A Lovely Woman

Brrr….I am cold today.  Even turned on the gas fire-place to take the chill off the upstairs of house.  This morning, I picked my mom up at the hair salon and we did our shopping.  Fajitas are on the menu for dinner tonight so I can use up the left over steak I grilled a couple of days ago.

Two days ago, I Facebooked about my mother in law who would have been 80 years old on June 11th.  Here is what I wrote…..

“I knew a woman who raised five very mischievous sons. She was widowed at 39. Her home was never clean because it was a revolving door. but she did not care. Her home was always open to whoever stopped by. Open to families, teens, or anyone that needed a home for a few weeks and sometimes a year or two. She never had much money but always had enough food to feed who ever was around. She then became a house mom at OSU. so she had many more sons. She was also a wonderful grandma to many but especially my three kids. She would be 80 today. My mother in law….. Joan Miller. She was one of a kind.”

It was nice to hear from others who knew and loved her as well.  I do miss her so much….along with my dad.  I can still hear both of their voices.  Still see their faces.  My daughter, Bailey has my mother in law, Joan’s beautiful lips.  Bailey is a beautiful girl, but her lips are perfect like her grandmother’s.

Back to my face book post.  I am not a very social person.  Even before becoming a resistant hermit, I was never a social butterfly.  But I do get lonely.  I also have this big beautiful house.  Sure would like to sell it, but LL and I take it year to year to decided if it is really time.  Anyway, even though being a great hostess does not come naturally to me, I want to be more like my beloved mother in law, Joan.  I need to put aside my pride about what my house looks like on any given day.  I need to make sure I have plenty of food, ice, toilet paper, etc.  And really make my home available to all my family and friends to come and swim and stay as long as they like.  I have already let it be known to my Miller family to come anytime this summer to swim and to use the barbecue.

Joan was a remarkable woman who when alive, I did not appreciate enough.  We loved each other.  The last few years of her life, she lived with us and I think I took good care of her.  But I did not fully appreciate the gifts she brought into the world.  She was an exceptional, no judging, everyone is family kind of person…. lovely lady.


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  1. I love a woman who loves her husbands mother. I sure loved mine! Beautifully said.

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