Willing Myself To Stay Well

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Silverton Oregon.  The older I get, the more I appreciate a dry, sunny day.  But as beautiful as the day is, my plans for it have already changed.

LL is on the upswing with his cold, virus,…..what ever it is.  I hate to jinx myself, although I am not superstitious, but my frequent hand washing, cleaning surfaces, no kissing :(, seems to be paying off.  I don’t seem to be coming down with it.  But this morning, Max calls from his house and says he is sick.  A different kind of illness.  I was planning on going with my mom to take her dog, (Uncle Marcel’s dog,) to the vet.  I was also hoping to stop in to see my grandsons.  But leaving Max alone when he has a stomach bug is not a good idea.  Max loves food and eating and when sick, doesn’t make the best choices.  I.e……burritos, frozen pizza, etc.  And then the fall out ain’t pretty. LOL  So I have called and cancelled his staff and work, I have called mom to tell her I will not be going with her, I went to the store to get some 7-up and I am going to stay home all day.

Doesn’t mean I can not get things done though.  I am not doing much in the way of gardening this year, but I do have two or three pots to fill with flowers.  I am going to clean the chicken coop which is really not the horrible chore it once was.  The old coop required me to put my head into the small space, face practically in the poop.  LL built my coop for easy clean up.  Probably will take me all of ten minutes to clean nests, roosting area, etc. and replace the bedding in the nests.  Thank you again LL!  If I feel very industrious, I will clean and organize my closet and the spare room closet, (if Max leaves the room.)  I am missing a couple summer dresses that I love to wear.  They have to be in one of those two closets, so I might as well clean and organize while looking.

Well, send me good thoughts that I avoid Max’s sickness.  Saturday is my sister Kathy’s birthday party and later that day, family photos being taken.  Can’t miss either one.


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