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Killing With Kindness

Oh poor LL.  He is sicker than a dog.  Never understood that saying.  As far as I can tell, a dog does not get sick often or too bad unless ……well enough of that.  Saturday evening, LL was hit like a ton of bricks.  O.k…..I get that saying. 🙂  Coughing, sneezing, acheness, fever.  Typical LL thought it was wise to go to work on Monday.  He did say he would only do a half day and probably be home by 1:00.  I left home a little before 10:00 to pick up Kris and Mom.  We had a very nice visit with my sister Kathy.  🙂  We then went to the Mall to take advantage of a sale and coupons my mom had at a store.  Kris got a few things, mom did too, and I bought another sundress.  Same style as the one I bought last week, just different fabric.  Here is the thing.  Two reasons I am a sundress girl over the summer instead of shorts.  First off….and I am being honest here.  I have put on most, not all, but most my precancer weight. (my doctors seem pleased…but I hate it.)  I am not built like most women.  When I am skinny, I am shaped like a boy, when I am fat, I am like I have a built-in inner-tube around my middle.  It is a fact, so although shorts show off my still slim legs, finding ones that fit right with my middle is a challenge.  But I could find some, I have in the past.  But here is the second factor.  Diapers!.  Shorts and wearing adult “undergarnments” AKA diapers don’t mix.  Diapers, even when clean, start to sag.  It ain’t pretty.  So my hot days of summer choice of attire is a flowy sundress.

ANYWAY……. back to LL.  He did not make it till 1:00.  I guess I barely left the house and he got home.  He said he was home by 10:00.  When I got home, I made home-made chicken soup and waited on him.  But I think I know why did not call me when he got home so I could take care of him.  After a couple of hours of my tender loving care of asking him, “can I refill your drink, do you want more soup, you feel hot, take your temperature, you’re not drinking enough fluids, what’s your blood sugar, here, let me help you take your blood sugar.”  I think he wished he was back to work. Which is where he is today, even though he is still feeling lousy. 😦


Like pulling a tooth

Ok, I’m going in….I am going in the mad house of stores and shopping.  I know!  It should not be crowded on this Thursday morning, but even in the best situation…..I HATE SHOPPING!  So much so, that LL has said when it comes to shopping and money spending, he hit the lottery for wives.  Oh I fall short as a wife in so many other ways.  But I have always hated shopping.

My mom and sisters can attest to this.  As a child, when my mom would shop, she would have to find me, more times than not, laying underneath a clothes rack somewhere sleeping.  Even now, when my mom or sisters want to shop with me, they need to entice me with LUNCH. 🙂

But I have three gifts to get.  Well four, but one I will get tomorrow when I am with mom at Wal-Mart.  Today, Bailey and I are headed to Salem.  I know exactly one gift I am getting, but the other two, I have no clue.  So hopefully Bailey will help me with this.  Bailey is only slightly better at shopping than I.  She already has my reputation of being a bad shopper.  I think Lunch may definitely be included on our itinerary.

After that, we will high tail it home because Kane and Brantley are spending the afternoon with me.  So the morning might be dismal, but my afternoon should be a joy.

Time Change, ugh

When I was younger, especially a young mom, I loved the fall time change.  I would get an extra hour of sleep.  Oh the joy!  I am looking at the time change a bit differently these days.  I am thinking “boy this is not going to be good”.  Even with a lack of sleep, I rarely sleep past 5:00 am and more often than not, lately, I am up sometime in the 3:00 hour.  So it is likely I will be getting up for a few days around 2:00 or so.  I know what you are probably thinking.  “So stay up later so you sleep later”.  Oh you are so cute *I say in a condescending way*.  It does not matter if I go to bed at 8:00 or midnight, I am a human alarm clock and will be awake whether I am exhausted or not.  My sisters can attest to this.  When I vacation with them, I usually get the communal area to sleep in so that when I am up in the middle of the night, I wont bother them.

I actually function pretty well getting up so early, except when I have issues and get no sleep at all.  Then I am ugly.  I will be ugly today, not because of “issues” but because of this darn back pain.  My sympathy goes out to those who have chronic back problems.  LL, Kris, Steve, Aunt Linda, the list goes on and on.  I rarely get a head ache, back ache, etc.  Oh I have a high tolerance of pain, just ask my Cancer surgeon.  I am in pain almost all the time and rarely do I need to take pain medicine for it.  But I think I have a low tolerance for back pain in particular.

So, here I am, planning my UGLY day.  I hope to go to the Oregon Garden’s holiday mall.  My niece Michelle Staab sells Scensy and I want to buy this……

And I hope to buy a couple Christmas gifts while I am shopping.  So I will put my best foot forward, plaster makeup on so I don’t wake the dead, and do my best to attend.


Ta Daaa!

I am up and running again.  It is so nice to have a dependable, fast, nifty computer to use.  I have had a few calls and e-mails from readers wondering if I was OK and wanting to know why I have not been blogging the last few weeks.  As I explained in previous post, after writing and uploading pictures for several posts and having the computer completely shut down without anything saved, I became so frustrated that I did not even try to blog until we bought a new computer.

