Old Hen, New Hens

Friday, I took Mom and Toby to Portland to visit Uncle Marcel.  We had a nice visit and he told us a couple of recipes. Uncle Marr was the cook in his house and he is old school when it comes to ingredients.  If I am to make his chicken and dumplings, I must find a very old, very fatty hen. We then went to the estate sale so mom could visit some of her nieces and nephews.  Afterwards, we stopped at Aunt Leone’s to see how she is doing.  It was good to see her.  I will see her later today again.  Then I met Kris at the vet office.  She and Uncle Marr decided it was time to put Tweety down.  Kris has been fostering Uncle’s cat.  Kris took him to the vet several times and we knew when she started to show she was in pain, it would be time to let her go.  I went with Kris to be support for her, she ended up consoling me.  Ironic.  We then went to my house and had a couple of glasses of wine.  We are both animal lovers.

Saturday, LL and I spent the day together working around our home.  LL is getting ready to build my new chicken coop.  Although we looked at a lot of pictures for ideas.  Some coops are very pretty and very expensive.  We are building it mostly from recycled materials. i.e. wood pallets.  We are putting it in a different location, so LL took a small tree down. I took pictures yesterday but will wait till we get further along on the project before I post them.  He says it will be finished in 2 weeks.  Not sure how he plans to manage that, because he is out-of-town for 11 out of those 14 days and working in Salem 2 of the 3 remaining.  But he will feel some pressure to get it done.  Why?  Well……

I am picking up my chickens today from Aunt Leone’s.  Yippee!!!!!  I have been without chickens all winter.  I hate it.  I miss the eggs and I miss just having them around.  We will put them in our old coop until LL is done with the new.  It might be cramped because I will only let them out in the uncovered run when I am home to keep an eye on things.  I don’t want a predator getting hold of one.  After we move them to their new digs, we plan on giving Kane our little coop so he can have two or three chickens.  His will be able to free range most days so my little coop will be plenty big.

It’s like Christmas for me today, getting the new hens.  I don’t want to get to Aunt Leone’s too early, so waiting a couple of hours will seem like days. LOL.  I know, I am weird. 🙂


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