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Long weekends would be nice


Found this on internet last week and thought it was cool.  Sorry if my pictures are too big on my posts lately, I can’t edit size from my kindle. LL and I are giving rett time to see if he Can salvage our computer before we purchase a new one.

Raining here today.  I am not sure if I am done with the effects of yesterday’s barium, but I am hoping to visit Lisa and my grandsons a bit this morning.  LL has not  traveled this week but has been working late. After getting home last night, he needed to rescue Kane because his car broke down.  I was in bed when he got home. Not sure if he even ate dinner.  Luckily, he is building up a lot of comp time and he hopes work will slow down enough this summer to take many three and four day weekends. Well we can hope. ūüôā


Moving Day For the Kane Miller Family

Busy day for us. But a good day. ¬†Our day started out about 8:00 this morning, moving the first load of trucks filled with Kane and Lisa’s furniture and boxes.

Kane's moving dayLL and Jason, Lisa’s dad, along with Cody, Lisa’s brother and Vern, Lisa’s grand father. ¬†Four pick-ups, two trips. ¬†But as usual, the weather men were totally wrong about today’s weather. ¬†Oh the trials of living in Oregon. LOL

Kane's front yardKane and Lisa’s place is really awesome no matter which way you look. ¬†On a clear day, you can see four mountains. ¬†We are told that on the fourth of July, from their side yard you can watch the fireworks from Mt. Angel, Woodburn and St. Paul….all at the same time.

Brantley’s birthday is tomorrow, but because today was a special day for him and we had to keep him occupied, LL and I gave him his gift a day early. ¬†A trike. This is LL, my niece Kara and Brantley.

TrikeAll these pictures were taken by Brantley’s other grandma Brenda.

Tomorrow, LL, Max, Kris, Steve, and I have to make a trip up to Portland to pick up a few things at my Uncle Marcel’s house, then we are headed to my sweet grandboy’s birthday party in Salem at a pizza parlour.

A Great Blessing For My Grandsons

As usual, many happenings within the Miller family. ¬†Monte’s burial service and celebration of life service were both beautiful. ¬†There were over 500 people at his service on Friday evening. ¬†His church and family made sure he had a wonderful tribute. ¬†Also last week, my daughter-in-law Lisa, lost her very beloved grandmother. ¬†To say Lisa was close to her grandma would be an understatement. ¬†So it is a sad time for her, but a little bit a good news for her, Kane and the boys. ¬†In fact it is great news.

962Brantley and his new brother Matthias are getting a new home!  This is really an answer to my prayers.  Brantley is a very active boy.  Curious, creative, and too much energy to be contained in a small apartment without a yard.  But renting a house and moving is a very expensive undertaking.

Well LL’s cousin owns a house in the country about a mile from Kane’s Uncle Monte’s house and the St. Louis church and grange. ¬†Any one that knows this area, knows it is beautiful and quiet and perfect to raise a family. ¬†This used to be LL’s Uncle Clayton’s farm. ¬†Linda, LL’s cousin has leased the farm land to a local farmer and rented the house along with 1 1/2 acres to a couple who recently moved out. ¬†She offered it to Kane and Lisa. ¬†She is making it very easy to afford and they can basically do what ever they want to the house and to the acre and a half. ¬†Boy, I have had answers to prayers in the past, but this is one of the most spectacular. First things on the list is for LL and Kane to put up a fence in the back yard. ¬†Beyond that, they can do house improvements, put in a garden, get chickens, etc. while living there and take their time. ¬†I am beyond happy for them. ¬†Especially those two little guys. ¬†I can see them playing out side for many years to come. ¬†Thank you God!

The house is on a long gravel road with little traffic. Kane has the use of the shop, riding lawn mower, and tractor.

947 940 941

Day Planner

Feeling a bit more positive today after my memory meltdown yesterday. ūüôā ¬†As I said before, my focus and memory gets me down. ¬†Probably more so than even my digestive issues. ¬†But I am so excited about my kids lives. ¬†Last year, there were five of us in our little family. ¬†LL, the kids and I are very close. ¬†But three additions with Lisa, Brantley and now Rett is very exciting for our family. ¬†So next year there will officially be eight of us.

Bailey and I have a couple of ideas for venues for her wedding. ¬†They can’t really set the date till they know where and what dates are available. ¬†So I think Saturday morning, Bailey and I will be dragging Rett and LL to at least one of the places. ¬†Bailey and I both agree that the venue is one decision both Rett and LL need to be in on.

Since this will be a big year with 2 weddings, I don’t want to flake out on any of the planning. ¬†And this is a good time of year to buy a planner. ¬†I used to have a nice large one that fit in my purse when I was working. ¬†It had everything from calendar, phone numbers and addresses, business cards, a place for notes etc. ¬†I have a household organizer, but I really need to have something that is small enough to fit in my purse, but large enough to hold everything. ¬†Since I am cheap, umm, I mean frugal, I will see if I can find one of my old ones and buy new inserts like a calendar to put in.

