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There She Blows

If you are in Oregon…….How did you fair from this last wind and rain storm?  Luckily, we did ok this time.  Over the last few years, when we have had very wet soil and wind storm, one of us in our neighborhood, mostly us or our next door neighbors lose a tree.  A couple of years ago, while I was in the hospital, we had a freak wind storm in June and our neighbor’s tree went right through our roof and into our kitchen.  The last storm a couple of weeks ago, took down a huge oak, two doors down and fell in three or four different yards.  That same storm, lifted up our glass-topped patio table and shattered the glass all over the place.  So the fact that we seemed to only get a few large branches falling down in our driveway and missing cars……well we lucked out this time.

Kane is coming over today to work around here for his dad.  There are a few chores that would help LL out a lot, and Kane could use the extra money for the holidays.  Great news about Kane.  He has been going to trucking school over the last few months to get his CDL licence.  Last weekend, he past ALL his tests and already had an interview yesterday.  And they called him right back to schedule a second interview.  Sounds promising!!

So today while Kane is here, I am working inside but when he gets his dad’s list done, I want Kane’s help cleaning up an area in the coop that is hard for me to reach.  Speaking of coop.  I am sad to say I have lost Henrietta.  She went missing about a week ago.  We have looked everywhere, short of draining the pool.  She is indeed gone.  And so is our neighbors chickens.  But it is a bit of a mystery.  I am thinking she escaped and is long gone, because if a raccoon, or something got hold of her, wouldn’t there have been feathers all around?  My master coop-keeper Aunt Leone says there would be feathers, so I am happy to think Henrietta is still alive, hopefully adopted by some other strange but loving family. 🙂

Bailey is having trouble with her health again.  Stomach and digestion.  I spent from 1:00-6:30 yesterday taking her to the doctor and then to Salem Hospital for tests.  It appears she may have an obstruction in her intestines.  Oh, why does she have to get this trait from her mom?  Poor thing. 😦


Splish Splash…..Mish Mash

Mish Mash?…….Because this is likely to be a post about nothing and anything.  It is 3:30 Sunday morning.  This last week, I have enjoyed much relief from my “issues”.  Which coming off of a week of vacation eating, I was surprised and relieved.  But last evening and through the night, it has been brutal.  I haven’t over eaten, because I put on a few pounds from Oktoberfest and vacation.  So I am back on counting my points for Weight Watchers.  But what I have eaten might be another story.  Friday, I made my spaghetti because I had a jar left over from canning that I did not process.  It was delicious.  I guess I did eat a large serving because I had not eaten since lunch the day before, and I had a sliver of garlic bread.  So I glutened myself.  But usually “issues” show up right away when it is gluten, and I had no problem that night or yesterday during the day.  I then went almost all day without eating again.  But I made a crock pot full of sweet and sour pork ribs, acorn squash, baked potato and green salad.  Sounds yummy doesn’t it?  It was!  I made sure I did not over eat and there was definitely no gluten in the meal.  But YIKES!  What a horrible evening and night. 😦  So bad, I had to take the pain medicine that starts with a P.  Remember, I don’t write the actual P. word down because it brings on spam comments, and nasty comments from people who seem to think if a person occasionally takes a strong pain medicine,……they must have a problem.

Speaking of P. word.  Here’s another for you.  You know the P. word that refers to a male part.  Well I may be adopting another animal next week that has a head that looks like an eight year old boy’s P. word.  😀  Rett’s brother and sister-in-law are looking for a home for Yoda, their tortoise.  I have met Yoda and as far as tortoises go, he is a handsome little fellow.  I am sure adding this guy to our household will bring on many more blog posts because this truly is a nut house.  Which brings me to……

Splish Splash?…….Yesterday, after I blogged, I went out and cleaned the chicken coop.  While out there, Bailey was on her lunch for work and was talking to me in the back yard.  LL came out and asked me to help him cover the pool for winter.  Now Reggie was out there with us.  He had walked around the pool probably a dozen times this first day that we’ve had him.  But not 2 minutes after we covered the pool with the blue tarp,…..yep, he stepped right on top of the tarp and went in the pool.  I started freaking out, and Bailey quickly grabbed him, but his surgical incision got wet with the green pool water so I quickly cleaned him and put antibiotic spray on his incision.  Not 15 minutes later, while LL is gone to the store, Bailey yells.  I come running.  I had let the girls out to free range while cleaning their coop, and Harriet stepped right onto the tarp and into the pool.  Now you might remember that I lost Alice by drowning in the pool, but Harriet and the others have lived here for 3 years, walking around the pool, tarp on and off.  Never a problem.  So while Bailey is trying to grab Harriet and Harriet is freaking out and not cooperating, I get the pool skimmer and get under her butt and literally throw her out of the pool.  What the @#$% is going on at this crazy house.  Drowning Dogs and Hens!

