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Fun In The Sun

The Fourth of July weekend was a very busy success. ¬†Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures the whole weekend. ūüė¶ ¬†We took my grandson Brantley to the parade. Came home to get ready for Kane’s barbecue. ¬†My niece Janay arrived with her family to swim. ¬†I loved that. ¬†They brought food to put on our grill and swam all afternoon. ¬†They were gone by the time we got back from Kane’s party. ¬†Kane and Lisa’s first party was a huge success. ¬†Their place looked great. ¬†Very kid friendly. ¬†Lots of food for lots of friends and family.

Then we were off to camp. ¬†We had my great niece Addie with us for the weekend. We arrived around 8:00 that evening. ¬†Saturday, Karen and I put on a taco dinner and I think we counted 22 people who ate with us. ¬†Kris and Steve brought mom for the dinner but did not stay for bingo. ¬†My sisters-in-law Dina, Jalen, and Debby had dinner with us and stayed for the game. ¬†I was hoping they would be lucky but again, no winners in our group. ūüė¶ ¬†It was fun all the same.

We got home Sunday, just in time to unload before our pool was filled with people again.  I counted 18 swimmers along with a few that did not swim.  I loved it.  We barbecued pork, brats, hamburgers and hot dogs.  I think the last of the guests left a little before 8:00.  I was very tired. And a bit overheated which made me pretty useless Monday.  I must have been on my feet too much too because I woke up with a swollen foot that kept getting worse throughout the day.

So today will be another hot day.  I hope to visit Kathy this morning and run a couple of errands before it gets too hot.  I want to replenish my freezer with treats for kids and a few more burgers because I think we will have a large crowd again on Saturday.

This is what LL and I hoped for this summer.  A well used pool.


Corny Weekend…I hope

Well the getting ready begins. ¬†The one holiday I don’t want to not be prepared for is the fourth of July weekend. ¬†So far, my week has been o.k. ¬†Monday, my mom, my sis Kris and I went to visit my aunt Linda who retired that day. ¬†Happy Retirement Day Linda! ¬†She doesn’t like a lot of bells, whistles and focus on her, so we were lucky to get away with some flowers and champagne. ¬†Visited Kathy. She was so happy to see my mom. It was really a fun visit.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor with my mom, babysat my grandson Matthias and got home just in time to get out of the heat. ¬†Think it was close to 100 degrees. ¬†Nasty. Then very bad “issues” all evening.

Today, Kris and I went to Winco and Costco.  We both needed to do some major shopping.  Still need to get a couple of things tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I am doing my normal Friday run. Picking up Mom at hair salon, take her grocery shopping.  The rest of the day is all about getting my house ready for people while we are gone. (swimmers). Making food for the 4th and the rest of the weekend. Packing up everything but the cold food.  Because the fourth will be busy.

July 4th, we are picking up my grandson Brantley and going to the Mt. Angel Parade. ¬†Going to my son Kane’s house for a barbecue, then in the evening, we are headed up to camp. ¬†Somewhere during the day, we will get my great-niece Addie who is spending the weekend with us.

Saturday, I hope the weather is great while camping. ¬†I will probably get up and make a big breakfast, spend time at the river, then other family will be coming for Taco dinner. ¬†The evening is the much looking forward to Bingo party that everyone goes to at our camping place. ¬†They have great prizes which we never win. ¬†Boxes of multiple great items, cash, and a raffle for a free year camping. Friday and Saturday night, I have plenty of hot chocolate and ‘smore makings so my great niece and nephews….and Max should enjoy that.

Sunday, I hope to come home a little later than usual and if the weather is great, sit by the pool watching Addie swim. ¬†That’s about it. ¬†Busy but fun. ¬†This weekend is one of my favorite times of the year. ¬†On the 4th weekend, it is o.k. to be old fashion, corny and just have fun. ¬†Which I usual am corny and old fashion year round. ¬†But I am “normal” this weekend. LOL

Easter 2014

127Hope you had a happy Easter.

Our holiday started on Saturday night. ¬†We had a nice dinner at Kane and Lisa’s home. ¬†Then, for the first time, Brantley colored eggs.

Brantley was more than enthused.  I think all the brown eggs ended up just darker brown eggs. LOL

Brantley was more than enthused. I think all the brown eggs ended up just darker brown eggs. LOL

Mom, Kris, Doug, David, and I visited Kathy on Easter morning.

Mom, Kris, Doug, David, and I visited Kathy on Easter morning.