Because of being a hermit and not having much of a social life, the things I forget are usually not that important, but that won’t do this year. ¬†I do not want to drop the ball for Bailey or Kane. ¬†Their nuptials are too important. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I am not good at wedding planning. ¬†Not even my wedding. ¬†I really had very little definite opinions for my own wedding. ¬†So what ever the kids plan will pretty much be fine with me. ¬†But if they need help with anything, I want their Mom to be dependable.

So wish me luck on this upcoming crazy year. ūüôā


Christmas Tree Decorating Night

We had a fun day Sunday.  Kane helped LL put a few lights up on the house and we all spent time decorating the livingroom and tree.  I made from scratch, gluten-free marinated chicken wings, potato skins, and LL made his delicious homemade fries and onion rings.


Of course, the star of the show was my grandson Brantley. ¬†He is starting to strike a pose when he sees a camera….be still my heart! ‚̧



Brantley with his Uncle Max


I should be so proud of my goof ball sons, Max and Kane……I should be. ūüôā



But then I have my even goofier ball daughter, Bailey.



Brantley having cuddle up time with his mom, Lisa



The girls finished up my tree and made it beautiful.  Last year I went with the Jewell colored tree.  This year I decided to go with the blue and silver tree.


42Kane helped his dad put some lights on the tree.  I always love the garland hanging on the balcony.


So what is happening

Good Morning. ¬†It has been a busy couple days. ¬†Sunday was the annual Purdy Christmas. ¬†I have many pictures to go through, so I won’t post them for a few days. ¬†But it was fun. ¬†A great turn out.

Sunday, Aunt Linda was not there.  She is recovering from surgery.  Hopefully she is doing well.   Kane and his family were not at the get-together.  He was getting on a bus that afternoon, heading for California.  Training for his new job.  He will be gone for 3 weeks.  If everything goes well, he should make it home on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday, I took Bailey to the doctor.  Not great news.  She has to have surgery.  It is scheduled on Monday.  Please pray that the best possible outcome comes out of this surgery.  Not sure if the Miller families can take one more serious illness.

Today I am hoping book club is still on.  Which means no eating today.  I have a list of errands and tasks to do today.  I was going to start my holiday baking this week, but since Bailey will be home recuperating for a few days next week, and LL is gone traveling for work all next week, I thought next week would be a good time for baking.

This Friday is Silverton’s tree lighting night. ¬†It is also First Friday. ¬†So Friday night, we will go to the lighting, walk around the town’s art galleries and antique shops, and then end the evening having dinner at one of the local restaurants. ¬†Saturday will be the day we will get our tree, decorate the house, and end the day with me making appetizers and having who ever is home help me decorate the tree. ¬†I love this particular Saturday of the year. ¬†It really is when I get into the Christmas mood.

Sunday will be finishing up what ever did not get done and I need to cook and prepare many things for LL to take so he is not eating restaurant food for 5 days.

So now you are updated. ¬†I know you were curious. ūüôā LOL

What A Scamp

Well good morning. ¬†Boy am I ever dragging here. ¬†As you know, there are some nights, I am up with “issues”. ¬†But lately, there is another reason for my lack of sleep. ¬†REGGIE!! ¬†This little scamp thinks night-time is a time for playing. ¬†I should put him in his crate at night and if he starts whining or barking, put the crate in the garage. ¬†I should……but I just can’t seem to do it. ¬†I guess I will start doing that if I have done everything else to get him tired, but I really need to take him out for several walks a day. ¬†It would be good for him and me. ¬†So today, I am going to add an additional walk with him later in the afternoon. ¬†I will see if that helps.

This week, I took a huge turkey out of my freezer. ¬†I need the room as I start going into Christmas baking season. ¬†I am hoping it has thawed enough to cook it today. ¬†I don’t plan on stuffing it, so the cook time should not be too bad although it is over 20lbs. ¬†This is not the best time to be making turkey, when there are family get-togethers that will have turkey. ¬†But I will just cut it up and freeze the meat in my refrigerator/freezer for future sandwiches and meals.

Looks like Kane has a job.  Whoo hoo!  It is a mixed blessing which I will explain in a future post, but I am happy for him.

Today, the weather is a bit blustery. ¬†I was hoping to go to Oregon Gardens but not sure if I will do that. ¬†Although, that would be a perfect place to take Reggie for one of his walks. ¬†ūüôā

I am having a hard time keeping my spirits up and not getting too depressed.  On the Miller side, we keep getting rough news about loved ones.  Not ready to share but I would ask you for prayers for two of my brothers-in-law.  (For their health)  Have a blessed day.

There She Blows

If you are in Oregon…….How did you fair from this last wind and rain storm? ¬†Luckily, we did ok this time. ¬†Over the last few years, when we have had very wet soil and wind storm, one of us in our neighborhood, mostly us or our next door neighbors lose a tree. ¬†A couple of years ago, while I was in the hospital, we had a freak wind storm in June and our neighbor’s tree went right through our roof and into our kitchen. ¬†The last storm a couple of weeks ago, took down a huge oak, two doors down and fell in three or four different yards. ¬†That same storm, lifted up our glass-topped patio table and shattered the glass all over the place. ¬†So the fact that we seemed to only get a few large branches falling down in our driveway and missing cars……well we lucked out this time.

