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Brantley and Great-Grandma

Busy few days.  The weekend began with Bailey, LL and I meeting up with Kane and Lisa to see the venue for their wedding.  Lovely place.  Then LL and I got to have Brantley over night for the first time.  He did great and was so much fun.  We then decided to take him to his Great grandma’s house.030And he pretty much wanted only my mom after that.  Kept insisting she hold him. 🙂

045Later in the day, we went back to Mom’s for our opening of Peach Drink season.  Kyle, my nephew was visiting from L.A.  so it was fun to see him.

Sunday, LL and I went to our camping site and got a little work done.  I don’t anticipate many camping weekends for the majority of the summer.  We are hoping to camp in a couple of weeks for a weekend, but most weekends in May, June and July are booked up with preparations for 2 weddings, family picnics, and bridal showers.

Which brings me to this week.  The next couple of days, I need to shop and get my house ready for a shower Bailey and I are giving for Lisa on Saturday.  I need to be ready early because Thursday I need to fast and prep for Friday.  Friday I am having a colonoscopy. 😦  I, of course, have to have this done more often than most people.  It is due in August, but I told my doctor that having it done the week before my daughter’s wedding was not going to happen.  He would rather I have it earlier than later.  So Friday it is.

Book Club is scheduled for tonight. 🙂  Looking forward to it.  We started The Great Gatsby.  I have a bit of it to read today and a salad to shop for and make to take tonight.

Since the weather is again beautiful, I better get my reading done so I can go outside.  Have a great day.


Re-Cooping My Drive

It is strange.  I rarely write my blog at night.  Sometimes I write it in the middle of the night, which for me is the start of my day, but rarely before I go to bed.  Must say, my brain is more muddled this time of the day than normal.  But I am having some “issues”.  Tomorrow is going to be a little busy, (my uncle’s funeral) so you are going to just have to deal with my night thoughts instead of my morning thoughts.  LOL  Believe me, my grammar and spelling will be worse if that is possible. 🙂

This evening, I went to my book club.  It has been weeks since I attended.  I feel a little bad because I think I was like a desperate housewife.  No not like the ones on the show, but like the one that never leaves her house, so when she finally does, she is a chatter box and acts like she has no clue about the give and take of proper conversation.  I never considered myself as a desperate housewife, but when you think about it, a resistant hermit is not that different.  I was so happy to be away from home, with girlfriends, (no men) that I found myself chattering.  I was not the only one that talked but when the others did talk, it was usually to answer my dozens of questions.  We never did get to the book. 😦

After I told them about family that are ill, Kane and Bailey’s wedding plans, I wanted to hear about their holidays.  Then I noticed some changes, or perceived changes in Lynda’s house which led to another long interesting conversation.  And I learned something.  Something I did not like.  Don’t tell LL, but these three ladies do plumbing, drywall, lay flooring, etc.  All three of them.  I don’t know how to do any of that.

When growing up, us girls worked in the field, we could drive a tractor, go in the house and make dinner, dishes and laundry, but for the life of me, I can’t fix a leaking pipe.  I can’t lay tile let alone put a sub-floor in.  In fact, I don’t even paint a wall in my house.  If you remember, I blogged once how LL and my sisters won’t let me anywhere near paint and a wall because not only do I end up wearing it, I end up trailing it everywhere leaving permanent footsteps. 😦

Well this has me thinking…..yes I am having a Lucy moment.  No I am not going to try to get into Ricky’s show, but I am going to challenge myself a bit.  Oh I have plans.  BIG PLANS!! 🙂  Just don’t tell LL.  I may not get anywhere near a bucket of paint that can ruin my hardwood floor.  But I need to expand my chicken coop.  LL has promised to do it, but spring is a coming. Time is a wasting.  I am planning on getting some new hens soon.   He has only so much time.  Either I can expand the existing, or I bet I could figure something else out.  I can do it…..really I can.  And frankly, how bad can I screw it up?  Besides, I have a secret weapon….Max is great at building things and he loves to help Mom. 🙂  Now where does LL keep his saw???

