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Stage Left

I make no secret or apologies that I adore my LL.  Don’t worry, I am not going to get mushy.  I believe he kind of likes me too.  I think what has made us so happy together is one thing.  We love to make each other laugh.  We laugh together at things, at each other.  We see the humor in the same things.  He is very quick-witted.  Every situation has a potential punch line.  I am more a physical comedy gal.  He gets such pleasure saying something ridiculous and watching me try to keep a straight face so that I do not give him the satisfaction of seeing my delight.  I get pleasure by putting an expression on my face, or dancing, or walking funny.  My reward is LL holding his stomach, bending over and having a great belly laugh.  Frankly, half the time I get this reaction from him, I am not even trying…… 😦  But there is one area that we are nothing alike.  Not even close……..Our taste buds.

I like quality, he likes quantity.  I like a pretty presentation, he would prefer it in a trough.  He likes common, I am adventurous.  I used to cook a lot more.  But because we only have one evening together during the week, and we are either camping or at some event on the weekends,  my cooking days are not happening often.  In fact, lately, when I do make dinner for us, it is usually his type of food.  Burgers, tacos, nachos,…….*big yawn*.  But today I am making Grilled Zucchini Roll Ups.  You know the saying, I never met a (fill in the blank) I didn’t like.  I use to say “I never met a donut I didn’t like”  But sadly I can’t eat donuts anymore.  But it is true when I say “I never met a cheese I didn’t like”.  Mild, melting smooth cheese, sharp, stinky, who’s dirty socks is that cheese.  It does not matter. LOVE.  ❤  It is also true when I say “I have never met an olive I didn’t like.  Mild black, strong green, domestic, foreign, stuffed, pitted, unpitted, it does not matter.  I Loves me some olives.  So when I saw this recipe with grilled zucchini, herb goat cheese and kalamata olives, I was all in.  The thing is, LL will most likely not like this.  He will not complain.  He never has, except maybe once early on in our marriage, but for some reason…….he never made that mistake again. 🙂  He will try it, and I am not telling him it is goat cheese.  But I will make some pasta with alfredo sauce just so I don’t feel too guilty.  See, that is what you do when you adore someone.  O.K. that was a little mushy.


Center Stage

When researching sites on food photography and reading food blogs that explain their method, I have come to the conclusion that one of the most difficult types of photos to shoot is food.  I read many food blogs.  The food looks so good and the photos are beautiful.  And there are some things I have discovered in my research.  You need lots of props, understand lighting, understand settings, usually use a tripod, and lots of trial and error.  And some people use a lens that I don’t have and probably never have.  With that said, this post is not so much about the food, but about the photos.  O.K. it is about the food too.  Please take note that my pictures are still nothing to write home about.  I feel I have a bit of natural talent and understanding when it comes to capturing nature, flowers, animals.  Portraits, I need a lot of work but I might someday figure it out.  But food photography, well my best effort is pretty sad.  But this blog has never been about photography or cooking.  I attempt photography.  I attempt cooking.  But I am not proficient in either.  This blog has always been about my journey, creativity, loneliness, healthiness, quirkiness, and day-to-day successes and more often…..mishaps.  So here is my photos of tonight’s meal.

I am not going to give you the exact recipe.  If you want it, click on the link of Stage Right post up above, or go to my Pinterest site that I explain in that same post.  I did use 4 oz of goat cheese instead of 3 1/2 oz’s and 9 olives instead of 8.  Why?  Just because I had them and I could.

This picture actually turned out pretty good except for the shadow on the left.

I want you to see how nice the one zucchini on the right looks……pay no attention to the mushy looking ones, not to mention the two that fell between the grill and fell to the bottom. 😦

Although this picture is not as sharp as I would like, I kind of like it anyway.  The roll ups that started out with nicely grilled zucchini were tasty.  The other ones were just O.K.  It might have help if I would have sliced the zucchini more evenly.  They would have cooked up better.

Here is LL’s plate with the roll ups and gluten-free pasta alfredo.

I think the roll-ups were good.  LL did not complain and it was nice to have a change.  If I make it again, I would use the same ingredients, and the same amounts but #1. take more care into slicing the zukes evenly, and #2. Put very finely chopped onions in.  Just a couple of tablespoons for the whole batch.

Busy Weekend

Sure is nippy here in Silverton this morning.  The sun is peeping through the clouds so I have hope for a nice day.  I haven’t rode my scooter in quite a while, but if I get things done, and my “issues” stay away, I think I will bundle myself up and ride around town. 

Bailey and I went Christmas shopping yesterday.  Didn’t buy any main gifts, but I did get socks and underwear for some of the family, a couple presents for friends, and a gift for a sister.  We then stopped and had lunch at Red Robin.  They make steak fries in separate oil if you need gluten-free.  I had them and a small salad.  LL and Bailey were gone during the evening, so I just ate the leftovers.  So I am done with day 1 eating vegetarian. 

After lunch, we did get groceries, but I forgot a few things.  So today I am working around here, going to the bank, going to the grocery store, going to Mom’s, and when I get back, I need to make my coleslaw for Sundays Christmas party. (It is better made a head of time).  I need to try out a flourless peanut butter cookie recipe that my mom gave me.  If it is good, I will make another batch tomorrow for the party. 

Tomorrow, besides remaking the cookies, I need to make a cream pie, help Mom make stuffing for Sunday, and then I hope, I hope we get our Christmas tree.  Not sure if we will get to decorate it this weekend, but if the tree is here, we might find time Sunday night to throw on the decorations.  It will be a busy weekend, but if my body cooperates, it should be a fun one.

Not quite sure what to make for dinner tonight.  I am thinking of stir frying veggies and tofu and mixing it with gluten-free pasta.  I know, tofu and GF pasta does not sound good, but trust me, it will be. 🙂