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The taste of summer.


Just The Thought


My girls are doing well.  Egg production is in full swing.  I made two breakfast casseroles for dinner last night. One for us and one for my brother.  So I used over a dozen eggs.

I need to get moving this morning if there is any hope of getting something done.  I did not get last night’s dishes done because of “issues”.  I am leaving before 10:00 this morning to have scans done. I have had this done so many times, I have lost count. But I hate it.  Just the thought of drinking tons of thick chalky barium again turns my stomach.  Then, at least one, possibly two days of issues………well, I have my diapers, ointment, a couple books to read, a couple shows to watch on t.v..  At least it is rainy today so I am not missing a beautiful day.  Bailey is driving me this morning.  It takes about 35 minutes to get home after scans and that drive can be dramatic…….for me and for Bailey. Lol. Actually, traumatic is more accurate. ūüė¶

Beautiful day

This year is becoming expensive.  We have had to replace our refrigerator, our lawn mower, and it looks like we need a new computer. My son in law is looking at it. If it can’t be fixed, maybe he will at least get the pictures and documents off it. We really need to do a better job backing up our files.  So I have not blogged for awhile.  I am writing this on my kindle right now and will attempt blogging from my phone too.

Here in Oregon, we have had fabulous weather the last few days.  This weekend, we moved my old chicken coop over to Kane’s and Lisa’s. Yesterday, we went to aunt Leone’s to pick up the hens.  LL also made a nice gravel path so when the rain returns, I don’t need to wear rubber boots when walking out to our coop.

This week, I seem to have something most days. I am going to have to not eat for the first half of each day. Today, I am picking my mom up and going to Salem to visit Kathy. Tomorrow, I have an appointment for Max. Wednesday, I am having scans done. Thursday, if I am not having bad issues from drinking barium the day before, I am clothes shopping with Bailey. She got a new job. Her current job requires her to wear scrubs all the time, so she is needing a lot of regular clothes. Friday is my regular woodburn routine with mom.

Well that’s the lay out of my week. I do plan on spending time outside this afternoon. I am sure this beautiful weather will be gone soon.

Feel Lousy, but it’s worth it….

Well it is my own darn fault. ¬†Tuesday evening I knew I was coming down with a cold. ¬†Wednesday, I woke up with a very painful sore throat. ¬†Today, my throat feels better but the rest of the cold is worse. ¬†Almost 10:00 and I am still in my jammies. ¬†But I knew it was going to happen. ¬†I babysat my two grandboys Sunday. ¬†They were both recovering from bad colds. ¬†But I could not resist getting and giving kisses to both Brantley and Matthias.Really, how can a grandma resist kissing these cheeks and dimples. LOL ¬†ūüôāmatthias 2 months


Moving Day For the Kane Miller Family

Busy day for us. But a good day. ¬†Our day started out about 8:00 this morning, moving the first load of trucks filled with Kane and Lisa’s furniture and boxes.

Kane's moving dayLL and Jason, Lisa’s dad, along with Cody, Lisa’s brother and Vern, Lisa’s grand father. ¬†Four pick-ups, two trips. ¬†But as usual, the weather men were totally wrong about today’s weather. ¬†Oh the trials of living in Oregon. LOL

Kane's front yardKane and Lisa’s place is really awesome no matter which way you look. ¬†On a clear day, you can see four mountains. ¬†We are told that on the fourth of July, from their side yard you can watch the fireworks from Mt. Angel, Woodburn and St. Paul….all at the same time.

Brantley’s birthday is tomorrow, but because today was a special day for him and we had to keep him occupied, LL and I gave him his gift a day early. ¬†A trike. This is LL, my niece Kara and Brantley.

TrikeAll these pictures were taken by Brantley’s other grandma Brenda.

Tomorrow, LL, Max, Kris, Steve, and I have to make a trip up to Portland to pick up a few things at my Uncle Marcel’s house, then we are headed to my sweet grandboy’s birthday party in Salem at a pizza parlour.

