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Corny Weekend…I hope

Well the getting ready begins.  The one holiday I don’t want to not be prepared for is the fourth of July weekend.  So far, my week has been o.k.  Monday, my mom, my sis Kris and I went to visit my aunt Linda who retired that day.  Happy Retirement Day Linda!  She doesn’t like a lot of bells, whistles and focus on her, so we were lucky to get away with some flowers and champagne.  Visited Kathy. She was so happy to see my mom. It was really a fun visit.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor with my mom, babysat my grandson Matthias and got home just in time to get out of the heat.  Think it was close to 100 degrees.  Nasty. Then very bad “issues” all evening.

Today, Kris and I went to Winco and Costco.  We both needed to do some major shopping.  Still need to get a couple of things tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I am doing my normal Friday run. Picking up Mom at hair salon, take her grocery shopping.  The rest of the day is all about getting my house ready for people while we are gone. (swimmers). Making food for the 4th and the rest of the weekend. Packing up everything but the cold food.  Because the fourth will be busy.

July 4th, we are picking up my grandson Brantley and going to the Mt. Angel Parade.  Going to my son Kane’s house for a barbecue, then in the evening, we are headed up to camp.  Somewhere during the day, we will get my great-niece Addie who is spending the weekend with us.

Saturday, I hope the weather is great while camping.  I will probably get up and make a big breakfast, spend time at the river, then other family will be coming for Taco dinner.  The evening is the much looking forward to Bingo party that everyone goes to at our camping place.  They have great prizes which we never win.  Boxes of multiple great items, cash, and a raffle for a free year camping. Friday and Saturday night, I have plenty of hot chocolate and ‘smore makings so my great niece and nephews….and Max should enjoy that.

Sunday, I hope to come home a little later than usual and if the weather is great, sit by the pool watching Addie swim.  That’s about it.  Busy but fun.  This weekend is one of my favorite times of the year.  On the 4th weekend, it is o.k. to be old fashion, corny and just have fun.  Which I usual am corny and old fashion year round.  But I am “normal” this weekend. LOL


Lovely Weekend

We had such a nice weekend.  I hope you all did too.  Friday, as soon as LL came home from work, we left for camp.  Got there around 6:00. Little needed to be done to set up, so as soon as the fire was built, Max and LL had some roasted hot dogs for dinner.  My sister Karen arrived and we had a nice evening around the campfire.

Saturday morning, LL left early because he had to go to Salem and work for the morning.  I made breakfast for Karen and I. LL returned before Max even woke up. 🙂  Saturday was just relaxing. a nap for LL, book reading for me, and Max worked on his art and a little filming.  Sunday, we left camp around noon.

campThe nice thing about having a permanent campsite only 35 minutes away is that by the time we get home, most of the day is left to take care of things that would have been done on a Saturday morning.  I.E. mowing, watering, etc.  Karen came later in the afternoon with her two grandsons Gaij and Sam.  Those boys love to swim and even Max joined them for a while.

001Pretty much an ideal weekend.  Relaxing, beautiful weather, camping, and swimming at home.  I hope this is just a taste of more to come this summer.

Much Better

Feeling better! Maybe I should complain here more when I have a bad run because my “issues” have improved greatly.

Finally this week, we had Max’s important meeting about his services.  It was a long meeting and it went well. I think my years of advocating for Max and my sister Kathy has helped me to be bold and not bowled over by the ones making decisions.  Glad that is out-of-the-way.

The rest of the week was routine but I could do what I needed to do. Well with the exception of my niece having surgery.  So I have spent a lot of time at the hospital.  Had problems last night but so happy that I am back to “normal”. Well, normal for me.  Picked up Mom this morning at salon and we went shopping like normal.  Although I needed to get some ‘smores makings and other camping type food and supplies.  We stopped at a local nursery to get some geraniums for mom and I got a basil plant.  Love basil and it is ridiculous buying just the leaves this time of year.

The rest of the afternoon I need to get ready for camping.  Just mainly packing things up, making sure the house is presentable for those here while we are gone and make a steak marinade and cucumber salad dressing for dinner tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


Ahhhh….Now I Remember

Our weather is about to change.  A few showery days are predicted starting tomorrow.  We do need the rain, but I hope it is only a few days and we are back to the spectacular weather us Oregonians have been enjoying.  Monday, after dropping Toby off for grooming and visiting with my sister Kathy; Mom, Kris, Toby and I were able to go to Portland to visit my Uncle Marcel. He is doing so good.

