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Brantley, Movie, Chocolate….oh my

It has been a nice week.  Perfect mix of visiting family, getting things done around our home and splurging while LL is away.  Yesterday, I was fortunate to babysit my grandson Brantley for a little while.  Then Bailey and I ate dinner together while watching a chick flick favorite, Miss Congeniality. Bailey also made hand dipped strawberries and bananas in dark chocolate.  Brantley, movie, and chocolate……a day really can not get better. LOL

Today I will pick up my mom as usual at the hair salon in Woodburn, take her shopping.  I have some banking to do.  LL does not get home until around 7:00 this evening.  Mom and I have another movie we would like to watch before the Oscars on Sunday.  So maybe later today we will watch Dallas Buyers Club.

Saturday, my daughter-in-law Lisa’s grandma’s service takes place.  Instead of LL and I attending the service, Lisa has asked us to watch the boys, well for sure Brantley, at their apartment and then bring the boys to the church for the reception.  That makes sense.  Frees up Kane and Lisa during the emotional time of the service.

Sunday, I hope to help Kane and Lisa at their new home.  Not sure doing what, there is cleaning, painting, and watching the boys.  It would be nice if we all can get a lot done. Lisa will be moving things over all next week and they are hoping to move the rest next Saturday.  What a wonderful birthday present for Brantley.  He turns 2 on Sunday.  So a spacious home to live in will be wonderful for him.


Going Greek

I thought Tuesday was going to be a low-key type day.  It ended up long and busy starting out taking LL to Salem for work at 6:00 am and ending coming home from book club after 8:00 pm.  In between I took Bailey to Doctor appointment, went to pharmacy, had my mammogram, spent a couple hours at Mom’s, 2 banks, the library, and I am sure I am forgetting something.

LL will be gone until Friday.  This means I usually have a different bed partner.  Bailey.  She works till 11:30 or so at night, then comes home, climbs into bed.  I usually will not try to sleep till she gets home.  I think we fell asleep after 12:30 and of course, I have been awake for a couple of hours already this morning.  So I think I got 3.5 hrs of sleep last night. 😦  Dogs woke me up at 4:00 and I could not get back to sleep.

So I have been reading food blogs the last couple of hours.  I want to make a huge healthy Greek salad that I can eat on for the next three days.  You know the kind I mean.  Fresh tomatoes, onion, Greek olives, extra-virgin olive oil, vinegar, basil….. then add feta cheese on top of each serving I spoon up. (feta breaks down if I put it all in and do not eat it all).  I certainly don’t need a recipe for this, I just enjoyed looking at recipes for inspiration.

Well now it is after 6:00 and I am feeling really tired.  I know I will not go back to sleep so I might as well get my work done before I totally lose steam.

Monday Fuel

no coffee no workeeThat’s pretty much my one hard fast rule.  I never start my day without coffee.  I am cutting down my intake, but do not see going totally caffeine free in my future.

I kind of forgot that my LL has today off.  Well until later this afternoon when he goes to his counselling job.  That means I still have a chance to get some things crossed off my Honey Do list.  But LL might have other plans. 😦

My day is pretty basic.  Go to Mom’s and water some plants for her.  Come home and CLEAN the basement, and if my digestion holds out, Max and I have a birthday party to go to.  But before I start my day, I need just a little bit more coffee to get my motor running.  Have a great Monday.

Drives Me Crazy

LL was up and out of the house shortly after 5:00 this morning.  Most of the State employees are on furlough today.  But he will take his furlough in a few days.  Since he oversees facilities, these days without employees in the office is the best time to get contractors in the building to do what ever work needs to be done.  So he is on his way to the Oregon coast.  Just for the day.