After such a weird day yesterday with the animals and my trying to keep Max down so his hand can heal, I am hoping for a more “normal” day.  What ever the heck that means in Konnie’s world.  There is only one plan for the day today.  Bailey wants to take LL and I out for breakfast.  Our Anniversary is coming up and she wants to treat us.  Max will probably go to.  She wants to take us to Leona’s, or is it Lenora’s.  Oh I can never remember.  It is a restaurant in Mt. Angel.  The owner is a friend of Bailey and Rett.  I have eaten there before, but LL has not and Bailey wants her dad to try the food there.  The owner is a wonderful baker (has gluten-free choices)  and she makes great cinnamon rolls, so I think Max will enjoy it too.

Well I did say this post would be rambling about nothing and everything.  Between the pain pill that I took hours ago and only a couple of hours sleep, I am pretty nauseous.  I sure wish I could go back to sleep, but as you already know about me, once I am up, I am up for the day.  Oh well, have a blessed Sunday and try not to make your day as “interesting” as my days seem to turn out lately. 🙂

Come On In

I believe I have kept the right attitude about my chickens.  While they are in my care, I will get to know their personalities, I will feed and care for them to keep them healthy, but they are livestock.  Not pets.  Livestock, not pets.  After all, the only reason I have them is for their eggs.  Thinking that they will not have a good laying year, I have been thinking about trading them with my aunt for younger hens.  Just like last year, I called my aunt and asked if it was time to trade.  She said to wait a few more weeks to see what my girls will do.  Well, last week Hannah and Harriet started laying big beautiful eggs.  Just as Aunt Leone predicted.  I know, if you have been a long time reader you might be thinking, “didn’t this happen last year?”  Well yes it did.  I never said I was a smart or patient girl.

So there is a very good chance my girls will be with me another year.  OK, Henrietta has not started laying but she is my favorite, so she gets to free load off the other two if she has to.

Sadly, someone forgot to explain to the ladies that they are not pets.  That they are not supposed to walk right in the house like they own the place.  Don’t they know they are not the bosses of the household.  That title is reserved for Beau and Rufus.

Harriet looks like she is inviting the other two in.


Unfortunately, after scooting them out the back door, I had a bit of clean up to do.  When ever they make their way in and leave evidence of their visit, LL gets more than a little perturbed.  Yes, I am thinking that he can handle being married to the neighborhood dog lady, but he did not sign on being married to the neighborhood coopkeeper.

Boy, look how fat Hannah got over the winter.  Poor lady at the auction might have to wait for her chicken soup.  Seriously, I did not know chickens could develop rolls.  Now not only do I have a plump sheltie, but fat hens too.  Well as long as they keep laying, I do not care.

Are They Livestock or Are They Pets

My girls have stopped producing eggs.  They are already starting to molt and most likely will not be laying again before march.  This years egg production was not nearly as much as last year, and next years will be probably reduced to an egg or two every few days. 

Our town doesn’t allow for chickens but because of being grandfathered in and the size of our place, I can have three.  I know, I know!  What about Alice?  Well I was trying to rotate in so I could rotate out.  Ok, OK…my bad.  Anyway…..

I need to decide what to do.  My friend had her hens butchered to cook later.  Two things on this, I know what an old hen tastes like, and although it might be fine to stew, it brings me to the second…I do not eat things I have named.  OK, I did eat the beef we raised, Bob Bull, and I forget the others names….but my sweet hens are a different story. 

I think I need to keep them through the winter, no matter what, because not having chickens for 4 months might do away with the grandfather thing, but do I eventually send them to the auction, to be bought by the chinese lady who will eventually make eggflower flour,no flower, (oh I don’t know) soup out of them and get three new ones, or do I just resign myself to not having eggs and letting Henrietta, Harriet and Hannah live out their lives with me.  Are they livestock or are they pets.  What do you think?  Please, don’t give me your opinion if you belong to Peta, I already know what you think.  Don’t give me a hard time.

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

I thought about not writing this post.  I thought I would just make-believe as if nothing happened.  I seriously considered just not mentioning Alice again and maybe no one would notice.  Or I even considered just flat out telling a lie.  But my husband and daughter could tell you I am the worst liar around.  Oh, I might have gotten away with it.  After all, it’s not as if words have to come out of my mouth, and as a result, my lips tighten and thin, like they do when I try to speak an untruth.  It’s not as if I have to try looking you all in the eyes, like I would fail to be able to do if I was looking at you face to face.  It’s not as if you actually have to hear me stumble over my words, stuttering as I am trying to get the false words to form a sentence.  But still, I can not lie to you.

