an early afternoon doctor appointment.  So in-between, we are going to Costco, Cash n Carry, and a couple of other places.  I hope my digestion holds out so we can get a lot done.

Well I was up with the chickens as the saying goes.  So I think I will start my day early.  Have a great day.  If you can, get outside and soak up some vitamin D.  I know I will.

R.I.P. Henrietta

Well the chicken disappearing mystery is solved. 😦  By the way…..Henrietta is the one on the right.  RIP.  Yes, Kane found her.  I am not sure what the heck is wrong with LL, Bailey’s and my eye sight.  When Kane went out to work in the yard for his dad, it took him maybe 2 minutes to discover Henrietta.  She was found almost exactly where she is standing in this picture.  Poor Harriet and Hannah probably had to walk around her for 5 days.  Yikes!  She was my oldest and did not lay an egg this year.  But she was also my favorite because she was hen-pecked by the other two, she was by far the dumbest, and friendliest.  So I was protective of her.

Today, Kris is working early so I won’t be meeting her for our walk.  I will still try to get my walk in, here around town.  I do have a lot to do today.  Go to the store, go to mom’s house to help her make the dressing. (stuffing for some).  We use Aunt Rita’s recipe.  Come back home and make cranberry sauce (a new recipe), dessert, but I will wait till tomorrow morning to make the salad.  I also have to take care of some business for Max.  Do his laundry because his washer and dryer need some fixing.  So on and so on.  I am thinking Kane is coming back today to finish chores his dad had for him.

I hope to post tomorrow morning, but in case I don’t……Have a happy Thanksgiving!

P.S.  Yes, Frank and Laura, I got your comment.  It was nice hearing from you and I am glad you made it through the storm too.  Sounds like we might have another coming our way. 😦