Oh, I am so cute on my last post saying LL was on the upswing of his sickness.  He came home that evening much worse.  The next morning I told him he needs to see the doctor.  Well, I guess he thought I was stupid.  After all, it was a work day, so he went to work.  On Saturday, he got up to help my aunt set up her stand for the farmers market.  I left shortly after that to shop with Kris, then go to my sister Kathy’s birthday party.  It was a rough day for her.  After that, I took mom to Costco and then we went to St. Louis to Kane’s home.  They wanted to have a friend take professional pictures of 4 generations of family.  It ended up a nice day.  But a long one for my mom.  Even longer for LL.  I kept telling him we after the pictures were taken, we can go home.  But he wanted to stay for the barbecue and play with the boys.  Again, I said, “lets call the doctor.”  Oh no, again, I guess I am stupid. 🙂  Sunday morning, I go help with putting flowers on my family’s graves.  I get home and LL says “I called urgent care, their open, I need to go.”  Well why didn’t I think of that?!  MEN!  Anyway, got him there and he had bad sinus infection and bronchitis.  I am thinking it was headed to pneumonia.  He sounded that bad.  So our Memorial Day weekend was not spectacular.

Tuesday, I took lunch to my sister Kathy because I wanted to see if she was doing better….she was.

Wednesday, I went to mom’s and had a great surprise.  I got to see my great-nephew Jackson.  David, Mom and Jackson were in front of Mom’s house, playing ball.  David and Jackson left for a while and came back…Grandpa wanting to spoil his grandboy.  They went and bought a bike and helmet.

david and jacksonI am not sure which one was happier. LOL

This morning, I picked up mom and we ran a few errands.  Then hung out at my house.  We then decided to go see my Aunt Leone.  To take back containers, but I really think mom just likes to see her every few days.  Me too actually.  Anyway.  We get there.  Mom tells Leone that we brought back containers and her bucket.  Aunt Leone says to me, “well take that bucket and go pick yourself some strawberries.”  Well I think that is what she said, because somewhere between pick and strawberries, I said “heck yes” and went running.

002So, I did not plan it this way, but LL and I are having a very unhealthy dinner tonight.  And He is going to be so happy.  Homemade baked macaroni and cheese.  Then Strawberry shortcake for dinner.  Again, Oh Heck Yes!


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