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Take A Picture?

30We had a great time Sunday at the raffle and pizza afterwards.  This is my sister-in-law Jalen and my nieces Lisa and Renae.

31It was so dark in the restaurant that it was hard to take a decent picture.  And these two clowns don’t make it any easier.

002It was a relaxing day all around.

Today I got two things accomplished.  Reggie was groomed and while he was at the groomers, I mopped and polished the hardwood floors.


024Reggie too is hard to take a picture of because he does not stand still.  So this is the best I could do.







Reggie’s Christmas Hairdo

Reggie sure makes life interesting lately.  Yesterday, after taking care of the chickens, water and giving them kitchen scratch.  I came in the house and noticed Reggie did not come in with me.  So I opened the door and called for him.  Called again.  O.k.  He was not coming in.  So I walk out back and noticed he was inside the fenced chicken coop eating the scraps.  Well you can imagine the words I used.  Especially after seeing the chickens huddled in the corner with fear.  How did he get in?  I looked around and low and behold…….a perfect hole made in the chicken wire.  Reggie eats everything.  My christmas tree is decorated now only half way up because he grabs the balls and ornaments, yanks, yanks again until he gets it off and runs around chewing it and teasing me. 😦  He will eat pens, Brantley’s toys, my diapers from the garbage, 😦 anything that should be inedible.  So I am sure he has worked for weeks on the chicken wire.  Kind of reminds me of Shawshank Redemption.  If you don’t know what I mean.  See the movie.  The man planned his escape for years.  So here is my sweet, scrappy, mischievous little scamp’s before and after picture.


Took this through the french door window waiting for him to come inside.  Because getting him to hold still is next to impossible.


Rufus again looked on with sympathy.

60But he did end up smiling for me like beau used to. 😦  🙂

Scampy Dennis the Menace

The Scamp was at it again.  Remember on Thursday I was making a turkey.  Well in the middle of carving it, messy and time-consuming job, Bailey let Reggie in from the back yard.  She starts laughing loudly.  I look over and find a little muddy fur ball.  IDSC_0010I still don’t know what he got into.  But his head was black, his chest and legs were black, and even though he had a guilty look in his eyes, he was an awfully happy boy.  It smelled a little ashy so I am thinking LL put ashes from the fireplace on the compost and Reggie had a great time digging into it.

Well I did not want him running around getting everything filthy.  So I left the turkey and got the last laugh.  I punished Bailey for her lack of sympathy for me and made her help bathe him.  Reggie really should have been named Scampy or Dennis….after Dennis the Menace.

What A Scamp

Well good morning.  Boy am I ever dragging here.  As you know, there are some nights, I am up with “issues”.  But lately, there is another reason for my lack of sleep.  REGGIE!!  This little scamp thinks night-time is a time for playing.  I should put him in his crate at night and if he starts whining or barking, put the crate in the garage.  I should……but I just can’t seem to do it.  I guess I will start doing that if I have done everything else to get him tired, but I really need to take him out for several walks a day.  It would be good for him and me.  So today, I am going to add an additional walk with him later in the afternoon.  I will see if that helps.

This week, I took a huge turkey out of my freezer.  I need the room as I start going into Christmas baking season.  I am hoping it has thawed enough to cook it today.  I don’t plan on stuffing it, so the cook time should not be too bad although it is over 20lbs.  This is not the best time to be making turkey, when there are family get-togethers that will have turkey.  But I will just cut it up and freeze the meat in my refrigerator/freezer for future sandwiches and meals.

Looks like Kane has a job.  Whoo hoo!  It is a mixed blessing which I will explain in a future post, but I am happy for him.

Today, the weather is a bit blustery.  I was hoping to go to Oregon Gardens but not sure if I will do that.  Although, that would be a perfect place to take Reggie for one of his walks.  🙂

I am having a hard time keeping my spirits up and not getting too depressed.  On the Miller side, we keep getting rough news about loved ones.  Not ready to share but I would ask you for prayers for two of my brothers-in-law.  (For their health)  Have a blessed day.

Confused or Brilliant

Bailey took this picture of Reggie the other night.  She said he must be confused.  I think he is very smart.  He knows where his bed is but also knows when he goes in……he often gets locked up.

Bailey also took this photo of Yoda and I several days ago.

Had a chance to get a couple of kittens yesterday at my aunt’s house.  I resisted.

Today, so far so good with my digestion.  So I am going to rush around and get as much done as I can here before I get too hungry and eat.  Because then all bets are off on getting anything done afterward.  Although I have no where I need to go today, if my body lets me and only after I get the bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen cleaned.  Along with mopping all the floors, I hope to take Reggie and camera for a walk.  It is sunny at the moment and the weather looks like rain for the next week.  Got to enjoy a sunny fall day anytime you can.

