Beautiful day

This year is becoming expensive.  We have had to replace our refrigerator, our lawn mower, and it looks like we need a new computer. My son in law is looking at it. If it can’t be fixed, maybe he will at least get the pictures and documents off it. We really need to do a better job backing up our files.  So I have not blogged for awhile.  I am writing this on my kindle right now and will attempt blogging from my phone too.

Here in Oregon, we have had fabulous weather the last few days.  This weekend, we moved my old chicken coop over to Kane’s and Lisa’s. Yesterday, we went to aunt Leone’s to pick up the hens.  LL also made a nice gravel path so when the rain returns, I don’t need to wear rubber boots when walking out to our coop.

This week, I seem to have something most days. I am going to have to not eat for the first half of each day. Today, I am picking my mom up and going to Salem to visit Kathy. Tomorrow, I have an appointment for Max. Wednesday, I am having scans done. Thursday, if I am not having bad issues from drinking barium the day before, I am clothes shopping with Bailey. She got a new job. Her current job requires her to wear scrubs all the time, so she is needing a lot of regular clothes. Friday is my regular woodburn routine with mom.

Well that’s the lay out of my week. I do plan on spending time outside this afternoon. I am sure this beautiful weather will be gone soon.


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