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Corny Weekend…I hope

Well the getting ready begins.  The one holiday I don’t want to not be prepared for is the fourth of July weekend.  So far, my week has been o.k.  Monday, my mom, my sis Kris and I went to visit my aunt Linda who retired that day.  Happy Retirement Day Linda!  She doesn’t like a lot of bells, whistles and focus on her, so we were lucky to get away with some flowers and champagne.  Visited Kathy. She was so happy to see my mom. It was really a fun visit.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor with my mom, babysat my grandson Matthias and got home just in time to get out of the heat.  Think it was close to 100 degrees.  Nasty. Then very bad “issues” all evening.

Today, Kris and I went to Winco and Costco.  We both needed to do some major shopping.  Still need to get a couple of things tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I am doing my normal Friday run. Picking up Mom at hair salon, take her grocery shopping.  The rest of the day is all about getting my house ready for people while we are gone. (swimmers). Making food for the 4th and the rest of the weekend. Packing up everything but the cold food.  Because the fourth will be busy.

July 4th, we are picking up my grandson Brantley and going to the Mt. Angel Parade.  Going to my son Kane’s house for a barbecue, then in the evening, we are headed up to camp.  Somewhere during the day, we will get my great-niece Addie who is spending the weekend with us.

Saturday, I hope the weather is great while camping.  I will probably get up and make a big breakfast, spend time at the river, then other family will be coming for Taco dinner.  The evening is the much looking forward to Bingo party that everyone goes to at our camping place.  They have great prizes which we never win.  Boxes of multiple great items, cash, and a raffle for a free year camping. Friday and Saturday night, I have plenty of hot chocolate and ‘smore makings so my great niece and nephews….and Max should enjoy that.

Sunday, I hope to come home a little later than usual and if the weather is great, sit by the pool watching Addie swim.  That’s about it.  Busy but fun.  This weekend is one of my favorite times of the year.  On the 4th weekend, it is o.k. to be old fashion, corny and just have fun.  Which I usual am corny and old fashion year round.  But I am “normal” this weekend. LOL


Much Better

Feeling better! Maybe I should complain here more when I have a bad run because my “issues” have improved greatly.

Finally this week, we had Max’s important meeting about his services.  It was a long meeting and it went well. I think my years of advocating for Max and my sister Kathy has helped me to be bold and not bowled over by the ones making decisions.  Glad that is out-of-the-way.

The rest of the week was routine but I could do what I needed to do. Well with the exception of my niece having surgery.  So I have spent a lot of time at the hospital.  Had problems last night but so happy that I am back to “normal”. Well, normal for me.  Picked up Mom this morning at salon and we went shopping like normal.  Although I needed to get some ‘smores makings and other camping type food and supplies.  We stopped at a local nursery to get some geraniums for mom and I got a basil plant.  Love basil and it is ridiculous buying just the leaves this time of year.

The rest of the afternoon I need to get ready for camping.  Just mainly packing things up, making sure the house is presentable for those here while we are gone and make a steak marinade and cucumber salad dressing for dinner tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


Fitting in Issues this week might be a Challenge

This weekend was very busy.  Saturday was Kane’s family moving day.  I then went to Kane’s apartment to help get a start on cleaning, got home just in time to shower and take Max to Mass.

Sunday, LL and I along with David, Kris and Steve went to Portland to Uncle Marcel’s home.  We picked up a washer and dryer Kane bought, and picked up a large braided rug for my living room.  We got back just in time for me to take a shower and make it to Brantley’s birthday party in Salem.  My grandson is official 2. 🙂  After the party, although I did not eat pizza, just salad, I barely made it home and had “issues”.  The only reason I did not have “issues” the day before is because I hardly ate anything.  So this week should be interesting, it is busy with things that I can not miss.