Yesterday, I took lunch to Kathy and went to Costco.  It was during lunch time. Last time I ever do that again. I do not like shopping and I do not like crowds.  So shopping in crowds makes for a very unhappy Konnie.  I ate a light lunch when I got back and had “issues” all afternoon. But I was able to make it to my sister Karen’s Mary Kay party.

Back to the weather. I love summer. I am not a fan of weather over 87 degrees, but most of Oregon days are somewhere between 75 and 85. Perfect.  Last summer was my two kids weddings.  Kane’s was in June, Bailey’s in August.  For Bailey’s wedding, pretty much all my time that I did not have “issues” was taken up with planning, shopping, etc.  Because we wanted a nice wedding but with limited funds, it became a full-time job.  For great hostesses, this would not have been the case, but neither Bailey nor I have any natural talent for such things, so it was a chore.  So last summer, pretty much everything I associate with summer that I enjoy, did not happen….much. Camping only happened a handful of times. We have a lovely pool and  I never went swimming.

001The pool is full and in about a week, should be warm enough for me to swim in.

I did not garden last year.  Although we went light on vegetable and ornamental flowers, it feels good to have things planted and an excuse to go out early in the morning to water.  I need to get out there when I am done here to fertilize before the rain comes tomorrow.  Something else I did not do last summer that I really enjoy.  Ride my scooter.  Because I had to be out with the car to run to Salem several times a week for wedding stuff, I always did my local errands on my way home.  During the summer, unless I am getting a sack of dog food or some other big item, I ride my scooter.

003In fact, this morning I have already rode it to the store and post office.  Saves on gas and it is just plain fun. Another summer activity I love is summer cooking.  Oh I cooked last summer, but I just did quick, not creative food. I love trying new recipes during the summer.  Anything with basil, tomatoes, cheese, zucchini, cucumbers, grilling, etc….. I am all in.  So I am back to looking at my summer cookbooks and watching an occasional cooking show.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I would not trade last summer for the world.  The memory of the weddings, all the showers, the shopping trips with Bailey, (we always managed to fit in lunch out), is a once in a life time summer.  A beautiful memory.  But this morning as I was riding my scooter, I had that moment of just AHHHHHH……..Now I remember why I love summers.  So Happy Summer to you all.

Brooding Lucy

brooding lucyWell apparently I have a brooder.  Before we left for camp last week, I noticed Lucy was not leaving the nest.  Yesterday, with LL’s help, I decided to make sure she was not egg bound.  She is not, I am hoping she is not sick and just broody.  I have never had a brooder before.  I did a little research and I guess Buffs, her breed do tend to brood.  Great! I have two Buffs. 😦  Oh well, I hope she is done soon.  I don’t think she is eating much.

LL’s vacation has been going well.  So far we camped a couple of days.  He worked a day at Kane’s, putting posts up for a fence.  We had lunch with our friend Lynda yesterday, then LL, Mom and Dave went to Spirit Mountain Casino.  I did not go.  Unless there is a hotel room for me to go if I have problems, (issues), I don’t enjoy gambling enough to spend hours doing it.  LL has also drained the pool.

So today is our one full, stay at home and get work done day.  Hopefully by the end of day, the pool area will be clean, the pool will be filling, I have things to do for the garden, coop, etc.

Not sure exactly what is planned after that.  A couple more days of camping would be nice, but really am leaving it up to LL.

Miller’s Crossing Officially Open

LL and I took Marlin, our R.V. to our campsite a month ago.  We did not camp then.  Have not been back up until this weekend.  But we had a wonderful time.  Once we got up there and unloaded, LL needed to take the weed whacker to our campfire area and a few paths.  Then we both did a few other things.  Other than that, it was all about relaxing, taking a couple walks, and enjoying the quietness.

002It is kind of funny.  When ever I go to take a picture of Max, he raises his hand and waves.  He always does this, and I notice Kane does too.  But I think I know why…..

003Here is LL when I took a picture of him.  To be fair, I think I said, “wave like Max.”  But when I look back at other pictures, he does it too. LOL

On Sunday, June 1st, my sister Karen came up to spend the day.  She arrived with donuts and this beautiful gift..004Flowers from her garden.  My dad’s favorite roses, with a balloon that said Congratulations, you did it! Yes!  She brought that because yesterday was my big 5 year in remission anniversary.  I am considered Cured of Colon Cancer.!!  Yesterday was also my sister Kris’s birthday.  She too was out-of-town for a long weekend, so I didn’t see her.

