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My goodness, I haven’t blogged again for a while.  No particular reason, time just got away from me.  So to catch up.  About a week ago, I went for my check up with my oncologist.  All tests were good.  And she doesn’t determine cure date the same as previous doctor who told me my five year date would be on the anniversary of my last chemo.  This doctor goes by the date the cancer was cut out of me.  So, on my sister Kris’s birthday, June 1st, I am officially cured.  No more scans unless a problem is suspected.  I don’t see my oncologist but once a year.  And after my next appointment with my hero, the man I attribute to saving my life, Dr. L.  my surgeon, I probably won’t see him often either.   Feels good.

This last week, LL was out-of-town all five days.  This made the week long even though I kept busy.  Monday, Mom, Kris and I went shopping at Winco, then went to visit my sister Kathy.  She was too tired for a visit. 😦   Tuesday I polished my wood floors.  I need to rethink doing this when LL is out-of-town because moving some furniture on my own causes more scratches when I am trying to cover and fill in old scratches.  That afternoon, I had lots of “issues”, but I recovered long enough to meet my nieces, my sister Karen and Bailey at a local bar for trivia night.  We named our team Artie’s Girls.  I don’t know how pleased my dad would be, because we did not do well.  Except for the category of Nobel Prize winners.  We won that round!  Wednesday, I took my mom to doctor and we went shopping at the mall.  I don’t normally go to the mall but it was kind of fun.  I had a meeting scheduled in the afternoon for Max, but….AGAIN…it was postponed.  Thursday, I worked around my place and my mom unexpectantly needed to see the dentist, so I took her. Friday I picked up mom at hair salon and did some shopping.  The week was busy, but almost every day, after I did my running around and ate lunch, my “issues” were so bad that the rest of the day was wasted.

So here I am on Saturday.  Today has been a pleasure.  It is our towns annual Pet Parade.  I only watched it for a while and then helped my aunt at the farmers market.  I enjoyed sitting and visiting with her and all my friends and neighbors that stopped by.  LL came at the end to help my aunt Leone break down her stand.  That is a lot of work for her.  We hope when we are not away camping on the weekends this summer, LL can help her set up and break down and I can help with the stand….a little. (she probably doesn’t need my help but suffers my “assistance”.) LOL 🙂


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  1. Konnie, you are a good niece to have around!

  2. Well thank you even though I feel I can always do better as a niece, sister, daughter, etc. My aunt Leone has always been a blessing to me, as is all my aunts. And especially a blessing to my mom which means more than anything to me.

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