Ahhh much better

This is Brantley, Reggie and I last week.  Brantley and Reggie seemed to get along well, except Reggie kept trying to steal Brantley’s toys.

I need to go to Salem to pick LL up at work this afternoon.  I hope to stop by Kane and Lisa’s before.  If I go too many days without seeing Brantley, he changes so much and is doing something new.  What a sweetie he is.

Today was Reggie’s first visit to Rover’s Makeover.  The first two pictures are ones that Vicky took for a before and after. 🙂

Pretty scruffy looking

Ta Da!  He is so clean and soft.

When I got home, I took some pictures.  But the only way I find I can get one of Reggie, is to tether him. 😦

Oh my gosh, isn’t he cute?!

Even Rufus was excited to see Reggie in his new hair do.  They actually ran around and wrestled like Rufus used to do with Beau.  Then Rufus just looked at Reggie with what I can only describe as a combo of envy and sympathy.




Reggie Update

LL and I took Rufus and Reggie to the park the other day.  As you know, Rufus is a handsome fellow, but Reggie is a cute little guy too.  Although, I can’t wait till his hair grows a bit around his eyes and the rest of him gets trimmed.  Vicky the groomer will be taking care of that on Wednesday.

I am not sure what they were looking out for, but what ever it was, LL and Reggie would see it coming and going. 🙂

Things are going well with Reggie.  He does indeed seem to be house broken.  But I am taking him out often cuz I just am not totally sure how he would do for a long period of time.  I have been putting him in the kennel when I am gone longer than a few minutes.

He seems to be a smart boy.  The shelter said he was.  His breed is known to be one of the smartest.  I have seen signs of his brilliance…..but either he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, or I need to have his eye sight checked when I take him to the Vet in a couple of weeks.  Why?

Well it all started last weekend when he walked into the pool after we put the tarp on.  Rufus and Beau both did this once.  So I cleaned him up thinking, “well that’s a lesson learned, bet he won’t do that again”.  Then on Monday, while on the remote landline phone with Silverton Hospital, trying to straighten out Max’s ER bill.  And simultaneously on my cell phone with LL, Reggie wanted out to go to the bathroom.  So I let him out while on the phones, walk out a little behind him, and to my horror, he walks right into the pool without hesitation.  Before I could explain to the lady from the hospital and LL on the cell that I had to go because my Brilliant Pup is drowning…..Reggie rescued himself and climbed out of the pool.  He was really shaken up.

He hasn’t done it a third time yet.  But I wouldn’t put it past him. 🙂  LOL!  Besides his obvious issue with the pool, he is doing great.  He loves walks, loves to play with toys and teases and dares people to take the toys away from him because he likes the tug of war.  He also loves to snuggle.  He becomes a rag doll.  Where ever he lands on you, that is where he stays….dead weight.  Reggie seems to really like LL too and I think the feeling is mutual.

I try not to compare him to Beau.  Beau was so spectacular that it would not be fair.  But Reggie’s personality is so different from Beau’s that it is easy not to compare.  But there is one thing I can honestly say Reggie comes up way short when compared to Beau.  When I would get my camera out, Beau would strike a pose.  He loved getting his picture taken.  Reggie is so darn inquisitive, that when I get the camera out, he comes running up and wants to see it, lick it, and figure out if it is some toy he can play with.  Photographing him will be a challenge.

Speaking of photography.  Reggie and I went for a walk yesterday, hard to find pretty landscapes and other things to shoot.  Everything is so dry.  I did find a couple of porches with pumpkins and other Halloween decorations, but the lighting was not good.  We went in the afternoon.  So this morning, after I get a little bit done here, Reggie and I will go for another walk and see if I can get a few decent pictures.

Splish Splash…..Mish Mash

Mish Mash?…….Because this is likely to be a post about nothing and anything.  It is 3:30 Sunday morning.  This last week, I have enjoyed much relief from my “issues”.  Which coming off of a week of vacation eating, I was surprised and relieved.  But last evening and through the night, it has been brutal.  I haven’t over eaten, because I put on a few pounds from Oktoberfest and vacation.  So I am back on counting my points for Weight Watchers.  But what I have eaten might be another story.  Friday, I made my spaghetti because I had a jar left over from canning that I did not process.  It was delicious.  I guess I did eat a large serving because I had not eaten since lunch the day before, and I had a sliver of garlic bread.  So I glutened myself.  But usually “issues” show up right away when it is gluten, and I had no problem that night or yesterday during the day.  I then went almost all day without eating again.  But I made a crock pot full of sweet and sour pork ribs, acorn squash, baked potato and green salad.  Sounds yummy doesn’t it?  It was!  I made sure I did not over eat and there was definitely no gluten in the meal.  But YIKES!  What a horrible evening and night. 😦  So bad, I had to take the pain medicine that starts with a P.  Remember, I don’t write the actual P. word down because it brings on spam comments, and nasty comments from people who seem to think if a person occasionally takes a strong pain medicine,……they must have a problem.