LL and I went Friday to get our new computer, and we spent the last day or so, installing the software we wanted on it.  I am sure I have lost many readers permanently after the long break, but all is good now.

A Home Day

I sure have been out and about a lot the last few days.  For no particular reason, my digestion “issues” have been behaving well and I have been taking advantage of it.  But my house now looks like a neglected hovel.  I don’t think anyone has put anything away for days.  Dog hair is collecting on the hard wood floor.  Something exploded in the microwave days ago and was never cleaned up.  Loads of laundry are backed up.  I am not even willing to explain how the bathrooms look at this moment.  So guess what my plan is for the day.  Yep, get some sort of order in the chaos and scrub as much of the filth away as possible.

I have been having a horrible time Christmas shopping.  I ordered on-line the perfect gift for one of my kids and then received a call a few days later saying they really didn’t have the item.  So I looked elsewhere, made calls, was willing to travel up to Portland if I could find it.  No luck.  It is kind of a collectors item.  So I am stressing about finding something, anything for Max.  But I have almost all the rest done.  Well, I do have a couple of others to shop for, but they will be easy to shop for. 

But I have been putting off wrapping.  I hate wrapping presents.  Hate the waste of paper.  Luckily, I have a lot of nice reusable boxes that don’t need to be wrapped, but I haven’t even done that yet.  So after getting the house back in order.  Getting the presents under the tree is next on the list.  I just hope Max does not notice that none have his name on it.  Oh who am I kidding.  Of course he will notice.  This is Max I am talking about.  He lives for Christmas.  Talks about it right after Halloween.  He had all his shopping done, (with the help of staff) weeks ago.  He is Mr. Christmas.  So now maybe you understand why I am truly stressing about his present:(

Busy Weekend

Sure is nippy here in Silverton this morning.  The sun is peeping through the clouds so I have hope for a nice day.  I haven’t rode my scooter in quite a while, but if I get things done, and my “issues” stay away, I think I will bundle myself up and ride around town. 

Bailey and I went Christmas shopping yesterday.  Didn’t buy any main gifts, but I did get socks and underwear for some of the family, a couple presents for friends, and a gift for a sister.  We then stopped and had lunch at Red Robin.  They make steak fries in separate oil if you need gluten-free.  I had them and a small salad.  LL and Bailey were gone during the evening, so I just ate the leftovers.  So I am done with day 1 eating vegetarian. 

After lunch, we did get groceries, but I forgot a few things.  So today I am working around here, going to the bank, going to the grocery store, going to Mom’s, and when I get back, I need to make my coleslaw for Sundays Christmas party. (It is better made a head of time).  I need to try out a flourless peanut butter cookie recipe that my mom gave me.  If it is good, I will make another batch tomorrow for the party. 

Tomorrow, besides remaking the cookies, I need to make a cream pie, help Mom make stuffing for Sunday, and then I hope, I hope we get our Christmas tree.  Not sure if we will get to decorate it this weekend, but if the tree is here, we might find time Sunday night to throw on the decorations.  It will be a busy weekend, but if my body cooperates, it should be a fun one.

Not quite sure what to make for dinner tonight.  I am thinking of stir frying veggies and tofu and mixing it with gluten-free pasta.  I know, tofu and GF pasta does not sound good, but trust me, it will be. 🙂

Another Challenge

Good Morning.  December 1st is here.  Bailey has a rare day off.  Well she does have a final to take at school at 4:00, but we have most the day to do what we want to.  I am not much of a shopper.  In fact, I hate malls, lines, and looking through clothes and other stuff.  I know!  I am an embarrassment to all women.  But it is true.  For years, the only way mom and Kris could get me shopping with them was do dangle the carrot of going out to lunch.  But today, I want to take advantage of Bailey’s presence and get a few Christmas gifts. 

I am hoping we can find something for LL, he is very hard to shop for.  Something for Max, and then a few little gifts for a few people.  I then hope we can go grocery shopping before heading home.  Since my “issues” have been bad lately, I will not eat until we get home. 

 And because I have been having so many “issues”, I decided to start a new challenge on this first day of December.  I am going to cut out meat, poultry and fish for a few weeks.  I have done this before for a few days here and there and always felt better, but I do love meat so I always go back to eating it.  But I really don’t feel well right now and think I might have a better holiday season if I go vegetarian.  Maybe I will be able to attend more parties, church and community functions this way.  I am thinking 6 weeks would be a nice challenge for me and give my body time to adjust.  That way after 6 weeks, I should be able to evaluate if I am truly doing better not eating meat and then continue, or go back to my flesh-eating ways.

So when I go grocery shopping today, I need to load up on mushrooms, other veggies, more grains, and a few gluten-free meat substitutes.  I am lucky that Bailey eats very little meat and LL prefers meatless meals, so I don’t even need to cook different meals.  Well I do feel a little sorry for Kane.  When he comes over, I always make steak, or some other yummy meat dish,  I better warn him.    I just need to get creative so I do not get bored before the 6 weeks are over.  That is the real challenge.