Oh who am I kidding….this is what will happen.  A coop will take days to build, LL will see it start to happen, he will look on with pain, take the saw, wood, and that thing-a-ma-jingy, what was it called???  oh a level away from me and do it himself.  Well that would be good too.  It would get done, but that would not get me further along on trying hard things out for myself.  Hmmm……What would Lucy do?  What would Lucy do?

So what is happening

Good Morning.  It has been a busy couple days.  Sunday was the annual Purdy Christmas.  I have many pictures to go through, so I won’t post them for a few days.  But it was fun.  A great turn out.

Sunday, Aunt Linda was not there.  She is recovering from surgery.  Hopefully she is doing well.   Kane and his family were not at the get-together.  He was getting on a bus that afternoon, heading for California.  Training for his new job.  He will be gone for 3 weeks.  If everything goes well, he should make it home on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday, I took Bailey to the doctor.  Not great news.  She has to have surgery.  It is scheduled on Monday.  Please pray that the best possible outcome comes out of this surgery.  Not sure if the Miller families can take one more serious illness.

Today I am hoping book club is still on.  Which means no eating today.  I have a list of errands and tasks to do today.  I was going to start my holiday baking this week, but since Bailey will be home recuperating for a few days next week, and LL is gone traveling for work all next week, I thought next week would be a good time for baking.

This Friday is Silverton’s tree lighting night.  It is also First Friday.  So Friday night, we will go to the lighting, walk around the town’s art galleries and antique shops, and then end the evening having dinner at one of the local restaurants.  Saturday will be the day we will get our tree, decorate the house, and end the day with me making appetizers and having who ever is home help me decorate the tree.  I love this particular Saturday of the year.  It really is when I get into the Christmas mood.

Sunday will be finishing up what ever did not get done and I need to cook and prepare many things for LL to take so he is not eating restaurant food for 5 days.

So now you are updated.  I know you were curious. 🙂 LOL

November sky

Wasn’t yesterday beautiful here in Oregon?  Dry, sunny, dry, cold and crisp, dry….. LOL!  I guess you can tell I do not like the rain.  It was beautiful though.  My day started out with a crisp, COLD, but dry walk up the abbey hill with my sister Kris. We missed our walks the last couple weeks, and boy, you could tell.  My legs were dragging before we were done.  We took a few minutes and stopped at the abbey coffee shop for our morning jo.

I then spent a few hours in Salem with Kris, Mom and David.  Picked up a couple Christmas gifts and had lunch with them.  It was a very nice way to spend the day.  I did not watch what I ate but for some reason, did not have “issues” like I would normally have.  Seems no way to make sense, and no way to predict.

Today, I will be working around here.  Bailey is moving back home today.  She and Kara’s roommate moved out and they decided to give up their house in Mt. Angel.  So I will probably help her set up her things.  She is taking the bedroom downstairs which she has never used before.  But I think she made a good choice.  Gives her more privacy and lets face it, I think both of us will do best with more space.  We get along really well but after living on her own for almost a year, our living together is bound to be different now.

Tonight I have my book club.  So looking forward to it.  It has been three or four weeks since I have been there.  One week it was on election night and so I skipped.  Kane and I have a tradition of watching election returns together.  The next week, I had “issues”.  And then last week, it was canceled all together.  So it will be fun catching up with the ladies.  I am going to try to not eat today because I sure would hate to miss it again because of my digestion.

It does appear to be another dry day today.  Although not as sunny, so I am hoping to take the dogs out for a good long walk.  Make that two.  I have to walk them separately, otherwise, the crossing leashes make the walk miserable.  Have a great Tuesday!

