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Lady Lilac

Upon a Lilac Sea
To toss incessantly
His Plush Alarm
Who fleeing from the Spring
The Spring avenging fling
To Dooms of Balm………Emily Dickinson

47I am so blessed.  I have three huge lilac bushes.  Or I should say trees because they are that big.  This is the one by Max’s house.  I say blessed because lilacs are my favorite flowers.

52This is another light purple tree and white tree that grow along our drive way.

49In the movie You’ve Got Mail, Meg Ryan calls Daisies the most friendly flower.  I think she is right.  I love daisies and they will always put a smile on my face.

48I also love roses.  I think roses can be described as lovely and romantic.

51So if Daisies are friendly and make me happy and  Roses are lovely and makes me think of old-fashion romance….

54What is the best description for Lilacs?

53Fragrant…..Love the smell.  Fleeting…..Only last a couple of weeks or so.  (Reggie in the background is not impressed.)

56I am sure you could come up with perfect descriptions for my favorite flower.

But the best I can come up with is Feminine.  It’s a lady’s flower.  At least that’s what I think.  Love my Lilacs.











Astoria Bridge

LL and I were watching the local news during our coffee time this morning.  A featured segment was in Astoria.  Specifically at a Hotel that LL and I stayed at a few months ago.  This was when my computer was acting up and I did not download pictures for weeks.
092So I never posted any pictures and the view from our hotel room was so spectacular, it would be a shame not to show you at least a couple of shots.

094The hotel sits on a pier.  So if you have a ground level room, (which we did) the balcony is literally barely over the water. And the view of the world-famous Astoria Bridge I think could rival what I imagine the Eiffel Tower experience to be like. I know, Paris would be a lovely place to go, but COME ON!  Look at the view.

101I do love Astoria.  Over the last two or three years, LL and I have chosen to go there when we want to go to the coast.  Over the last few years, I have got to know the town pretty well and I must say, if I had to move from my beloved Silverton, I could easily live in Astoria.  But they do get even more rain than Silverton.  This was the first time we stayed at this hotel.  So on this trip, I barely left the hotel room, (actually barely left the balcony), because the view was so beautiful.

134I did leave the room long enough to take the camera out to take a few pictures from the pier at a different angle.

LL and I are planning on spending a couple of days very soon in Astoria.  I am not sure if we will stay at the same hotel.  Kind of spendy but worth if for special occasions.

One Lovely Walk

One bloom holding on….

One shriveled berry….

One nestled rock….

One of glowing color…..

One amazing walk….

One relaxing day….

Well it was a relaxing walk for a relaxing hour, ending with a relaxing cup of joe, in front of the coffee shop in our beautiful little town.  But the rest of the day was anything but relaxing.  LL was on the roof taking care of moss, fixing a faucet in Max’s house, fixing a faucet in my kitchen, unclogging the laundry room sink, raking leaves, delivering a couch to Kane, etc.  I on the other hand, stayed inside except for the walk.  Got a lot done too.

Today’s Thankfulness day 5-Another dry day here in Oregon.  I posted that earlier on Facebook, but sheesh, the weather looks like it is changing.  May have to pick something else out. 😦

Reggie Update

LL and I took Rufus and Reggie to the park the other day.  As you know, Rufus is a handsome fellow, but Reggie is a cute little guy too.  Although, I can’t wait till his hair grows a bit around his eyes and the rest of him gets trimmed.  Vicky the groomer will be taking care of that on Wednesday.

I am not sure what they were looking out for, but what ever it was, LL and Reggie would see it coming and going. 🙂

Things are going well with Reggie.  He does indeed seem to be house broken.  But I am taking him out often cuz I just am not totally sure how he would do for a long period of time.  I have been putting him in the kennel when I am gone longer than a few minutes.

He seems to be a smart boy.  The shelter said he was.  His breed is known to be one of the smartest.  I have seen signs of his brilliance…..but either he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, or I need to have his eye sight checked when I take him to the Vet in a couple of weeks.  Why?