Today, Mom, Dave, and I went to St. Louis to put flowers on my mother-in-law Joan’s grave.  It is 10 years ago today that we lost her.  I still miss her. She was a lively, spunky, loving woman.  Then we went just a mile down the road and stopped at Kane and Lisa’s house for just a few minutes.  Then off to Kathy’s house.  Kris met us there and we had a great visit with Kathy.  She was in a good mood, singing songs, using full sentences.  Made my day.  Dave, Mom and I afterwards stopped at Wilco and Roth’s grocery store.  When I got home, I barely had time to put my purse down and the phone rang……..Social Security for our pre-scheduled phone meeting for Max.  Pre-Scheduled???  I told them I knew nothing about it.  They said they sent notice in February.  I believe them because the day they sent it out was the day before Monte passed away, so I am sure it was my fault.  I probably opened and glanced and thought it was a form letter we get all the time….my bad.  So thank goodness I got home when I did, and thank goodness I knew all the information off the top of my head.  The rest of the afternoon, I am going to work around here and after dinner, LL, Max and I will head to Mt. Angel for my cousin Kathy’s Rosary.  Still can not quite believe it.

Tomorrow is Kathy’s Funeral.  Then I head over to help Lisa finish cleaning their apartment.

Wednesday, Lisa has appointments so I hope to be watching both the boys in the afternoon.

Thursday, I have a very important meeting for Max.  I will spend the morning going through files and getting all my ducks in a row so I can advocate for him.  The meeting is in the afternoon.

Friday is my day to go to Woodburn with mom and take her shopping.

I must confess that I am a little nervous about this week.  I need to figure out when I can eat and have “issues” that wont interfere with my plans.  Might be challenging because over the last week, I have had three somewhat embarrassing episodes and I really don’t want to repeat that this week.  Wish me luck.

Brantley, Movie, Chocolate….oh my

It has been a nice week.  Perfect mix of visiting family, getting things done around our home and splurging while LL is away.  Yesterday, I was fortunate to babysit my grandson Brantley for a little while.  Then Bailey and I ate dinner together while watching a chick flick favorite, Miss Congeniality. Bailey also made hand dipped strawberries and bananas in dark chocolate.  Brantley, movie, and chocolate……a day really can not get better. LOL

Today I will pick up my mom as usual at the hair salon in Woodburn, take her shopping.  I have some banking to do.  LL does not get home until around 7:00 this evening.  Mom and I have another movie we would like to watch before the Oscars on Sunday.  So maybe later today we will watch Dallas Buyers Club.

Saturday, my daughter-in-law Lisa’s grandma’s service takes place.  Instead of LL and I attending the service, Lisa has asked us to watch the boys, well for sure Brantley, at their apartment and then bring the boys to the church for the reception.  That makes sense.  Frees up Kane and Lisa during the emotional time of the service.

Sunday, I hope to help Kane and Lisa at their new home.  Not sure doing what, there is cleaning, painting, and watching the boys.  It would be nice if we all can get a lot done. Lisa will be moving things over all next week and they are hoping to move the rest next Saturday.  What a wonderful birthday present for Brantley.  He turns 2 on Sunday.  So a spacious home to live in will be wonderful for him.

Sunday Sunday

Really liking today.  Even though it is a bit stormy out, today is bound to be a good day.

Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I felt completely “normal”.  No bad pain, digested things well, etc.  So Bailey and LL helped me get the house back in order.  Even though I still need to mop the hardwood floor, most the house is clean and that’s a good feeling when you have been too sick and having to sit in the messy house.  So this morning, I was able to awake feeling good again and having my place feel in order.

That is not the only reason it will be a good day.  Today is the raffle for the Hawaii trip.  The Miller’s had a kind person donate a trip to be rafffled off and the money goes to help my two brothers-in-law families with medical bills.  All the tickets were sold and the winner will be picked.  We are going to Gervais for the drawing and then all the Miller’s are going to the local Pizza parlor for lunch and to spend time together.  I might splurge and buy myself a gluten-free pizza instead of just having salad.

Our family on the Staab side have had some sad news though.  My Aunt Harriet passed away on Friday.  She had not been ill so it wasn’t really expected.  Her service will not be held for a week or so.  So that brings me to this week.  I have something to look forward to.  I am going to spend a couple of days in Astoria.  I think I will be gone Tuesday and be back Thursday.  But I may still blog as there will be internet there.

