Just The Thought


My girls are doing well.  Egg production is in full swing.  I made two breakfast casseroles for dinner last night. One for us and one for my brother.  So I used over a dozen eggs.

I need to get moving this morning if there is any hope of getting something done.  I did not get last night’s dishes done because of “issues”.  I am leaving before 10:00 this morning to have scans done. I have had this done so many times, I have lost count. But I hate it.  Just the thought of drinking tons of thick chalky barium again turns my stomach.  Then, at least one, possibly two days of issues………well, I have my diapers, ointment, a couple books to read, a couple shows to watch on t.v..  At least it is rainy today so I am not missing a beautiful day.  Bailey is driving me this morning.  It takes about 35 minutes to get home after scans and that drive can be dramatic…….for me and for Bailey. Lol. Actually, traumatic is more accurate. 😦


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