Fitting in Issues this week might be a Challenge

This weekend was very busy.  Saturday was Kane’s family moving day.  I then went to Kane’s apartment to help get a start on cleaning, got home just in time to shower and take Max to Mass.

Sunday, LL and I along with David, Kris and Steve went to Portland to Uncle Marcel’s home.  We picked up a washer and dryer Kane bought, and picked up a large braided rug for my living room.  We got back just in time for me to take a shower and make it to Brantley’s birthday party in Salem.  My grandson is official 2. 🙂  After the party, although I did not eat pizza, just salad, I barely made it home and had “issues”.  The only reason I did not have “issues” the day before is because I hardly ate anything.  So this week should be interesting, it is busy with things that I can not miss.

Today, Mom, Dave, and I went to St. Louis to put flowers on my mother-in-law Joan’s grave.  It is 10 years ago today that we lost her.  I still miss her. She was a lively, spunky, loving woman.  Then we went just a mile down the road and stopped at Kane and Lisa’s house for just a few minutes.  Then off to Kathy’s house.  Kris met us there and we had a great visit with Kathy.  She was in a good mood, singing songs, using full sentences.  Made my day.  Dave, Mom and I afterwards stopped at Wilco and Roth’s grocery store.  When I got home, I barely had time to put my purse down and the phone rang……..Social Security for our pre-scheduled phone meeting for Max.  Pre-Scheduled???  I told them I knew nothing about it.  They said they sent notice in February.  I believe them because the day they sent it out was the day before Monte passed away, so I am sure it was my fault.  I probably opened and glanced and thought it was a form letter we get all the time….my bad.  So thank goodness I got home when I did, and thank goodness I knew all the information off the top of my head.  The rest of the afternoon, I am going to work around here and after dinner, LL, Max and I will head to Mt. Angel for my cousin Kathy’s Rosary.  Still can not quite believe it.

Tomorrow is Kathy’s Funeral.  Then I head over to help Lisa finish cleaning their apartment.

Wednesday, Lisa has appointments so I hope to be watching both the boys in the afternoon.

Thursday, I have a very important meeting for Max.  I will spend the morning going through files and getting all my ducks in a row so I can advocate for him.  The meeting is in the afternoon.

Friday is my day to go to Woodburn with mom and take her shopping.

I must confess that I am a little nervous about this week.  I need to figure out when I can eat and have “issues” that wont interfere with my plans.  Might be challenging because over the last week, I have had three somewhat embarrassing episodes and I really don’t want to repeat that this week.  Wish me luck.

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