A Home Day

I sure have been out and about a lot the last few days.  For no particular reason, my digestion “issues” have been behaving well and I have been taking advantage of it.  But my house now looks like a neglected hovel.  I don’t think anyone has put anything away for days.  Dog hair is collecting on the hard wood floor.  Something exploded in the microwave days ago and was never cleaned up.  Loads of laundry are backed up.  I am not even willing to explain how the bathrooms look at this moment.  So guess what my plan is for the day.  Yep, get some sort of order in the chaos and scrub as much of the filth away as possible.

I have been having a horrible time Christmas shopping.  I ordered on-line the perfect gift for one of my kids and then received a call a few days later saying they really didn’t have the item.  So I looked elsewhere, made calls, was willing to travel up to Portland if I could find it.  No luck.  It is kind of a collectors item.  So I am stressing about finding something, anything for Max.  But I have almost all the rest done.  Well, I do have a couple of others to shop for, but they will be easy to shop for. 

But I have been putting off wrapping.  I hate wrapping presents.  Hate the waste of paper.  Luckily, I have a lot of nice reusable boxes that don’t need to be wrapped, but I haven’t even done that yet.  So after getting the house back in order.  Getting the presents under the tree is next on the list.  I just hope Max does not notice that none have his name on it.  Oh who am I kidding.  Of course he will notice.  This is Max I am talking about.  He lives for Christmas.  Talks about it right after Halloween.  He had all his shopping done, (with the help of staff) weeks ago.  He is Mr. Christmas.  So now maybe you understand why I am truly stressing about his present:(


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