Killing With Kindness

Oh poor LL.  He is sicker than a dog.  Never understood that saying.  As far as I can tell, a dog does not get sick often or too bad unless ……well enough of that.  Saturday evening, LL was hit like a ton of bricks.  O.k…..I get that saying. 🙂  Coughing, sneezing, acheness, fever.  Typical LL thought it was wise to go to work on Monday.  He did say he would only do a half day and probably be home by 1:00.  I left home a little before 10:00 to pick up Kris and Mom.  We had a very nice visit with my sister Kathy.  🙂  We then went to the Mall to take advantage of a sale and coupons my mom had at a store.  Kris got a few things, mom did too, and I bought another sundress.  Same style as the one I bought last week, just different fabric.  Here is the thing.  Two reasons I am a sundress girl over the summer instead of shorts.  First off….and I am being honest here.  I have put on most, not all, but most my precancer weight. (my doctors seem pleased…but I hate it.)  I am not built like most women.  When I am skinny, I am shaped like a boy, when I am fat, I am like I have a built-in inner-tube around my middle.  It is a fact, so although shorts show off my still slim legs, finding ones that fit right with my middle is a challenge.  But I could find some, I have in the past.  But here is the second factor.  Diapers!.  Shorts and wearing adult “undergarnments” AKA diapers don’t mix.  Diapers, even when clean, start to sag.  It ain’t pretty.  So my hot days of summer choice of attire is a flowy sundress.

ANYWAY……. back to LL.  He did not make it till 1:00.  I guess I barely left the house and he got home.  He said he was home by 10:00.  When I got home, I made home-made chicken soup and waited on him.  But I think I know why did not call me when he got home so I could take care of him.  After a couple of hours of my tender loving care of asking him, “can I refill your drink, do you want more soup, you feel hot, take your temperature, you’re not drinking enough fluids, what’s your blood sugar, here, let me help you take your blood sugar.”  I think he wished he was back to work. Which is where he is today, even though he is still feeling lousy. 😦


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