Deerly, Depart!

I have always loved the neighborhood family of deer that roams all around.  Well I did.  I have never been sympathetic of neighbors that put wire and jugs of something all over their yard to prevent the family of deer from eating their plants.  We just stopped putting petunias, etc., in front.  Our fence is high in back where our garden and berries are at.  Never had a problem before.  But, SOMEONE, left the gate open last night.  So I know where the family spent the night.  Apparently they thought our yard was an open all night buffet  restaurant.  Funny, well not so funny,….interesting that yesterday I took pictures of some of our plants.  So now I can show you what those dear deer left for us.

001My Strawberries for the year are toast.  But at least I can now easily weed.  No, of course they could not be kind and help me out by eating the weeds.

002They did a number on my roses too.

003And look at my petunias.  Oh the HUMANITY!

LL says it serves me right.  I should never have posted pictures yesterday.  Well, using his logic.  I should never post period if I was going to Jinx myself.  Well I am not superstitious, but I sure am disappointed.

Karma’s a B!t(#!  I will never make fun of my neighbors jugs and wire in the front yard again. 😦


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