Well it all started last weekend when he walked into the pool after we put the tarp on.  Rufus and Beau both did this once.  So I cleaned him up thinking, “well that’s a lesson learned, bet he won’t do that again”.  Then on Monday, while on the remote landline phone with Silverton Hospital, trying to straighten out Max’s ER bill.  And simultaneously on my cell phone with LL, Reggie wanted out to go to the bathroom.  So I let him out while on the phones, walk out a little behind him, and to my horror, he walks right into the pool without hesitation.  Before I could explain to the lady from the hospital and LL on the cell that I had to go because my Brilliant Pup is drowning…..Reggie rescued himself and climbed out of the pool.  He was really shaken up.

He hasn’t done it a third time yet.  But I wouldn’t put it past him. 🙂  LOL!  Besides his obvious issue with the pool, he is doing great.  He loves walks, loves to play with toys and teases and dares people to take the toys away from him because he likes the tug of war.  He also loves to snuggle.  He becomes a rag doll.  Where ever he lands on you, that is where he stays….dead weight.  Reggie seems to really like LL too and I think the feeling is mutual.

I try not to compare him to Beau.  Beau was so spectacular that it would not be fair.  But Reggie’s personality is so different from Beau’s that it is easy not to compare.  But there is one thing I can honestly say Reggie comes up way short when compared to Beau.  When I would get my camera out, Beau would strike a pose.  He loved getting his picture taken.  Reggie is so darn inquisitive, that when I get the camera out, he comes running up and wants to see it, lick it, and figure out if it is some toy he can play with.  Photographing him will be a challenge.

Speaking of photography.  Reggie and I went for a walk yesterday, hard to find pretty landscapes and other things to shoot.  Everything is so dry.  I did find a couple of porches with pumpkins and other Halloween decorations, but the lighting was not good.  We went in the afternoon.  So this morning, after I get a little bit done here, Reggie and I will go for another walk and see if I can get a few decent pictures.

A walk a day keeps Konnie happy!

Boy, a good walk with my sis, Kris, does the heart good.  Yesterday, I was feeling lower than low.  I could not shake the doom and gloom mood all day.  I did go to my book club last night and had a great time as usual, but that was the only reprieve I had in my sadness.  Feeling more myself now.  I met Kris at her house before 8:00 this morning and we went for our long walk up the Abbey hill, walked our laps around the courtyard, went down the hill and back up it again.  Quite the workout.  Then stopped at the Abbey coffee shop and had our morning joe.  Then, just to make it more spectacular, as we started heading down the hill again, we saw 4 dear, one a fawn.  We stood there and just enjoyed them for a moment.

So my heart is feeling better.  I bought a couple of cards to send to my cousins to let them know I am praying and to extend an offer of help in any way I can.  So I will send them off today, work around here, take Reggie for a long walk with my camera, because I think our dry days are numbered.  This evening is the only evening that LL and I have together during the week, so I need to go get a few things at the grocery store and make a nice dinner for tonight.  I have no idea what I will be making.  But it will bound to be a “fall” meal.  I love food during the fall.  Root vegetables, squash, soups, meat loaf, etc.  I think I will just go look around the store and see what is on sale and decide what to make then.  Oh, and I can’t forget the coffee.  Oh man, this morning I realized I forgot to buy coffee yesterday and we are totally out.  You don’t want to be around me when I am out of coffee.  I quickly ran to convenience store this morning and bought a cup.  Lucky for Kris because our walk this morning would not have been quite so cheery.

As I said before, I am hoping to go for a picture-taking walk today.  This time of year, leaves turning, the lighting, porches decorated with pumpkins, etc.  My favorite time for walks and pictures.  So if any are interesting, I will post some.

Center Stage

When researching sites on food photography and reading food blogs that explain their method, I have come to the conclusion that one of the most difficult types of photos to shoot is food.  I read many food blogs.  The food looks so good and the photos are beautiful.  And there are some things I have discovered in my research.  You need lots of props, understand lighting, understand settings, usually use a tripod, and lots of trial and error.  And some people use a lens that I don’t have and probably never have.  With that said, this post is not so much about the food, but about the photos.  O.K. it is about the food too.  Please take note that my pictures are still nothing to write home about.  I feel I have a bit of natural talent and understanding when it comes to capturing nature, flowers, animals.  Portraits, I need a lot of work but I might someday figure it out.  But food photography, well my best effort is pretty sad.  But this blog has never been about photography or cooking.  I attempt photography.  I attempt cooking.  But I am not proficient in either.  This blog has always been about my journey, creativity, loneliness, healthiness, quirkiness, and day-to-day successes and more often…..mishaps.  So here is my photos of tonight’s meal.

