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Fun In The Sun

The Fourth of July weekend was a very busy success. ¬†Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures the whole weekend. ūüė¶ ¬†We took my grandson Brantley to the parade. Came home to get ready for Kane’s barbecue. ¬†My niece Janay arrived with her family to swim. ¬†I loved that. ¬†They brought food to put on our grill and swam all afternoon. ¬†They were gone by the time we got back from Kane’s party. ¬†Kane and Lisa’s first party was a huge success. ¬†Their place looked great. ¬†Very kid friendly. ¬†Lots of food for lots of friends and family.

Then we were off to camp. ¬†We had my great niece Addie with us for the weekend. We arrived around 8:00 that evening. ¬†Saturday, Karen and I put on a taco dinner and I think we counted 22 people who ate with us. ¬†Kris and Steve brought mom for the dinner but did not stay for bingo. ¬†My sisters-in-law Dina, Jalen, and Debby had dinner with us and stayed for the game. ¬†I was hoping they would be lucky but again, no winners in our group. ūüė¶ ¬†It was fun all the same.

We got home Sunday, just in time to unload before our pool was filled with people again.  I counted 18 swimmers along with a few that did not swim.  I loved it.  We barbecued pork, brats, hamburgers and hot dogs.  I think the last of the guests left a little before 8:00.  I was very tired. And a bit overheated which made me pretty useless Monday.  I must have been on my feet too much too because I woke up with a swollen foot that kept getting worse throughout the day.

So today will be another hot day.  I hope to visit Kathy this morning and run a couple of errands before it gets too hot.  I want to replenish my freezer with treats for kids and a few more burgers because I think we will have a large crowd again on Saturday.

This is what LL and I hoped for this summer.  A well used pool.


Social Hours


Yesterday was a really nice day.  I am not the most social person in the world.  In my family, my extended and core, I am the least social person.  I would say even my son with Autism is more social than I am.  I have never been comfortable with small talk.  When going somewhere that I am unfamiliar, if LL is with me, I let him take the lead.  LL can visit with anyone about anything.  Once I get to know people well, I thoroughly enjoy visiting.  Enjoy social time.  But until then, I feel awkward and tongue-tied.  So having a day that was spent mostly visiting and enjoying it is a rarity.

I met up with two friends, Becky and Pam. ¬†We’re old friends. ¬†We know each other very well. ¬†Through the years, we have raised our kids, prayed for each other’s kids and families, confided to each other and in tough times, they are two of the first I would call. ¬†In fact, when I was diagnosed, they were two I called almost immediately because it was important that they did not hear the news some other way and I wanted their prayers and support. ¬†We got together yesterday morning and caught up with each other and had a relaxing time.

I then went to lunch with my daughter Bailey. ¬†We went to Leona’s in Mt. Angel and spent a couple of hours talking about her vacation and plans up ahead. ¬†My Bailey is a daddy’s girl, but there is something special about a mother/daughter relationship when the relationship becomes an adult bond.

In the evening I went to my book club.  A few months back, I did not know any of these ladies.  One I knew a little, but except for me, the small group have been friends or family for years.  Not a situation I am normally comfortable in.  But these ladies are all friendly, kind and very different from one another.  It has been fun getting to know them.  I spent about three hours visiting, reading, dining, and just having a relaxing, unawkward evening.

I packed in one day, much more social time than I have had in years.  I guess I really am a hermit.

I did have some “issues” yesterday. ¬†I was not as careful with what I ate for lunch as I had hoped. ¬†So the afternoon was not fun. ¬†Had a little problem at book club and I am writing this at 4:00 am. ¬†I have been up for a couple of hours. ¬†I think I got about three hours of sleep last night. ¬†I guess calling it last night is not accurate, since technically, it still is night. ¬†I hope to push through the day though. ¬†At least this morning. ¬†I really don’t want to skip my walk with Kris. ¬†It is our time together. ¬†Kind of our therapy time. ¬†Good for our relationship, our bodies, and general well-being. ¬†If I am really dragging, maybe we will skip going up the Abbey hill and just walk around town.

Beyond that, I will be kind to myself, get watering and “have to’s” done, but not worry about what else I might do today. ¬†I hope you have a blessed day.

My Girl Returns

Good Morning!  I was hoping to post a couple of pictures from this weekend, but this post needs to be short, because I am a little short on time.

I am going to have coffee with a couple of friends later this morning.  Have not visited with them in a while.  Bailey and I are meeting for lunch after that.  I am excited to hear all about her trip.  She went to Hawaii last week and just got back last evening.  She went with my niece, Kara.

I am a little nervous eating lunch out. ¬†Well, eating anything because I think my book club is meeting this evening. ¬†I normally don’t eat during the day of the book club. ¬†I would hate to not attend at the last-minute, but my girl and I rarely have an opportunity to do lunch and I can’t wait to hear all about the trip.

So I best get moving.  Need to water everything and do a few other things before I meet my friends.  Have a great day!

Week end

After giving Beau a bath, I did not want him wet on the hard wood floor so I told him to get on his bed.  Rufus was having none of that and beat Beau to it.  I think Rufus is really Gumby.

So what is the plan this weekend? ¬†Well I got some sad news yesterday. ¬†An old friend’s¬†daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was a child……Well her daughter passed away on Tuesday. ¬†I think the rosary vigil is tonight, so I hope I will be able to go. ¬†The funeral is Saturday. ¬†It is at the same time as my nephew Michael’s graduation party, so I am not sure if I will try to attend both. ¬†LL will not be attending, he is running counseling groups on Saturday so that a coworker can have some time off.

Sunday is Father’s day. ¬†I am hoping the weather is nice enough for me to grill steaks and have dinner for LL and the kids out on the pool patio. ¬†The pool will still be filling up and far too cold to swim. ¬†But it will feel more like summer if we can just relax around it. ¬†LL already received his gift from Max and I. ¬†Actually, LL is the one who noticed an ad in the paper for a portable hammock that he can have up at Miller’s crossing. ¬†I bought it that same day but it was really heavy and I needed him to unload it……Surprise! ūüôā ¬†Kane has been working a lot of hours so I have not seen him all week. ¬†Not sure if he has to work Saturday and miss Michael’s party, but I am sure Kane will be here on Sunday.

Canceled Again

I meet once a month with a couple of friends.  We met once a week over the summer, but as they both work for schools, during this time of year, once a month sounded doable.  We decided to meet at my house so that I might have a better chance of making it. LOL.  But I still had to cancel last night.  Makes me made because I really look forward to visiting with them and one just got back from Fiji and I wanted to hear all about her trip.

It all started on Tuesday night. ¬†I was up throughout the night with “issues”. ¬†It kept up on Wednesday morning. ¬†But I thought I was done and good. ¬†I even made it to Salem in the afternoon to drop off Kelli at an appointment, then Bailey and I made a quick run to Costco. ¬†By the time we picked Kelli up, I knew I was in trouble. ¬†But I made it home and for the rest of the afternoon and evening, “issues” ran amuck, requiring 2 imodiums and one pain pill. ¬†But this morning is better.

I am walking a little funny and probably wont get much done. ¬†Bailey has the day off and would like to do something with me. ¬†So I will see how it goes. ¬†Still feeling a little disappointed about last night, but that’s the way it is. ¬†After all, Life Is A CRAP Shoot. ūüôā