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Bailey’s Wedding

Better late than never.  Over the next few weeks, I am going to post pictures of my daughter Bailey’s wedding.  I failed to do that at the time of her wedding.  In fact, I stopped blogging for a few months because I guess I went into heavy mourning.  When Michael died, it was 7 days before the wedding.  I had to set my anger and sadness aside to get my daughter prepared.  She was so close to Michael and did not care about her wedding that last week.  So I was determined to make it memorable for her.  So after the wedding, I allowed myself to fall apart and did not want to blog about things that seemed so unimportant while I was hurting.  But I did not want to not post about her wedding……and it was fabulous.  Here are a few pictures.  I will not post more consecutively.  I will just most more when the mood hits me.  I will start with my very favorite picture of the bride.

bailey, my favorite pictureShe was stunning

all flowersMy nieces did the flowers.  Oh my, they were beautiful.

bride and groom

 The Happy Couple.

rings This is the one picture Bailey wanted taken.  It is of her hand and ring along with mine and my mother’s.

ceremonyNot only did LL give the bride away, he also officiated.  He did a fabulous job.

weddingThe whole wedding party looked lovely.  And the setting of the ceremony could not have been more beautiful.

victoryThe groom feeling victorious.  They are really a wonderful couple.  I am so proud of both of them.  What a wonderful day it was.


Changing Gears and Changing Back

What a weekend.  Normally I can not departmental my mind.  But I was able on Friday, block a bit of my grief of losing Michael and go into wedding mode.  Set up and rehearsal went great.  The wedding, even though the weather was iffy, ended up just how Bailey wanted.  We had so many friends and family help us make it a wonderful day…..and it was.

The next day, we had many people help us clean the venue up, and then meet and my house for an opening the gifts party.  All went very well.  Bailey and Rett left for their honeymoon this morning.  LL and I planned to go camping for three days but frankly, we are too tired and have too many loose ends to tie up. I.E. Return rental items, return Ice chests and other items to family friends, go to the dump with all the garbage.

We got a little done today, but something more important came up……my daughter-in-law and grandson came and spent most the day with us.  Which was wonderful.  I have not spent much time lately with them.  Maybe if we get everything done tomorrow morning, we will take Max to the beach for one night.  I am hoping so.

I will have such lovely pictures to post soon of the wedding.  But for the next few days, I am changing modes and letting myself, LL too, do some crying and grieving over the loss of my sweet nephew Michael.  I think I am still in a bit of denial.

Kane and Lisa

kane and lisa wedding I was waiting to post about Kane and Lisa’s wedding when I had some pictures.  It might be awhile before rest of pictures come in.  They were married on June 23rd.  It was a great day.  The wedding ended up indoors but the weather held up enough that lots of pictures were taken outside.  Lisa looked lovely and my sweet Kane was a very happy groom.

I am so happy to have another daughter and a grandson….officially.  Although he has been a grandson in my heart for quite a while.

I am really struggling with blogging in any regularity right now.  For many reasons.  Getting ready for my daughter’s wedding……and bad issues. (going on two weeks straight!)  I will try to write one with more details of my health stuff, but I hope any regular readers will bear with me and know that in a little while…things will get “normal”.

Shower with Love

Good Monday Morning!

This weekend, Bailey and I hosted a bridal shower for Lisa, Kane’s fiance.  It was well attended, I think 22 or so people and I think everything went well.

Mother’s Day was nice although I did not spend it with my mom.  Well this week I hope to be over at her house quite a bit.  LL works his two jobs today so he will not get home till around 9:30 or so, and he will be out-of-town the rest of the week, till Friday.

I have a phone Doctor’s appointment first thing this morning. Tuesday evening is book club.  Thursday, Bailey and I are meeting my niece about the flowers for the wedding.  Friday, I will get ready to spend part of the weekend at our campsite.  The rest of the time this week will be working on my To Do: list and spending a little time with Mom.

I hope you had a nice weekend and have a blessed week.

The Computer…..AGAIN

Not sure if this will post.  Yes I have not been on for quite a few days.  Was very busy for a few, then my computer was acting up.  Then I gave my computer to Rett so he could fix it.  So a couple days ago, I got on Bailey’s computer to write on blog.  The thing is, my user name and password for my blog automatically comes up.  So it has taken Sme a couple days to figure out how to get on it using Bailey’s computer.  I am not fully confident as I am writing this, that it will post.  More likely, with my luck, it will post on someone else’s blog.