I am not going to give you the exact recipe.  If you want it, click on the link of Stage Right post up above, or go to my Pinterest site that I explain in that same post.  I did use 4 oz of goat cheese instead of 3 1/2 oz’s and 9 olives instead of 8.  Why?  Just because I had them and I could.

This picture actually turned out pretty good except for the shadow on the left.

I want you to see how nice the one zucchini on the right looks……pay no attention to the mushy looking ones, not to mention the two that fell between the grill and fell to the bottom. 😦

Although this picture is not as sharp as I would like, I kind of like it anyway.  The roll ups that started out with nicely grilled zucchini were tasty.  The other ones were just O.K.  It might have help if I would have sliced the zucchini more evenly.  They would have cooked up better.

Here is LL’s plate with the roll ups and gluten-free pasta alfredo.

I think the roll-ups were good.  LL did not complain and it was nice to have a change.  If I make it again, I would use the same ingredients, and the same amounts but #1. take more care into slicing the zukes evenly, and #2. Put very finely chopped onions in.  Just a couple of tablespoons for the whole batch.

More Photos

Peek-a-boo!  Like the girls feathers from the previous post, look a how much more detail I am getting.  Look close and you can see a bit of web.  I was not focused on it so I am surprised it showed up.

I love the different colors of the different stages of the berries.

I see improvement.  Imagine how much I would improve it I would study and practice more.  I sure enjoy it.  Photography is probably my favorite hobby.  Let me know what you think.

Photography! I really should study more often

Plans change.  This evening I would normally be at my book club, but Lynda is about to become a grandma, in fact she may be already.  So it has been cancelled or perhaps we will meet tomorrow night.  I’ll find out tomorrow.  So I had some free time and studied a bit on photography.  I decided to concentrate on reading about just one or two things, then practice it.  Too often I read too much and none of it seems to stick in my brain.  I am also a tactile person who learns and remembers best when actually doing the task.  So this evening I am learning about the aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode.  After soaking in as much info as I could, I decided to take advantage of the evening light and try out some settings and speeds.  I took about 50 photos but I will only pick a few.  Still, I might need to do it in two separate posts.

Color, Color, Color……Loves me some color!

Look how well you can see the girls individual feathers.  Boy, what an improvement.

Strike a pose Harriet.

With this picture, I worked in Photo shop elements to lighten up the back area of pool so you could see the fence, and brighten the pool itself.  Look how nice the border LL painted looks.  He did a great job.

If I were a Poet………

I so wish I were a poet.  I think I may have a poet’s heart, but the words, flow, and…..let’s face it, even spelling and grammar escapes me.

If I were a poet, I would tell you about the beauty of the promise of a bloom.  Like youth, the beauty shows hints of what is to come.

If I were a poet, I would compare the beauty of a berry, ripening in the sun, to a young woman, developing in her beauty and sweetening with age.

If I were a poet, I would compare a tired young mother, who can lose herself for a few years in the busyness and stress of raising her children… the crowd of foliage, if you blink, you will miss it.  The tiny wildflower just begging to be noticed.

If I was a poet, I would compare a landscape to a middle-aged woman, looking back at her life thus far.  The shadows, the stones, the rapids, all intertwined together to form its own sort of beauty.

If I were a poet, I would compare a withering flower to growing old.  Looks weathered and tired but has its own unique beauty that can not be ignored.  Look close inside that old woman, you will see a loveliness that the young bloom of a girl could not possess.  Look even closer and you will see drops of rain, like life, still nourishing, still full of promise.

If I were a poet, I would be able to explain to you why I think this bench is so lovely.  Scars and all.  It shows years of life led and like the stones visited on Memorial day…..peoples names, years lived, this bench holds memories for someone still living.  Holds memories of perhaps a grandfather sitting with a child, sharing a slice of watermelon and telling the child of the good old days……perhaps, just perhaps.


Rising Waters

Not much more room to rise.  The tree limbs and debris were hitting the bridge hard

I took this picture and posted it a few days ago

Same spot this morning