Have a blessed day. 🙂

So what is happening

Good Morning.  It has been a busy couple days.  Sunday was the annual Purdy Christmas.  I have many pictures to go through, so I won’t post them for a few days.  But it was fun.  A great turn out.

Sunday, Aunt Linda was not there.  She is recovering from surgery.  Hopefully she is doing well.   Kane and his family were not at the get-together.  He was getting on a bus that afternoon, heading for California.  Training for his new job.  He will be gone for 3 weeks.  If everything goes well, he should make it home on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday, I took Bailey to the doctor.  Not great news.  She has to have surgery.  It is scheduled on Monday.  Please pray that the best possible outcome comes out of this surgery.  Not sure if the Miller families can take one more serious illness.

Today I am hoping book club is still on.  Which means no eating today.  I have a list of errands and tasks to do today.  I was going to start my holiday baking this week, but since Bailey will be home recuperating for a few days next week, and LL is gone traveling for work all next week, I thought next week would be a good time for baking.

This Friday is Silverton’s tree lighting night.  It is also First Friday.  So Friday night, we will go to the lighting, walk around the town’s art galleries and antique shops, and then end the evening having dinner at one of the local restaurants.  Saturday will be the day we will get our tree, decorate the house, and end the day with me making appetizers and having who ever is home help me decorate the tree.  I love this particular Saturday of the year.  It really is when I get into the Christmas mood.

Sunday will be finishing up what ever did not get done and I need to cook and prepare many things for LL to take so he is not eating restaurant food for 5 days.

So now you are updated.  I know you were curious. 🙂 LOL

Back to the weekend

Lazy is what I am today.  Last Tuesday evening, I twisted my back and pulled a muscle.  At least that is what I think I did.  The pain starts in the middle of my back and goes up into my neck, so movement is difficult.  I haven’t had much sleep for the last few days.  I hope it starts feeling better or I may need to see the doctor on monday.  I did pick up Mom at salon this morning and went to Walmart.  I was going to cancel on her but decided I really needed to buy a heating pad and other things for my back.  That’s all the motivation I needed to get moving this morning.

Since I got back I managed to put away groceries, do dishes, sweep floor, but I am pretty much done for the day.  Unfortunately, LL wants to take me out to dinner tonight to celebrate my 3rd year remission anniversary.  Normally I would be all for that but the thought of dressing up and sitting in a restaurant does not sound like fun at the moment.  I wont decided until he gets home.

Tomorrow I will be going to our local stores for the Silverton holiday bazaar.  Well I hope to if I get some sleep tonight.  I think LL is planning on working around here.  No big plans for either one of us.  Hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour on Sunday morning.  🙂

No Relaxing Here

A busy couple days it has been.  Thursday was not fun.  Well it was sort of good because Kane and Lisa brought Brantley over around 1:30 and stayed till about 8:00 in the evening.  But in the morning I started having one of the worse bouts of my “issues” that did not let up until Friday morning.  And because I could not eat wanting to attend the funeral, I was weak and had a bit of vertigo.  I thought maybe I was poisoned or coming down with something, but LL reminded me that when I have issues that bad, my whole system, electrolytes, dehydration, etc. probably was the cause.

I did make it to the funeral, and then LL and I had a very nice dinner for our anniversary.  Stopped by for a few minutes to see Brantley at Kane’s home, and back to our house and I was asleep by 8:00.

This morning, LL and I, along with Rufus and Reggie, went to close up the camp site.  Nothing and I do mean NOTHING goes as planned for us.  Marlin our motor home decided to have a starter problem.  After LL figured out that it would not be possible to drive it home, we did everything else we could to close up camp.  We left the motor home there and will be back in a week or so to bring it home.  After LL gets the parts.

Shortly after coming home, I went and picked up Kris and we visited Kathy, my sister.  Oh what a lovely visit we had with her.  We then went and shopped at World Market, went to Mom’s and visited, and then back home I came to find the biggest tank I have ever seen in my life.  In it was Yoda the tortoise.  Rett and Bailey delivered it while I was gone.

