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Had a busy Monday.  Kris and I had a nice visit with Kathy in Salem.  I then drove to St. Louis to visit and help Lisa with my grandsons.  I came at a good time.  They had the septic tank emptied so I watched the boys inside while Lisa was outside.  I stopped at Mom’s in Mt. Angel on my way home.  By the time I got home, it was almost 3:00.  Boy was I hungry since I did not yet eat anything that day so I could be mobile.  But before I prepared my dinner, I had to check on the girls and see if any of them left me a gift.

004All four of them did. 🙂  What good girls they are.

Today, I need to clean up the house, change bedding, etc. Make instruction lists for Rett and Bailey.  I will leave tomorrow morning pretty early, so I want to be packed up and ready to go today.