Good thing LL started his day early.  It forces me to get moving earlier.  Bailey and I need to leave at 6:45 to make it to her eye appointment at 7:20.  She has a doctor appointment at 1:30.  So in-between we are shopping for wedding and shower items.  Things like plates, cups, etc. for both.  I need to buy a table-cloth.  I would like a pretty one to use for the shower.  Something that I can use for most occasions.  I think Bailey wants to buy some decorations for the shower.  We will be all over the place.  Most places will not be open when she is done with eye appointment.  This means we will go from the most southern part of town, to the only place we are going that will be open which is on the most northern part of town.  Then back to the most southern part of town and work our way north.  I really hate that.

I almost never waste gas and money like that.  I always consolidate trips anywhere.  I rarely go to Salem unless I have several errands I can do on the same trip.  Same goes for Portland.  When I go to my doctor’s appointments, I take that opportunity to stop at Whole Foods.  My mom is like this.  When I pick her up on Fridays in Woodburn, we go to the store, doctor’s office…….what ever we can think of in that town so that we don’t waste gas going  back.  I even do this in our small town of Silverton.  If I can walk it, I will.  But if I have the car out, I do all my errands so to avoid wastefulness.

This is foreign to younger people.  Well at least my kids.  Sometimes Bailey will run to Salem, do what ever she needs to do, comes home and turns around and goes right back.  I don’t think she is unique.  I guess I am too frugel sometimes, but it’s not just the money, I worry about the environment so am mindful not to waste resources.  I think I sometimes drive Bailey crazy because of it.  Thinking that is only fair.  After all, her driving all around drives me crazy.

What? You’ve Never Seen A Chicken Smile?

Good Morning!  Another sunny day is planned here in Silverton Oregon.  I am happy to say I got everything done on my To Do: list except I did not go to the Gardens.  Once I got started on my chores, I just kept going.  Must say, with the exception of the spare bedroom, the upstairs looks scrubbed clean.  Well that’s not really true.  My kitchen cupboard doors need a cleaning and then oiled.  But I like help with that one.  “OH Bailey…..” 🙂

When I took my camera outside yesterday to shoot the lilacs, I should have taken pictures of the ladies.  They were so happy that I cleaned their nests.  In fact, I could see smiles on their beaks.  No, really.  Fine, don’t believe me.

Bailey has today off.  I know she is planning to babysit Brantley in Salem later this morning.  Hopefully I can catch her before or after to help with the cupboards.  Then, she and I need to sit down, plan the menu for the bridal shower Bailey is giving for Lisa.  We need to get organized because I think there will be quite a few people here.  And we need to make a list of errands we want to do for her own wedding.  Tomorrow, Bailey has an early morning eye appointment, then an early afternoon doctor appointment.  So in-between, we are going to Costco, Cash n Carry, and a couple of other places.  I hope my digestion holds out so we can get a lot done.

Well I was up with the chickens as the saying goes.  So I think I will start my day early.  Have a great day.  If you can, get outside and soak up some vitamin D.  I know I will.

Filling My Day Up Cuz I’m Feeling My Day

Over the last few months I have had many more bad days than good days health wise.  But over the last week or so, due to diet change and meds, I am feeling more myself.  Much better than I have all winter and spring.  So yesterday I wanted to get a lot done.  Enjoy the day, weather, feeling good.  But ended up getting little done.

I got a little work done inside……not a lot.

I got a little work done outside…..not a lot.

I did make it to Mom’s and spent 3 or 4 hours there…….never made it to the Oregon Gardens.

Well I am happy to say today is a new day and a beautifully sunny one at that!  AND I am still feeling good.  So here’s the plan and I am determined to not sit down till it is all done.  Might not eat either because I don’t want to risk having to cut the day short.

Clean laundry room.  Really is very dirty and disorganized.  Bathrooms and straighten rest of the house.  Then get the heck outside.  Clean chickens nests.  No I did not get that done yesterday. Get off my back. 🙂  Load my camera in my scooter and scoot on over to the Gardens and take pictures.  Come home and make a Turkey meat loaf.  Sounds like a heavenly day to me.