Update-Just got a call from Lynda, my book club hostess, and tonight has been canceled 😦  So I will just hope we all reconnect next week.  This changes my day a little.  Since I can eat, and since Bailey is moving back, I will figure out a nice lunch for us, and start a soup or something for dinner.  On book club nights, LL usually eats left overs or cereal. 😦  I know, I am a bad wife.  So since he is unexpectantly having to put up with me this evening, at least I should feed him. 🙂

Social Hours


Yesterday was a really nice day.  I am not the most social person in the world.  In my family, my extended and core, I am the least social person.  I would say even my son with Autism is more social than I am.  I have never been comfortable with small talk.  When going somewhere that I am unfamiliar, if LL is with me, I let him take the lead.  LL can visit with anyone about anything.  Once I get to know people well, I thoroughly enjoy visiting.  Enjoy social time.  But until then, I feel awkward and tongue-tied.  So having a day that was spent mostly visiting and enjoying it is a rarity.

I met up with two friends, Becky and Pam.  We’re old friends.  We know each other very well.  Through the years, we have raised our kids, prayed for each other’s kids and families, confided to each other and in tough times, they are two of the first I would call.  In fact, when I was diagnosed, they were two I called almost immediately because it was important that they did not hear the news some other way and I wanted their prayers and support.  We got together yesterday morning and caught up with each other and had a relaxing time.

I then went to lunch with my daughter Bailey.  We went to Leona’s in Mt. Angel and spent a couple of hours talking about her vacation and plans up ahead.  My Bailey is a daddy’s girl, but there is something special about a mother/daughter relationship when the relationship becomes an adult bond.

In the evening I went to my book club.  A few months back, I did not know any of these ladies.  One I knew a little, but except for me, the small group have been friends or family for years.  Not a situation I am normally comfortable in.  But these ladies are all friendly, kind and very different from one another.  It has been fun getting to know them.  I spent about three hours visiting, reading, dining, and just having a relaxing, unawkward evening.

I packed in one day, much more social time than I have had in years.  I guess I really am a hermit.

I did have some “issues” yesterday.  I was not as careful with what I ate for lunch as I had hoped.  So the afternoon was not fun.  Had a little problem at book club and I am writing this at 4:00 am.  I have been up for a couple of hours.  I think I got about three hours of sleep last night.  I guess calling it last night is not accurate, since technically, it still is night.  I hope to push through the day though.  At least this morning.  I really don’t want to skip my walk with Kris.  It is our time together.  Kind of our therapy time.  Good for our relationship, our bodies, and general well-being.  If I am really dragging, maybe we will skip going up the Abbey hill and just walk around town.

Beyond that, I will be kind to myself, get watering and “have to’s” done, but not worry about what else I might do today.  I hope you have a blessed day.

My Girl Returns

Good Morning!  I was hoping to post a couple of pictures from this weekend, but this post needs to be short, because I am a little short on time.

I am going to have coffee with a couple of friends later this morning.  Have not visited with them in a while.  Bailey and I are meeting for lunch after that.  I am excited to hear all about her trip.  She went to Hawaii last week and just got back last evening.  She went with my niece, Kara.

I am a little nervous eating lunch out.  Well, eating anything because I think my book club is meeting this evening.  I normally don’t eat during the day of the book club.  I would hate to not attend at the last-minute, but my girl and I rarely have an opportunity to do lunch and I can’t wait to hear all about the trip.

So I best get moving.  Need to water everything and do a few other things before I meet my friends.  Have a great day!

Just one of those days

Yesterday, David had surgery on his other hand.  Kris and I took him and everything went well.  Except that the doctor, when looking at the first hand he did surgery on 10 days ago, was not happy.  David is kind of hyper and did too much, too soon.  It didn’t help that Kris threw David under the bus and made David tell the doctor just how much he was doing.  Then the doctor looked at me like I had some responsibility to make David behave.  I straightened out the doctor and let him know that I absolutely take no responsibility for David’s actions and then I basically threw Mom under the bus. 🙂  But she was not there so I decided she was the safest choice.

Mom and I are picking berries and making jam today.  When gleaning the field after the picker has gone through, it takes longer than normal because you are picking the berries that the picker missed, which is usually at the bottom.  But I particularly feel sorry for Mom this morning, because of all her children, I am the second slowest picker.  Doug is even worse but I think that is because he always ate half what he picked.  I don’t eat them, I am just slow.