David made her a princess build a bear

David made her a princess build a bear

We had a nice dinner at Karen's home, then the kids hunted for eggs

We had a nice dinner at Karen’s home, then the kids hunted for eggs

The it was the grown-ups turn for our hunt

The it was the grown-ups turn for our hunt

Max sure enjoyed it

Max sure enjoyed it

Karen rested a few minutes with my grandson Matthias

Karen rested a few minutes with my grandson Matthias

Happy Easter

Easter 2013 050Brantley was the one and only child today for the Easter Egg hunt.  Which was great considering it was also his first Easter egg hunt!

Easter 2013 008Uncle Max helped the Easter Bunny out by hiding the eggs.

Easter 2013 064As you can see, the eggs were hiding in plain sight.

Easter 2013 021But it was still a challenge for him. ūüôā

Easter 2013 070I did try to help him.

Easter 2013 085But I think he liked his Uncle Max helping him more.

Easter 2013 103Brantley is so cherished by his Grandpa and me….But his mom and dad are so proud of this little guy…..makes my heart swell.

David's ashesLL ate brunch with us but then left to go to the beach. ¬†Today he and other family members took David’s ashes to a place David loved. ¬†I can not think of a better way to spend Easter. ¬†After all…..No one loved Christ more than David.










I’ve Been Waiting

Good morning. ¬†Say, guess whose birthday it is. ¬†I remember when I turned 40, I had some ask if that big birthday bothered me at all. ¬†It did not. ¬†I kept waiting for it to hit me. ¬†I knew a couple of friends that were very upset turning the big 4-0. ¬†But for some reason, I loved turning forty. ¬†It is a great age. ¬†At least for me. ¬†It is an age where you are wiser, you know what you don’t know, and you don’t really care that you don’t know it. ūüôā ¬†It is also an age that you really stop caring what people think of you and you become more who you are for the world to see. ¬†At least that is how it was for me. ¬†Yes, I loved turning 40.

So now I am waiting for this birthday to bother me in some way. ¬†Today, Konnie Jean Staab-Miller turns 50! ¬†I am so happy to be doing so. ūüôā ¬†Maybe it has something to do with 4 years ago, me wondering if I would ever get to be 50. ¬†But I don’t think that is it. ¬†I don’t feel 50. ¬†Oh my body sure does. ¬†Between the scars, arthritis, “issues”, weight gain, gray hair,……Oh I wear every bit of my 50. ¬†But inside, I still feel like a silly 16-year-old. ¬†Well ok, I am not as shy, and I know what I don’t know. ¬†When you are 16, 26, even 36, you are JUST SO SURE of yourself. ¬†Now, my usual answers to questions are, “Not sure, possibly, maybe, etc.” ¬†But I feel 16 inside because I still get extremely happy when I get to spend time with my highschool sweetheart, I still dance around the house while doing my chores, I still love animals (more than some humans) ūüôā I still crank up the radio when my Elton comes on. ¬†I still have tons of useless music trivia ¬† ¬†in my head. (Just can’t remember what I did yesterday). ¬†I still respect and admire my mom, my sisters are still my best friends, I still try to torture my brothers, (they return the favor). ¬†Some things really don’t change.

But at 50, my kids are all grown and I am happy to be watching them form new lives, happy for my grandchild and will wait patiently for more.  Happy for the life LL and I have formed ourselves.

I guess I am just happy to have another birthday. ¬†Must say, when LL and I were talking about it last night, I said it only hits me a little when I think about it this way……in twenty years I will be 70! ¬†LOL ¬†Well Happy 50th Birthday to me!!!


The Day After

Boy, what a slug. ¬†I am such a slug this morning. ¬†Two days of eating too much and eating foods I normally don’t take part in has left me moving slow with little motivation.

Christmas eve dinner I made for my family. ¬†I used my new roaster for the ham and over cooked it a little, but it was a bone in shank so it was very forgiving. ūüôā ¬†I made bacon wrapped asparagus, Trisha Yearwood’s recipe and it is a keeper! ¬†So delicious. ¬†Kane even ate it. ¬†I am not the best cook in the world, but this meal was probably the best holiday meal I have ever made.

We went to my sister Karen’s new home yesterday. ¬†It was fun seeing some of her grandchildren, eating good food again, and visiting and playing a game.

I have one holiday goal for this week.  To snuggle up will LL and watch my favorite holiday movie.  Holiday Inn, the black and white original Bing Crosby movie that White Christmas song is from.  No, not the White Christmas movie.  Holiday Inn is about twelve years older and with Fred Astaire.  Love it, Love it, Love it!  I did not watch it last year, so I am not missing it this time around.

