Missed the gardening Gene Pool

LL is still working on the pool this morning, after his doctor appointment.  It is emptied, sides are pretty clean, but the rest needs to be scrubbed and dumped out.  Hopefully no painting will be needed this year.

006I am not much of a gardener.  I do not have the green thumb my mother and father had.  Except for remember stupid trivia,….mainly music, I do not have any of the natural talents that I should have got from my family’s gene pool.

I went light on flowers this year.  Just some on the wall next to the pool.  A couple on the deck and some wave petunias by the chicken coop.


I even skipped most the vegetable gardening this year.  We camp too much to expect someone to come and take care of a full garden.  So we only have a couple of tomatoes, a couple of jalepeneos, (for salsa), and a couple of cucumber plants.  I am sure I am going to miss having a big harvest of tomatoes, but I think I really should have at least planted some basil.  Most my summer cooking includes basil.

008A few years ago, we planted strawberry plants my aunt gave us.  Boy, it took awhile, but this year, ever few days we are getting enough for our cereal bowls and strawberry shortcake.  Excuse the weeds in this picture.  I’ll get right on that after I am done writing….really I will. 🙂


I am most happy about the up coming summer harvest of our ever bearing raspberry bushes.  Like the strawberries, it took a few years, but they are loaded.  Can’t wait till they are ready.  They never make it into the house.  We just eat them right off the bushes.

011But what I am most proud of this year is my rose bushes.  I never seem to know what to do with them.  So this spring, when my mom pruned, we pruned, when my mom fertilized, we fertilized. LOL  So my roses are looking very nice.  Thank you Mom.



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