Cancer F^@#s

Cancer Sucks! has become a common saying.  I do not use the F word, but if I did, I would replace the S with an F.  As a survivor, I know what it is like to “look over my shoulder”, “wait for the next shoe to drop” wondering if every ache, pain, bump or symptom could be cancer raising its ugly head again in my body.  So far I am doing o.k. but cancer seems to have attached itself on my family, on all sides of my husband and my family tree.

Last evening, my cousin passed away.  I have blogged about her before.  Over the last couple years, she and I have had long discussions about treatments, surgeries, worries, family, and how much we both hate cancer.  She was young, I think 37.  And she had to leave her husband and two baby’s.  I think ages 6 and 8.  I am a bit numb this morning and tears fall without any warning.

I so look forward to blogging about less serious, even silly things I used to blog about.  Since my husband and children always think I am Lucy Ball, I really never am lacking material.  Someday, maybe someday life will be a little light-hearted again.  I am praying and dreaming of that time of lightness and joy.

Today, LL has the day off and I think yard work and other chores are on the agenda.  Have a blessed day and hug your loved ones.

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