Brooding Lucy

brooding lucyWell apparently I have a brooder.  Before we left for camp last week, I noticed Lucy was not leaving the nest.  Yesterday, with LL’s help, I decided to make sure she was not egg bound.  She is not, I am hoping she is not sick and just broody.  I have never had a brooder before.  I did a little research and I guess Buffs, her breed do tend to brood.  Great! I have two Buffs. 😦  Oh well, I hope she is done soon.  I don’t think she is eating much.

LL’s vacation has been going well.  So far we camped a couple of days.  He worked a day at Kane’s, putting posts up for a fence.  We had lunch with our friend Lynda yesterday, then LL, Mom and Dave went to Spirit Mountain Casino.  I did not go.  Unless there is a hotel room for me to go if I have problems, (issues), I don’t enjoy gambling enough to spend hours doing it.  LL has also drained the pool.

So today is our one full, stay at home and get work done day.  Hopefully by the end of day, the pool area will be clean, the pool will be filling, I have things to do for the garden, coop, etc.

Not sure exactly what is planned after that.  A couple more days of camping would be nice, but really am leaving it up to LL.


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  1. I have 2 broodies rooted down in their nest and it’s 108 degrees outside! Persistent gals aren’t they? I put a fan on them… at least I feel better. ha ha

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