Before we go out and pick and then make jam, Mom and David are going to Wilco for the sale, and I will probably be there too.  It starts at 7:00 and you really have to be there then, because things run out quickly.  I need chicken feed and scratch.  I also need to run to the store to pick up sugar and MCP for the jam.   At some point this morning, I need to make a couple of burocrasy calls.  One for Kathy and one for Max.  I hope I don’t get the run around.

Here is the tricky part of my day.  My book club meets tonight.  We are starting  a new book and I don’t have it yet.  Was going to borrow it from someone, but I have not been able to get it from them and time has run out.  The library doesn’t open till 10:00 and I will be making jam at that point.  So when I am done, I will go to the library and hope they have it.  If they don’t, I will not have time to find it elsewhere.  I might need to download it on my eReader.  Really hate buying a book when I can borrow from someone or the library, but that’s what I might have to do.

Now, even though my day doesn’t look too bad, I have been up for two hours already and it is only 4:30 now.  So again, I will be dragging by this afternoon.  Sometimes I think I should just face that I am no longer much of a night sleeper and figure out away to darken the house and routinely take a nap around 2:00 every day.  Like that’s going to happen. 😦  Well I better get going.  I decided to fit in a walk this morning and even though it will still be dark at 5:00, I am thinking it will be my only chance.  Have a great day.


Photography! I really should study more often

Plans change.  This evening I would normally be at my book club, but Lynda is about to become a grandma, in fact she may be already.  So it has been cancelled or perhaps we will meet tomorrow night.  I’ll find out tomorrow.  So I had some free time and studied a bit on photography.  I decided to concentrate on reading about just one or two things, then practice it.  Too often I read too much and none of it seems to stick in my brain.  I am also a tactile person who learns and remembers best when actually doing the task.  So this evening I am learning about the aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode.  After soaking in as much info as I could, I decided to take advantage of the evening light and try out some settings and speeds.  I took about 50 photos but I will only pick a few.  Still, I might need to do it in two separate posts.

Color, Color, Color……Loves me some color!

Look how well you can see the girls individual feathers.  Boy, what an improvement.

Strike a pose Harriet.

With this picture, I worked in Photo shop elements to lighten up the back area of pool so you could see the fence, and brighten the pool itself.  Look how nice the border LL painted looks.  He did a great job.

Weighing in on Books. Sorta

So do I celebrate or keep things in perspective?  My weigh in last night was not bad.  Not bad because I spent the previous 24 hours running to the bathroom.  Oh well, I will take it.

Not sure what is up for today.  Actually, I am writing this on Monday night so the weather is a mystery and not sure how I will sleep.  But I will keep talking as if I am writing this on Tuesday morning.  Maybe  “TODAY” 😉 I will get a good long walk in since “yesterday” was a wash out because of “issues”.  Notice I am using a lot of quotation marks.  Don’t know “why”……Just feels “right”. 🙂

If I am up to it and my mom wants to, I really need to do a Costco run.  I usually go and do a big buy for summer stuff.  Hamburger patties, toilet paper, clothes soap, some condiments, etc.  I like to do this before the weather gets nice in case we have unexpected pool company.  That way if it is dinner time, I can throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill and feel like a decent hostess.

Tomorrow night, Oh, I mean “TONIGHT” is book club night.  I haven’t blogged about this.  A couple of weeks ago  I was invited to join a book club with a friend that works with LL,….HI Lynda.  A group of gals get together for a light supper and we read a book out loud together.  I am having a great time.  So that I can make it, I won’t be eating much through out the day.  The book?  Well I will blog about the book in a future post, but I will say I am surprised that I am enjoying the book choice so much.  I have a theory on that, but again, I will explain later.

So I am happy to say, this resistant hermit is getting out two evenings a week.  Improvement!  I can’t eat much on Monday (weight watchers meeting) and Tuesday (book club), but it is worth it.  I feel almost normal.  Almost.