LL’s Birthday

Today is LL’s birthday.  He is 52 years old.  We have plans to take Max along with a few others to the casino later this afternoon and evening.  That is the plan, but we are staying flexible.  Right now, to be honest, I am struggling with my faith.  Too much hurt and unfairness going on and hitting too close to home.  Because I am struggling, in the past, I would almost divorce myself from God when feeling like He has left me.  Because it is lent, I am going to try something different and hope it helps.  Instead of giving up something for lent, I guess in my time of confusion, I am going to seek, even stalk God.  Go to Mass when ever I can, even during the week.  I have decided to get better on my daily devotionals.  I pray every morning but don’t always open my bible.  So I back to reading scriptures.  I decided to start with Jesus’s words.  I have been reading and digesting Matthew 25.  Running from God when I am angry at him has not helped me at all……Maybe being like a little child, hounding him for answers is what I need to do.  I may not get answers, but maybe I will get some comfort.


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