BBBBBB….BENNIE AND THE JETS…. chicken style.

Love my Aunt Leone.  My mom called because Leone was wondering how my chickens were doing.  She gave me one Americana and she lost a couple of that breed last week.  She wanted to make sure they were all doing o.k. and laying.  So I called her and we talked for a while.  I told her that all four are doing great and are laying better than I could have hoped.  I then told her I have not named all four.  I have only named the Plymouth and it’s name is Bennie. (naming all with Elton John influence and Elton’s Bennie was indeed a girl).  🙂  She hesitated, so I said, “I know, I know,…naming a chicken Bennie is kind of strange”.  With out missing a beat, my aunt says, “It is not the name Bennie that is strange, it’s that you name them at all”.  Laughing my A$$ off!!.  Luckily, I know she loves me and my strangeness and I love her too.


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