Speaking of P. word.  Here’s another for you.  You know the P. word that refers to a male part.  Well I may be adopting another animal next week that has a head that looks like an eight year old boy’s P. word.  😀  Rett’s brother and sister-in-law are looking for a home for Yoda, their tortoise.  I have met Yoda and as far as tortoises go, he is a handsome little fellow.  I am sure adding this guy to our household will bring on many more blog posts because this truly is a nut house.  Which brings me to……

Splish Splash?…….Yesterday, after I blogged, I went out and cleaned the chicken coop.  While out there, Bailey was on her lunch for work and was talking to me in the back yard.  LL came out and asked me to help him cover the pool for winter.  Now Reggie was out there with us.  He had walked around the pool probably a dozen times this first day that we’ve had him.  But not 2 minutes after we covered the pool with the blue tarp,…..yep, he stepped right on top of the tarp and went in the pool.  I started freaking out, and Bailey quickly grabbed him, but his surgical incision got wet with the green pool water so I quickly cleaned him and put antibiotic spray on his incision.  Not 15 minutes later, while LL is gone to the store, Bailey yells.  I come running.  I had let the girls out to free range while cleaning their coop, and Harriet stepped right onto the tarp and into the pool.  Now you might remember that I lost Alice by drowning in the pool, but Harriet and the others have lived here for 3 years, walking around the pool, tarp on and off.  Never a problem.  So while Bailey is trying to grab Harriet and Harriet is freaking out and not cooperating, I get the pool skimmer and get under her butt and literally throw her out of the pool.  What the @#$% is going on at this crazy house.  Drowning Dogs and Hens!

After such a weird day yesterday with the animals and my trying to keep Max down so his hand can heal, I am hoping for a more “normal” day.  What ever the heck that means in Konnie’s world.  There is only one plan for the day today.  Bailey wants to take LL and I out for breakfast.  Our Anniversary is coming up and she wants to treat us.  Max will probably go to.  She wants to take us to Leona’s, or is it Lenora’s.  Oh I can never remember.  It is a restaurant in Mt. Angel.  The owner is a friend of Bailey and Rett.  I have eaten there before, but LL has not and Bailey wants her dad to try the food there.  The owner is a wonderful baker (has gluten-free choices)  and she makes great cinnamon rolls, so I think Max will enjoy it too.

Well I did say this post would be rambling about nothing and everything.  Between the pain pill that I took hours ago and only a couple of hours sleep, I am pretty nauseous.  I sure wish I could go back to sleep, but as you already know about me, once I am up, I am up for the day.  Oh well, have a blessed Sunday and try not to make your day as “interesting” as my days seem to turn out lately. 🙂

Why do I ever plan my weekends?

This is Reggie and I last night before things went south.  No, Reggie was fine.  In fact, things are going great.  But around 11:30 last night, while Max was at his house working on one of his creations, he cut himself really bad.  He wrapped it, called and his dad went running to his house and took him immediately to the E.R.  Lots of blood because it went into an artery.  They finally got the bleeding to stop.  Stitched him up, gave him shots and pain medicine.  He has to stay inactive for a few days because of the artery being cut, and he needs to keep his hand elevated.  Oh boy, that will be a trick.  An inactive Max does not happen.

I am starting to think that I should never blog about weekend plans……they never turn out.  So we did not go to campsite to close it.  I canceled Max’s staff for the day and call his work to say he will not be there till Tuesday.

As you can see, Reggie looks miserable with the dang cone on his head.  He is very scruffy looking.  After his surgery area heals and some hair on face and hind end grows out in a couple of weeks, I will take him to Beau’s groomer Vicky and have her work her magic on him.  He will be so cute.  He actually is happier than he looks in this picture.  He is figuring out how to play with his toys while the cone is on.  It is supposed to stay on for 3 to 5 days.  Tomorrow is the third day, so if LL and I think he is healing well, I will remove it.  Then more pictures.

So the rest of the weekend, I will be on Max and Reggie patrol.  Making sure they are both behaving.  I think Reggie will be the easier of the two.  I bought pine shavings today and will go out and completely clean out coop and replace bedding so that it will be easy cleaning for the winter.  Besides that, that is all that is planned for the weekend.  But you never know what will happen, the way my weekends never seem to go as planned.