Yesterday, after LL, Max, and I drove to Miller’s Crossing to check on things.  After LL and I did a little grocery shopping, and after going to Mt. Angel and visiting for a couple of hours, I came home and thought I better check on the girls.  As I am walking past the pool, I notice a clump of gold feathers floating by the diving board.  And like the grown, mature, pragmatic, coop keeper that I am, I turned screaming, crying, running into the house.  LL fished Alice out and buried her.  I hope he dug deep because I don’t want Rufus to use Alice as a chew toy later today.

It never occurred to me that she would fall into the pool and drowned.  My other three ladies have walked around the pool every day, never even coming close.  But I should have known not to take things for granted.  Darn, Darn, Darn!  LL has even talked about putting a picket fence in back so that the chickens can’t go by the pool.  (they are kind of messy).  Well if I ever get a new chicken…  The fence will be up first.  So Alice, R.I.P.

Don’t Be A Push over

Alice needs a back bone, needs to man up, needs to ruffle her feathers a bit.  I am happy to say that this morning, when I took some scraps out to the girls, Alice was walking among the other ladies. 

But I think she need to stand up to the three Merry mercenaries.  Please Alice, grow a spine.

Go Ask Alice

Today, Max and I have an appointment in Mt. Angel at 9:00.  Should be a short meeting so I should have time to stop at Mom’s before getting Max back before his staff arrives. 

Alice is doing well but she disappears before dusk and I can’t find her to put her into the coop.  In the mornings, I ask her where she has been but we haven’t developed an understanding of each other so she never tells me anything:)  So I planted a lounge chair on the lawn about 7:00 last night and decided to watch where she goes.  But my digestion had other plans.  The back yard is a long way from the bathroom, and I already am going through far too many diapers.  So LL, bless his heart, took over for me.  He says she is perched in the small tree.  Maybe she was last night, but I am pretty sure she wasn’t there the two nights before.  So it is still a puzzle.  He says she kept wanting to go into the coop but the other three terrorists would not let her in.  Really need to have a talk with them.

After Max and I get back this morning, I am going to try to make LL a sugar-free peach cobbler.  Or more like a crisp.  I am going to try to make oat flour with my gluten-free oats and see if it works.  That way, maybe I can have a taste.  I am also going to try to make dinner early and put in the fridge.  Making dinner has been a bit sketchy lately, as I never am sure when my “issues” will hit.

All The Young Girls Love Alice

Alice is a bit of a Houdini.  I clipped her wing but she goes up and up one branch at a time till she can almost fly over the fence to our neighbor’s yard.  So LL pruned the tree.

I am starting to name my hen’s after women from Elton John’s songs.  So I chose All The Young Girls Love Alice, an inappropriate song from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. 

Today I may be taking care of my niece’s son Samson, and if so I will post later about that.

Have a great day!

Max is so excited

I will have to do another post later today.  I took pictures of my mom’s beautiful yard yesterday but left my camera at her house.  After I pick up my camera, I want to take pictures of Alice, my new hen. 

I was thinking about going to Miller’s Crossing today and camp by myself for a couple days.  I really want to do that.  But since we picked up Alice last night, I need to stick around and make sure all the hens get along.  I would love to camp next week by myself, but next week there will be a lot of changes for Max.

His meeting went really well.  As a result, tonight is his last night of work as a janitor.  He starts a new job next Monday.  He will be working at a local store called Helping Hands that is a thrift store that people with disabilities work at.  He is so excited.  He will work two days a week from 11:00 am to 4:pm.  Then increase his days as he adjusts to his new schedule.  So I will want to be at home next week to help with the transition.

Good things really need to happen for him.  He has been a bit down lately and really needed this change.


I went to my friend Becky’s yesterday for coffee.  But before we settled down for a chat, I had to take pictures of her cute coop and 5 lovely ladies.

I wanted to take a look at her chickens because she has an Americana.  My Aunt Leone has an Americana for me but is not sure which one it is because she has 2 other different breed hens that are different from her normal chickens.  I had an idea what an Americana looks like but I wanted to make sure before I go and pick up Alice.  Yes, I am going to name my next chicken Alice.  More later on why it is not an H name.

The Americana is the gold chicken without the comb, and she has a beard(know the feeling).  She also has muffs on her cheek which make her look like a chipmunk.

After spending an hour or so visiting, I went home and got ready for my meeting for Kathy in Salem.  It went great.  The crisis is over.  She does not need to move and the State and her team found a good compromise.  Yippee!

I hope Max’s meeting goes as well.  Max’s meeting is at 2:30 and is bound to be a very long meeting as we have a lot to iron out.  Before that, I am hoping to be able to take Beau for a walk, get a few chores done and go to Mt. Angel early to visit Mom.  She lives a block away from the meeting.

Have a great day!