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What A Scamp

Well good morning.  Boy am I ever dragging here.  As you know, there are some nights, I am up with “issues”.  But lately, there is another reason for my lack of sleep.  REGGIE!!  This little scamp thinks night-time is a time for playing.  I should put him in his crate at night and if he starts whining or barking, put the crate in the garage.  I should……but I just can’t seem to do it.  I guess I will start doing that if I have done everything else to get him tired, but I really need to take him out for several walks a day.  It would be good for him and me.  So today, I am going to add an additional walk with him later in the afternoon.  I will see if that helps.

This week, I took a huge turkey out of my freezer.  I need the room as I start going into Christmas baking season.  I am hoping it has thawed enough to cook it today.  I don’t plan on stuffing it, so the cook time should not be too bad although it is over 20lbs.  This is not the best time to be making turkey, when there are family get-togethers that will have turkey.  But I will just cut it up and freeze the meat in my refrigerator/freezer for future sandwiches and meals.

Looks like Kane has a job.  Whoo hoo!  It is a mixed blessing which I will explain in a future post, but I am happy for him.

Today, the weather is a bit blustery.  I was hoping to go to Oregon Gardens but not sure if I will do that.  Although, that would be a perfect place to take Reggie for one of his walks.  🙂

I am having a hard time keeping my spirits up and not getting too depressed.  On the Miller side, we keep getting rough news about loved ones.  Not ready to share but I would ask you for prayers for two of my brothers-in-law.  (For their health)  Have a blessed day.


One Lovely Walk

One bloom holding on….

One shriveled berry….

One nestled rock….

One of glowing color…..

One amazing walk….

One relaxing day….

Well it was a relaxing walk for a relaxing hour, ending with a relaxing cup of joe, in front of the coffee shop in our beautiful little town.  But the rest of the day was anything but relaxing.  LL was on the roof taking care of moss, fixing a faucet in Max’s house, fixing a faucet in my kitchen, unclogging the laundry room sink, raking leaves, delivering a couch to Kane, etc.  I on the other hand, stayed inside except for the walk.  Got a lot done too.

Today’s Thankfulness day 5-Another dry day here in Oregon.  I posted that earlier on Facebook, but sheesh, the weather looks like it is changing.  May have to pick something else out. 😦

Confused or Brilliant

Bailey took this picture of Reggie the other night.  She said he must be confused.  I think he is very smart.  He knows where his bed is but also knows when he goes in……he often gets locked up.

Bailey also took this photo of Yoda and I several days ago.

Had a chance to get a couple of kittens yesterday at my aunt’s house.  I resisted.

Today, so far so good with my digestion.  So I am going to rush around and get as much done as I can here before I get too hungry and eat.  Because then all bets are off on getting anything done afterward.  Although I have no where I need to go today, if my body lets me and only after I get the bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen cleaned.  Along with mopping all the floors, I hope to take Reggie and camera for a walk.  It is sunny at the moment and the weather looks like rain for the next week.  Got to enjoy a sunny fall day anytime you can.

A walk a day keeps Konnie happy!

Boy, a good walk with my sis, Kris, does the heart good.  Yesterday, I was feeling lower than low.  I could not shake the doom and gloom mood all day.  I did go to my book club last night and had a great time as usual, but that was the only reprieve I had in my sadness.  Feeling more myself now.  I met Kris at her house before 8:00 this morning and we went for our long walk up the Abbey hill, walked our laps around the courtyard, went down the hill and back up it again.  Quite the workout.  Then stopped at the Abbey coffee shop and had our morning joe.  Then, just to make it more spectacular, as we started heading down the hill again, we saw 4 dear, one a fawn.  We stood there and just enjoyed them for a moment.

So my heart is feeling better.  I bought a couple of cards to send to my cousins to let them know I am praying and to extend an offer of help in any way I can.  So I will send them off today, work around here, take Reggie for a long walk with my camera, because I think our dry days are numbered.  This evening is the only evening that LL and I have together during the week, so I need to go get a few things at the grocery store and make a nice dinner for tonight.  I have no idea what I will be making.  But it will bound to be a “fall” meal.  I love food during the fall.  Root vegetables, squash, soups, meat loaf, etc.  I think I will just go look around the store and see what is on sale and decide what to make then.  Oh, and I can’t forget the coffee.  Oh man, this morning I realized I forgot to buy coffee yesterday and we are totally out.  You don’t want to be around me when I am out of coffee.  I quickly ran to convenience store this morning and bought a cup.  Lucky for Kris because our walk this morning would not have been quite so cheery.

As I said before, I am hoping to go for a picture-taking walk today.  This time of year, leaves turning, the lighting, porches decorated with pumpkins, etc.  My favorite time for walks and pictures.  So if any are interesting, I will post some.