LL’s Birthday

Today is LL’s birthday. ¬†He is 52 years old. ¬†We have plans to take Max along with a few others to the casino later this afternoon and evening. ¬†That is the plan, but we are staying flexible. ¬†Right now, to be honest, I am struggling with my faith. ¬†Too much hurt and unfairness going on and hitting too close to home. ¬†Because I am struggling, in the past, I would almost divorce myself from God when feeling like He has left me. ¬†Because it is lent, I am going to try something different and hope it helps. ¬†Instead of giving up something for lent, I guess in my time of confusion, I am going to seek, even stalk God. ¬†Go to Mass when ever I can, even during the week. ¬†I have decided to get better on my daily devotionals. ¬†I pray every morning but don’t always open my bible. ¬†So I back to reading scriptures. ¬†I decided to start with Jesus’s words. ¬†I have been reading and digesting Matthew 25. ¬†Running from God when I am angry at him has not helped me at all……Maybe being like a little child, hounding him for answers is what I need to do. ¬†I may not get answers, but maybe I will get some comfort.

Nice Visit, Big Issue

Glad to have a day home today. ¬†My house looks like a bomb went off. ¬†In each and every room. ¬†Mounds of laundry to fold, some to wash. ¬†Kitchen that really needs a scrubbing, and I don’t even want to describe my bathrooms. ¬†Rufus hair accumulating in the corners. So today is house cleaning day. ¬†But this evening should be fun. ¬†Max and I will head over to moms to rent a movie she and I both have been wanting to see…..Nebraska. ¬†LL is out-of-town for three days. ¬†When he is out-of-town, I usually spend one long day cleaning so I don’t feel guilty being lazy, reading, watching shows LL doesn’t like, and eating food that he wont touch. ¬†Like sushi.

Yesterday was a long day for Mom and I. ¬†I picked her up about 9:00. ¬†We went to Portland to visit my Uncle Marcel who has been convalescing in a rehab facility. ¬†Unfortunately I did not call before and when we arrived, he was at a doctor appointment. ¬†So we went to a diner next door and ate breakfast. ¬†BIG MISTAKE! I will tell you why in a minute. ¬†Anyway, my uncle returned at about 11:45 and we had a nice visit with him. ¬†We brought his dog for the visit. (Toby is staying at my mom’s). ¬†So I think our visit brightened his day. ¬†But remember I ate breakfast. ¬†WHAT WAS I THINKING! I guess I wasn’t thinking. ¬†All the way home I was in distress with impending “issues”. ¬†Even stopped at a Starbucks to use the restroom and put on a diaper. ¬†Well I got as far as Marcum and……lets just say it wasn’t pretty. While we were contained in the car, my mom took my accident in stride, but poor Toby, he may be scarred for life and perhaps he will never look at me so adoring in the future. LOL

Oh well, lesson learned. Never eat at a diner when I am over an hour away from home. ūüė¶


Trying out my blog app on my new phone. I visited my sister Kathy today. She looked good and was in a great mood.


Keep the Home Fire Burning

Holding vigil at home right now. ¬†Yesterday, LL finally got home from Roseburg just long enough to pick me up and go to Portland. ¬†We went to Oregon Health Science University. ¬†We spent the evening with LL’s brother Monte and his family. ¬†It had become clear to us that his time here on earth is nearly finished. ¬†Before we left, we prayed and before I left the room, I went back one more time to just hold his hand for a few seconds. ¬†Had a feeling it might be my last moment with him and it probably will be.

After a long day today trying to get him transported home, finally we switched ambulance providers and with the help of my brother David, Monte made it home.  He wants to be home.  He wants to be surrounded by his things, his family and not in a sterile hospital room.

LL is there with him tonight. ¬†Not sure for how long. ¬†LL is very sensitive in only wanting to be there if he can be comfort for Monte, Monte’s wife, and Monte’s kids.

So I am going to stay up as long as it takes.  Until LL comes home.  He might be home soon or he might not be home at all tonight.  Whatever it takes.  I just want to be awake in case he texts, calls, or gets home.  I love my brother-in-law and his family.  There is nothing I can do for them tonight. But I can be awake and ready for LL.

Hug your family often…..all the time. ¬†Tell them you love them. ¬†Makes all the difference.

If yesterday was the longest day of my life, today is bound to be the second longest. ¬†I did not get much sleep, maybe three hours total. ¬†I don’t think I have cried this much in all my life. ¬†So I have a grand daddy of a head ache and my eyes are swollen.

No plans today. ¬†Just going to get ready, stop and pickup some donuts and head to my mom’s. ¬†Just going to go through all the motions.