LL and Bailey are still gone looking at old pick-ups.  LL found one in Amity he wanted to look at.  This week, he sold the white pick-up, bought a small, low gas user car, so he can drive it to work every day.  But because of hauling things and camping, we still want a pickup to have on hand.  Just an old, dependable one that LL knows how to work on if needed.

So it looks like I need to take a picture of LL’s new car, new pick-up, and a tortoise.  Just so you all have a completed update on the goings on. LOL

This evening, when LL gets back, I have some yummy home-grown tomatoes he needs to make into salsa.  Maybe we will take it over to Kris’s house because Kris and Steve love his salsa.

Sunday, I hope we spend around here.  LL has some winterizing to take care of.  Next week he will be traveling a bit and I will want these things done.  I think his traveling will be increasing from now on and I like things working well around the house.  You know, plumbing, heat, pipes wrapped, gutters cleaned. etc.

Why do I ever plan my weekends?

This is Reggie and I last night before things went south.  No, Reggie was fine.  In fact, things are going great.  But around 11:30 last night, while Max was at his house working on one of his creations, he cut himself really bad.  He wrapped it, called and his dad went running to his house and took him immediately to the E.R.  Lots of blood because it went into an artery.  They finally got the bleeding to stop.  Stitched him up, gave him shots and pain medicine.  He has to stay inactive for a few days because of the artery being cut, and he needs to keep his hand elevated.  Oh boy, that will be a trick.  An inactive Max does not happen.

I am starting to think that I should never blog about weekend plans……they never turn out.  So we did not go to campsite to close it.  I canceled Max’s staff for the day and call his work to say he will not be there till Tuesday.

As you can see, Reggie looks miserable with the dang cone on his head.  He is very scruffy looking.  After his surgery area heals and some hair on face and hind end grows out in a couple of weeks, I will take him to Beau’s groomer Vicky and have her work her magic on him.  He will be so cute.  He actually is happier than he looks in this picture.  He is figuring out how to play with his toys while the cone is on.  It is supposed to stay on for 3 to 5 days.  Tomorrow is the third day, so if LL and I think he is healing well, I will remove it.  Then more pictures.

So the rest of the weekend, I will be on Max and Reggie patrol.  Making sure they are both behaving.  I think Reggie will be the easier of the two.  I bought pine shavings today and will go out and completely clean out coop and replace bedding so that it will be easy cleaning for the winter.  Besides that, that is all that is planned for the weekend.  But you never know what will happen, the way my weekends never seem to go as planned.


Engaging Weekend

I hope you had a great Labor day weekend.  We sure did.  We camped for most of it.  Spent quite a bit of time at Karen’s campsite.  I need to take some time to look at the pictures and see if any are good.  Hopefully I will post some soon.

But the best part of the weekend is that my son Kane asked Lisa to marry him.  She said Yes!  We are so happy for both of them.  Not sure when the wedding will take place.  Along with gaining a daughter, I will also be gaining a grandson.  Our first one.  Brantley is a sweetheart and we all feel so blessed to have both Lisa and Brantley joining our family.

I have somewhere to be everyday this week.  Not going to lie to you……I am a bit nervous.  My “issues” have been bad for days and days now.  I am hoping to time my eating so that I won’t miss any of my plans.

Today I ran many errands, have some food to prepare for this evening, and I have my book club tonight.  Really looking forward to it.  We missed last week and I really enjoy this time with other ladies.

Tomorrow, my cousin is visiting from San Diego.  So I am meeting her, my mom, a couple of siblings for lunch.  Thursday, Lisa’s mom is treating her to an afternoon of pampering.  Nails and hair.  So I get to babysit Brantley.  I am planning on going to Keizer and watch him.  Friday, I hope to pick Mom up from Salon in Woodburn and take her grocery shopping.

Since my “issues” have been bad mostly at night, I am praying I will do well this week.  But I am going to eat very carefully to help the situation.