Silverton has been a freeze zone now for 5 days.  Very weird.  You go out of town, any direction and there is no snow and ice.  But for the four previous mornings we have had snow falling down, and it never warms up enough to fully thaw out.  It is beautiful.  I have taken pictures, but I do not want to load them on Bailey’s computer.  I want them on mine.  Rett says he thinks the problem is fixed and he will bring me my computer tonight.  Tonight, the caterer is coming over so we can decide on a menu for Bailey’s wedding.  So today I am working around here.  Staying warm.  Also, my book club book is getting really good so I hope to sit for a while and read it.

Have a great day.  Tomorrow I hope to write and post on my own computer.  But here it goes, I will publish and let me apologize a head of time in case this goes on someone elses blog. 🙂

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Happy Friday!

Boy, I have been busy.  Well busy for me.  Good things, not so good things.  I managed to go off on my poor nephew.  When he clearly didn’t deserve it.  Not so good thing.  I did apologize.  Good thing.  I had to go to my Uncle Carl’s funeral, not so good thing.  But I got to see other family I don’t often see.  Good thing.  I am not talented at planning events.  Not so good thing.  But after two weeks of Bailey’s engagement, we have picked a venue, I dropped off the deposit for it yesterday, we have a tentative caterer, the date has been set, and Bailey and I picked up a few things to try out for table decor and it looks like that might even work.  Oh and I went with Bailey for her to sign up for Bed, Bath and Beyond registry.  So for me, all this is very good.  Well at least very good for me.

Tomorrow, a few of us will be meeting at a bridal shop to watch Bailey try on dresses and for the bridesmaids to try on different styles of their dresses.  This should be fun.

Now this is not the only wedding for us.  Kane and Lisa’s wedding is even sooner.  Bailey is hoping to put on a bridal shower for Lisa, with my help.  We are needing to set the date for that, as Lisa has some family visiting this area from Missouri in March and she might like her mom to attend the shower.

As I said a couple of weeks earlier.  I am so scatterbrained and disorganized lately but I really don’t want to drop the ball for either one of these brides.  So far so good.


Day Planner

Feeling a bit more positive today after my memory meltdown yesterday. 🙂  As I said before, my focus and memory gets me down.  Probably more so than even my digestive issues.  But I am so excited about my kids lives.  Last year, there were five of us in our little family.  LL, the kids and I are very close.  But three additions with Lisa, Brantley and now Rett is very exciting for our family.  So next year there will officially be eight of us.

Bailey and I have a couple of ideas for venues for her wedding.  They can’t really set the date till they know where and what dates are available.  So I think Saturday morning, Bailey and I will be dragging Rett and LL to at least one of the places.  Bailey and I both agree that the venue is one decision both Rett and LL need to be in on.

Since this will be a big year with 2 weddings, I don’t want to flake out on any of the planning.  And this is a good time of year to buy a planner.  I used to have a nice large one that fit in my purse when I was working.  It had everything from calendar, phone numbers and addresses, business cards, a place for notes etc.  I have a household organizer, but I really need to have something that is small enough to fit in my purse, but large enough to hold everything.  Since I am cheap, umm, I mean frugal, I will see if I can find one of my old ones and buy new inserts like a calendar to put in.

Because of being a hermit and not having much of a social life, the things I forget are usually not that important, but that won’t do this year.  I do not want to drop the ball for Bailey or Kane.  Their nuptials are too important.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not good at wedding planning.  Not even my wedding.  I really had very little definite opinions for my own wedding.  So what ever the kids plan will pretty much be fine with me.  But if they need help with anything, I want their Mom to be dependable.

So wish me luck on this upcoming crazy year. 🙂


A few more

The whole wedding party looked beautiful.

So did this couple…..David and Sally

Rett, LL and Max looked very dapper.  I love men in ties.  I just don’t get to see THESE men in ties often.

A couple of cuties….Gaij and Kane.

The rest of the pictures will not show up, so I need to look back and figure out what setting I had on those pictures.  Something definitely wonky about it.

Let’s try just a couple pictures

As I said before, the Bride and groom were beautiful.

I was a wonderful wedding.  I had a lot of fun at the reception.  Danced a couple dances with my LL.  And before we left, he showed Bailey some of his stunning dance moves.  Well, he moved and Bailey was stunned.