Kane is coming over today to work around here for his dad.  There are a few chores that would help LL out a lot, and Kane could use the extra money for the holidays.  Great news about Kane.  He has been going to trucking school over the last few months to get his CDL licence.  Last weekend, he past ALL his tests and already had an interview yesterday.  And they called him right back to schedule a second interview.  Sounds promising!!

So today while Kane is here, I am working inside but when he gets his dad’s list done, I want Kane’s help cleaning up an area in the coop that is hard for me to reach. ¬†Speaking of coop. ¬†I am sad to say I have lost Henrietta. ¬†She went missing about a week ago. ¬†We have looked everywhere, short of draining the pool. ¬†She is indeed gone. ¬†And so is our neighbors chickens. ¬†But it is a bit of a mystery. ¬†I am thinking she escaped and is long gone, because if a raccoon, or something got hold of her, wouldn’t there have been feathers all around? ¬†My master coop-keeper Aunt Leone says there would be feathers, so I am happy to think Henrietta is still alive, hopefully adopted by some other strange but loving family. ūüôā

Bailey is having trouble with her health again. ¬†Stomach and digestion. ¬†I spent from 1:00-6:30 yesterday taking her to the doctor and then to Salem Hospital for tests. ¬†It appears she may have an obstruction in her intestines. ¬†Oh, why does she have to get this trait from her mom? ¬†Poor thing. ūüė¶

Engaging Weekend

I hope you had a great Labor day weekend. ¬†We sure did. ¬†We camped for most of it. ¬†Spent quite a bit of time at Karen’s campsite. ¬†I need to take some time to look at the pictures and see if any are good. ¬†Hopefully I will post some soon.

But the best part of the weekend is that my son Kane asked Lisa to marry him.  She said Yes!  We are so happy for both of them.  Not sure when the wedding will take place.  Along with gaining a daughter, I will also be gaining a grandson.  Our first one.  Brantley is a sweetheart and we all feel so blessed to have both Lisa and Brantley joining our family.

I have somewhere to be everyday this week. ¬†Not going to lie to you……I am a bit nervous. ¬†My “issues” have been bad for days and days now. ¬†I am hoping to time my eating so that I won’t miss any of my plans.

Today I ran many errands, have some food to prepare for this evening, and I have my book club tonight.  Really looking forward to it.  We missed last week and I really enjoy this time with other ladies.

Tomorrow, my cousin is visiting from San Diego. ¬†So I am meeting her, my mom, a couple of siblings for lunch. ¬†Thursday, Lisa’s mom is treating her to an afternoon of pampering. ¬†Nails and hair. ¬†So I get to babysit Brantley. ¬†I am planning on going to Keizer and watch him. ¬†Friday, I hope to pick Mom up from Salon in Woodburn and take her grocery shopping.

Since my “issues” have been bad mostly at night, I am praying I will do well this week. ¬†But I am going to eat very carefully to help the situation.

Oh Homer, It’s Sure Hot!

Homer Davenport Days are underway here in Silverton.  LL started the weekend early on Friday.  Looking at Art, listening to music, then walking around downtown for First Friday with Kane, Lisa, and Brantley.  Saturday morning started out sunny and warm for the parade.

Bailey and Brantley watching the parade.

Practically every year for the last 15 years, we watch the parade with our friends, the Thomas’s. ¬†They brought their two sweet dogs. ¬†This is Otis and LL’s hand. ¬†LL thinks he is so funny.

By the time the parade was underway, it was getting hot.  Luckily Michele brought water for Otis and Simon.

So hot, that this guy decided he was done. ¬†He sat down and did not want to get back up……..”Honey, I want one.”

We spent most the afternoon in the pool.  LL, Kane and Lisa cooling off.

Brantley did well in the pool with Lisa.  It was stifling.  I think it got up to 103 degrees here in Silverton.  We all went back to the park for food and music for a little while.  Hardly anyone was at the park.  Too Hot!  Feel bad though.  Saturday afternoon and evening is usually Homer Days busiest time.  My friend Becky and her daughter Krista stopped by.  Krista and Kane have been friends since they were young kids and Krista wanted to meet Lisa and Brantley.

By 10:00 it was still hot.  LL took a dip in the pool before bed.  I should have set up my tripod.  The photo would have been great had I took the time.

As I am writing this, Sunday morning, doors and windows are flung open to try to get the house as cool as possible before it heats up.  Supposed to be around 97 degrees which is a tad cooler than yesterday, but the humidity is supposed to be worse.

I am not sure if we will go down to the park today.  Kane, Lisa, Brantley, Max, Bailey, and Rett will all be here for a BBQ and swimming this afternoon.  So much fun enjoying the weekend with LL and the kids.  Have a blessed Sunday.