LL is off this week.  Using up a lot of comp time from work.  So it is Monday.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, he is planning on working at my son’s house, starting on a fence.  I will visit my sis, Kathy, then meet up with him and see our grandsons. Wednesday night, we are hoping to have dinner with Lynda, LL’s friend from work and she is my friend too.  Beyond that, maybe he will get the pool washed and filled, maybe yard work, maybe another two-day camping trip.  I am letting him decide.  Really I am, I am not that controlling…..I am serious!  Don’t laugh if you know me.  But if you know me, you are laughing cuz I always have a Honey Do list. 🙂

Oh the theater

Camping was very relaxing.  Well, at least for me.  Kane called and he could get into his new town house right away.  So LL left Max, Rufus and I at the camp site and helped Kane move for a few hours.

But before LL left on Saturday morning, he and Rufus got some play time in.

Max got his fill of root beer and made a couple of trips up to the camp store.

After LL got back, he took a nap on his hammock while Max swam in the river.  There were lots of people around enjoying the weather and water.

We are normally a low, or really no tech campers.  Sometimes we will turn some music on, but that’s about it.  But the evening was so beautiful and we knew we were going to want to stay up and outside later than usual, so we made ourselves an outdoor theater.  Watched a movie while sitting around the campfire.  It was lovely.

Sunday was the Purdy picnic.  I took lots of pictures there also.  It will take me awhile to go through them.  It was a really nice weekend all around.

Week end

Happy Friday!  Yesterday, Rufus and I spent time at David’s house cleaning a little.  We then came home and did the same here.  Today will be busy.  David is having surgery on his hand this morning.  So I will pick him up around 8:45 and take him to Salem.  Take him back home and get everything ready to go to Miller’s Crossing.  I hope LL, Max and I can leave as soon as LL gets home from work.

It will be different at the camp site.  The drive there always had me smiling because Beau would cuddle up on my lap, and about 3 miles before we get there, he knew.  He just always knew we were almost there and would get so excited.  While there, I always walked everywhere with Beau.  Kids would come up to pet him.  He just loved camping.

But this is just one more thing to get through.  Actually, I am doing pretty good.  Not as many tears.  Sunday is the annual Purdy picnic.  It starts early in the day.  So we will leave Miller’s Crossing a little earlier than usual.  Get home, unload, take a quick shower, pick up something premade at the store and get there as early as we can.  I hope the weather holds up for it.  Last year it was cool with showers.

Have a great weekend.

Tables Galore

I took these pictures last time we were at Miller’s Crossing.  LL made some more tables.  Two more side tables….

And a huge coffee table.  We used this table when it started raining.  We put up our canopy and had chairs around it.  Big enough to hold beverages and snacks as everyone visited and stayed dry.

I spent a little time trying out a few camera settings and the tripod.

Yesterday was busy.  I went to Mt. Angel to walk with Kris around 7:30.  I think we walked over 5 miles.  I needed that.  We then picked Mom up and picked a few berries at Uncle Leo’s.  Mainly for Kris although I took some home to freeze.  Kris, Mom, David and I, piled into David’s pickup and went to Costco.  So I did not get back home until 1:00 or so.

Rufus and I went out and watered plants, picked up the house a bit, then Bailey stopped by.  She needed to go to the store for Grandma and I needed to go too, so we did that together.  Spent the evening with Max.  Except for my weight watchers meeting.  I was pleasantly surprised by my weigh-in but I keep thinking something’s wrong with their scale. 😦  The weight is coming off slowly, but I think I am about half way or so to my goal. 🙂

Tomorrow, I will be spending most the day with my mom as she is having tests done.  So today I need to fertilize the plants, catch up on laundry, and pretty much work around here.  I will be taking Rufus for a walk to the park, and I have my Book Club tonight.

See……I can get through a whole post without mentioning Beau.  Doink!  I just did.  But I wont erase it.

Miller’s Crossing Part 2

So here’s an overview of the main camp area at Miller’s Crossing.

Is that Big Foot?  No, that’s LL doing his Big Foot walk.  Very convincing. 🙂

NO, that is not Big Foot either.  Kane came over and spent one night with us.


This is not Big Foot, more like a drowned Rat. 😦

I told you that our site was much larger than last year’s.  Here are a few pictures of places we have not improved.