Today, if I get myself moving here, I am going to get my house in order. ¬†At least it is clean, but I still need to scrub the roaster, pick up a few straggly bows, wrap, and boxes, and wash the cloth napkins and linen from the table. ¬†But what I really want to do is head to my mom’s for the afternoon. ¬†I am not even sure if she will be home but that is my plan.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. ¬†Oh, I forgot to mention that LL got me a bluetooth, hands free thing-a-magingy for my cell phone. ¬†I made LL call me while he was on his way to work this morning. ¬†While I took the garbage to the street, I called Bailey who was in the house getting ready for work. ¬†I called Karen because I knew she would be up. ¬†All this before 7:00 this morning. ¬†So I am basically driving everyone crazy with my new toy. ¬†I know, most people have had this phone gadget for years, ……but not me. ¬†And there is Nothing more irritating then Konnie with a new toy. ūüôā

Busy, Busy, Busy

frosty- (1)To quote one of the greatest Christmas Characters ever…..NO not Frosty……Professor Hinkle. ¬†“Busy, busy, busy”.

Our weekend was busy and fun. ¬†We had a great time at my brother Doug’s new home. ¬†The house is beautiful. ¬†As usual, by the time we left, I was having “issues”. ¬†Which means not only do I have a lot to do that I planned for today, I have to do the things I planned to do last evening.

I need to get the house picked up and if not sparkly clean… least not gross. ūüôā ¬†I have a short list of things to get at the grocery store that I could not get a head of time. ¬†Table to expand and set. ¬†3 or 4 gifts to wrap. ¬†AND I need to have dinner ready by six.

The menu for dinner is ham with brown sugar-honey glaze. ¬†I got the recipe from Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show. ¬†Which means I get to use my new roaster for the first time. ¬†Potato casserole, asparagus, corn, rolls, salad, and Christmas cookies for dessert. ¬†All my kids will be here except Rett who has to work. ūüė¶

I love Christmas.  But as some of you know, this year is very hard.  My two brothers-in-law are very ill.  LL is trying to spend as much time with them this season as possible.  Because I respect both their privacy, I will not give ongoing details about them over the next few weeks and months.  But please keep them in your prayers.  Along with their families and also my dear LL who loves his brothers so much.

I have quite a few pictures piling up in my camera, but today and the next couple days are too busy to go through them and post them.  I will get to them soon.

Have a peaceful, joyful Christmas. ¬†And take some time to remember why we celebrate this holiday. ¬†Not the food, presents, egg nog. ¬†No, it is about Christ, my Savior’s birth.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Like pulling a tooth

Ok, I’m going in….I am going in the mad house of stores and shopping. ¬†I know! ¬†It should not be crowded on this Thursday morning, but even in the best situation…..I HATE SHOPPING! ¬†So much so, that LL has said when it comes to shopping and money spending, he hit the lottery for wives. ¬†Oh I fall short as a wife in so many other ways. ¬†But I have always hated shopping.

My mom and sisters can attest to this. ¬†As a child, when my mom would shop, she would have to find me, more times than not, laying underneath a clothes rack somewhere sleeping. ¬†Even now, when my mom or sisters want to shop with me, they need to entice me with LUNCH. ūüôā

But I have three gifts to get.  Well four, but one I will get tomorrow when I am with mom at Wal-Mart.  Today, Bailey and I are headed to Salem.  I know exactly one gift I am getting, but the other two, I have no clue.  So hopefully Bailey will help me with this.  Bailey is only slightly better at shopping than I.  She already has my reputation of being a bad shopper.  I think Lunch may definitely be included on our itinerary.

After that, we will high tail it home because Kane and Brantley are spending the afternoon with me.  So the morning might be dismal, but my afternoon should be a joy.

Christmas Tree Decorating Night

We had a fun day Sunday.  Kane helped LL put a few lights up on the house and we all spent time decorating the livingroom and tree.  I made from scratch, gluten-free marinated chicken wings, potato skins, and LL made his delicious homemade fries and onion rings.


Of course, the star of the show was my grandson Brantley. ¬†He is starting to strike a pose when he sees a camera….be still my heart! ‚̧



Brantley with his Uncle Max


I should be so proud of my goof ball sons, Max and Kane……I should be. ūüôā



But then I have my even goofier ball daughter, Bailey.



Brantley having cuddle up time with his mom, Lisa



The girls finished up my tree and made it beautiful.  Last year I went with the Jewell colored tree.  This year I decided to go with the blue and silver tree.


42Kane helped his dad put some lights on the tree.  I always love the garland hanging on the balcony.


Santa Time part 2

Here are the rest of Santa pictures.  The kids that are a little older, and some that are not kids at all.  Including Uncle Leo and Santa having a good laugh.