My first Matthias babysitting…..I hope. :)

Yesterday, I attended my cousin Kathy’s funeral.  It was simple, beautiful and sad.  I think it reflected who she was.  I then went to Kane’s apartment to help Lisa and her mom clean.  I got home a little before 8:00.  Not sure why, but my back is aching this morning.  Guess I probably stretched more than usual.  A testament of how out of shape I am. 😦

I am a little excited about this afternoon.  I think for the first time, I get to watch both my grandsons.  So this morning, I need to do a bit of cleaning, but mostly I need to Brantley proof my house.  He is very active and if I am holding Matthias, (which I intend to do as much as possible), I need to make sure Brantley is as safe as possible.  Most the house is o.k. but Brantley loves the kitchen and loves playing with cooking utensils, maybe he will be a chef.  So I need to put my knives and a few other things away.  He is getting good at leaving grandma’s “pretties” alone, but when it comes to sharp things and toxic things, never good to take a chance.

I hope I have time for a little yard work before the boys come.  Looks like it will be a beautiful day and I have some winter clean-up to take care of before I can start getting my garden area ready for planting this spring.  Have a great day.

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